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Trafalgar Theatre

14 Whitehall, London SW1A 2DY 0333 009 6690

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Buying tickets online

Ambassador Theatre Group provide the service for this theatre.

Booking fees per transaction:
A £3.50 per transaction (not per ticket) fee is made.

About the show: Jersey Boys.


Other Online Choices (with genuine S.T.A.R ticket agencies): 
Ticket agencies offer an alternative way to buy tickets, with booking fees differing from those charged by the theatre box office itself. They may have seats available or special offers when theatres do not.

Ticket agency prices vary in response to theatres implementing “dynamic pricing”  - which alters prices according to demand for a particular performance. Prices stated here were compiled as booking originally opened, current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

ALSO SEE for great value "hotel and theatre ticket" packages.
Other Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may also offer an alternative choice of seats.

TheatreMonkey Ticketshop

When the theatre does not have the tickets you desire available, it is well worth trying the Theatremonkey Ticketshop agency, telephone 020 7420 9778 (0044 207 420 9778 if calling from outside the United Kingdom), charge £17.50 on £125, £13 on £92.50, £10.50 on £75, £8.40 on £59.50, £6.30 on £45, £4.90 on £35, £3.50 on £25 seats booking fee per ticket - moderate by agency standards, though higher than box office fees, worth trying as they often have an alternative choice of seats available! Note that this system will confirm exact seat numbers prior to purchase. A £1.95 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee may apply on some transactions by telephone. NO handling fee applies for online purchases.

See Tickets

Another alternative is charge £18.75 on £125, £13.88 on £92.50, £11.25 on £75, £8.93 on £59.50, £6.75 on £45, £5.25 on £35, £3.75 on £25 seats Sunday to Thursday / £25 on £125, £18.50 on £92.50, £15 on £75, £11.90 on £59.50, £9 on £45, £7 on £35 seats Friday and Saturday; and £2.75 per booking (not per ticket) postal charge.


Alternatively, Ticketmaster charge a booking fee of £24.50 on £125, £18.75 on £92.50, £14.75 on £75, £11.75 on £59.50, £9 on £45, £7 on £35, £5 on £25 seats.

Encore Tickets

Encore Tickets (telephone 0207 400 1253 / 0044 207 400 1253 if calling from outside the United Kingdom) charge £24 on £125, £18.50 on £92.50, £15 on £75, £11.50 on £59.50, £9 on £45, £7 on £35 seats. Discounts may also be available.

London Theatre Direct charge £25 on £125, £18.50 on £92.50, £15 on £75, £12 on £59.50, £9 on £45, £7 on £35, £5 on £25 seats. Optional Ticket Insurance is also available. Discounts may also be available.

Box office information

Telephone: 0333 009 6690
Operated by the Ambassador Theatre group's phoneroom from 9am until 10pm (Sundays 10am until 8pm). Outside these hours the Ticketmaster agency answer calls on their behalf.

Booking fees per transaction for telephone bookings:
£3.50 per booking, not per ticket is charged. 

For personal callers or by post:
Trafalgar Theatre, Whitehall, London. SW1A 2DY
No booking fee for personal callers.

Special Access Needs Customers: 
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them on 0800 912 6971.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

The following is based on "first look" in August 2021. Readers are encouraged to send their own opinions to expand on this.

  • Stalls
  • Stalls Boxes
  • Dress Circle
  • Dress Circle Boxes



A single block of seats faces the stage. The rows curve slightly towards the centre – most noticeably back to row J. Row O does not curve and is flat against the back wall.

The circle overhangs the stalls at row G in the centre, and clips the view at the sides from row D.

The rake (slope of the floor raising seats above the row in front) begins at row F and is noticeable from row G. It is fairly effective in all rows. Seats are not, however, off-set to see between the shoulders of those in front.

Seats at the ends of rows A, B and C can be removed to provide wheelchair spaces.

Row Q is in an alcove with a wall beside the outermost seats. The exit doors are level with row P.

Seats have a holder at the back for programmes / in-flight magazines / Covid Passport paperwork etc...


Rows A and F have the most. Row A, with nothing in front of it (extra rows could be inserted depending on the production) has unlimited legroom.

Row F is suitable for those up to around 6ft or so.

All other rows are suitable for those up to around 5ft 11 except B, C and D which should suit those up to at least 5ft 8.

The seats are higher off the ground than average and should provide extra comfort for the taller person.

Seats E1, F1, F23 and G24 have nothing in front. Seat D17 is clear over 90% of its width.

Choosing seats in general

The walls narrow to the stage at row E, meaning that seats at the ends of row F back are close to facing a wall. Luckily, the stage opening is wide enough that it isn’t an issue - but be aware that if a production has critical action taking place at the stage edges, then going at least 2 seats off the aisle is a good idea.

Also as a general note, seats are not “off-set” to see between those in front. To be safe, the shorter theatremonkey should try the dress circle, as the rake can’t be entirely relied on.

Provided the stage is low and row A does not have extra rows inserted in front of it, then that is the place to be. Good view guaranteed. Behind it in row B anyone over 5ft 7 or so shouldn’t have much problem unless a huge gorilla sits in front. 

Wheelchair users get an excellent deal, with their places at the ends of rows A to C being outstandingly well positioned and close to the stage – which makes a nice change.

Prime seats are central rows E to K – far enough back to take in the stage, and with the slope to help see over those in front. The monkey also liked the extra legroom row end seats D17, E1, F1, F23 and G24.

The circle overhang isn’t much of an issue for most seats. Only purists will grouch at the end of row D back as the curve removes the top corner. Further back, only rows P and Q (plus the outer 4 seats in row O) miss the stage top entirely, but it is unlikely much will happen there. If the price drops in any of these rows, it is a decent deal, feels the monkey.

A sound desk inserted in the rear stalls area should not bother anybody around it, as it is compact with walled edges that should not intrude into the view.

General hazard notes

The seats are not off-set to see around those in front.

Row Q may feel claustrophobic to some in the end seats.

Someone may leave something nasty in the seat-back programme holders...

Changes for the current production

The front row is A. Not discounted, but well-priced and with an excellent view plus added legroom.

A spiral staircase on the “low numbers” side of the stage set is not important to the plot, but those on that side of the theatre won’t see what is going on there past row D. Seats E, F and G 1 and 2 are discounted for it – and are total bargains (take them in that order - 1 has legroom, 2 the better view) – and skip H to Q 1 and 2 if paying full price and wanting to see the moment someone sits on the lowest step and speaks.

Premium seats kick in at row C (B, Friday to Sunday) and run back to N (O, Friday to Sunday). It’s hard to avoid them, so the monkey would take rows A, B (Monday to Thursday only) or the pair beside the premium ones on the “high numbers” side in rows F to J at all performances, and anything around them in row K Monday to Thursday.

Prices drop at O and again at Q during the week / P and Q at weekends. Take these rows over the ones in front and save bananas for identical views.

Readers comments

“A11: “Jersey Boys” (October 2021): Seats felt very comfortable both height and width even for larger ladies like myself. Leg space (as you’ve already put) in front row is excellent, where you can comfortably stretch your legs and they’ll still not touch the wall.”

“E1: “Jersey Boys” (October 2021), (Broadway John). No seat in front so unlimited legroom. Really good view not really any obstruction for more than 1 second when someone is on the stairs.”

Stalls Boxes


The Royal Box is at the side of the theatre, recessed into the side wall and angled slightly towards the stage.


Unlimited at movable chairs are used.

Choosing seats in general

The seat furthest from the stage has the best viewing angle, but be aware you will miss up to a fifth of the stage area nearest to you.

General hazard notes

Side seats with a restricted view.

Changes for the current production

Not on general sale.

Readers comments

Will appear here when available. 

Dress Circle


A single block of seats with aisles at the outer ends. Rows become shorter past row G.

Rows A and B curve inwards towards the edges of the theatre. Safety rails beside them do not affect the view.

Seats are on steps rising more steeply from row G back.

Thin safety rails behind row F seats 1 to 4 and 23 to 27 provide drying space for washing but will not interfere with views outside of laundry day.


Surprisingly acceptable in almost all seats. Avoid row G as it is cramped for anyone over 5ft 5 tall.

Rows A to F have more legroom in seats 7 to 20 (A8 to 21) than the outermost six seats. Outer seats are acceptable to those up to around 5ft 7. Towards the centre, those up to 5ft 10 should be fairly comfortable.

Rows H to M have variable legroom. Row L has the most – those up to around 6ft should be reasonably happy. J is next, with K and M still acceptable to those around 5ft 8, feels the monkey.

Choosing seats in general

Views here are good. Central row A 8 to 21 is a winner, and the monkey would take other rows behind it in the central seats back to row F without hesitation - provided nobody leans forwards.

Outer seats in these rows still have a decent angle on the action, and are also acceptable.

It would miss row G entirely unless short.

The cheapest seats offer more than acceptable views. It would take L over M for comfort alone, but again would not hesitate to sit here for any production. Compared to the rear stalls, the shorter person will have a far better view up here than similarly priced row O downstairs.

General hazard notes

Those entering from the doors behind row M may find the stairs disconcertingly steep. If this is an issue for vertigo suffers, ask to use the door beside row F instead.

People leaning forward will block sightlines from all rows except A.

Washing hanging on the rails behind row F.

Legroom in row G.

Changes for the current production

Seats A and B 1 and 2 are discounted for not being able to see the spiral staircase on the stage. Skip them unless the same issue seats in the stalls have gone, the view is better downstairs. B2 has the best view of what is up here.

Central rows A to D (E, Friday to Sunday) are premium price. Monkey would take the seats side them on row D for the same view, cheaper.

Prices drop at row H, K, L and M Monday to Thursday, H, K and M Friday to Sunday. Weekdays, skipping row H anyway, it would take J but maybe save bananas with row L for legroom, or even not worry about that and find M pretty adequate. Weekends, skip row G at top non-premium price. Row H is adequate at second price, but the monkey feels row K is the way to go at third price - cheaper, similar views. It is the same trade off between L and M as a personal choice at third and fourth price too.

Readers comments

"L5, 6 and 7: "Jersey Boys" (July 2021). The Trafalgar Theatre is looking lovely!  We were Dress Circle L5-7 which were great - fairly central, loads of legroom, comfortable height, well proportioned seats. Occasionally you couldn't see the back of the stage where the band was - guitarists appeared dismembered as you could only see them from the waist down. This was purely down to the set, I don't think it would be a problem for other shows. We had a few issues specific to our night - real problems with people in front leaning forward (for no apparent reason it would seem as nobody else was doing it) which left sight lines very badly obscured. We also had a row of people behind who thought they were at a sing-a-long show despite not being able to sing a note, so all in all it was one of the worst audience experiences ever!"

Dress Circle Boxes


Two either side of the dress circle, above row G at the side of the theatre.

The Lorne Box, plus its equivalent (disused, on the opposite side of the theatre) face the stage. Boxes A and B box are behind, with a side view.


Unlimited, as movable chairs are used.

Choosing seats in general

The Lorne Box offers the best viewing angle. If taking the boxes behind, the seat furthest from the stage offers the best view if willing to lean.

General hazard notes

Side view from boxes A and B, leaning is required.

Changes for the current production

Details will appear here when available. 

Readers comments

Not usually on sale. Box B houses technical equipment.

Notes best seat advice

630 Seats

Air-conditioned auditorium.

No food except Ice cream and confectionery.

Guide dogs allowed into the auditorium, or guide dog sitter available. 6 wheelchair spaces accessed by lift. Some larger chairs may not fit into this lift, check when booking. Radio and Mobile Connect hearing systems. Headsets and hearing loop. More information is available from the theatre helpline 0800 912 6971.

Two bars; Foyer and Stalls. Only the stalls bar has limited seating, and is down 22 steps from the street. Drinks can be brought to the seats of customers with access issues.

4 Toilets; Stalls leading from the bar: 1 gents 2 cubicles, 1 ladies 3 cubicles, 1 accessible unisex toilet – reached by lift for wheelchair / restricted ambulatory users. At circle level up 22 steps - near the entrance to the highest rear rows of the theatre, there is another: 1 gents 1 cubicle, 1 ladies 4 cubicles.

General price band information


By value for money:

Monday to Thursday

Trafalgar Theatre value seating plan Monday to Thursday

Friday to Sunday

Trafalgar Theatre value seating plan Friday to Sunday

By price:

Monday to Thursday

Trafalgar Theatre prices seating plan Monday to Thursday

Friday to Sunday

Trafalgar Theatre prices seating plan Friday to Sunday

Note that prices sometimes increase by £2.50 per ticket closer to a performance date. 


Some details may change. The monkey will update as available. 

Please note: The seating plans are not accurate representations of the auditorium. While we try to ensure they are as close to the actual theatre plan as possible we cannot guarantee they are a true representation. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion.

51.50643, -0.12721

Nearest underground station

Charing Cross - Bakerloo (brown) and Northern (black) lines. Also Main rail network terminus.

Leave the station by following signs from the platforms to the STRAND street exits. Walk straight ahead into the underground shopping arcade and keep going straight on into the light. If, underground, you pass Davenports Magic shop, turn around and walk the other way.

Take the left-hand staircase up to street level. In front of you is a very busy road, the Strand. Brook Street Employment Agency must be on your right as you face the road.

If you see a side street, with Brook Street Employment Agency on your left, turn around and walk towards the busy road instead - you took the wrong stairs.

Now facing the busy road: Walk to it and turn to your left. Walk towards Trafalgar Square - the big open area in front of you! You'll cross the front of Charing Cross station as you walk there, so mind out for the taxi entrances.

Go straight on, and follow the street as it curves. Use the first  pedestrian crossing that you come to to cross Northumberland Avenue. Once over it, turn slightly right (so you face into Trafalgar Square) and follow the path around the big building in front of you. 

Once around it, bear left at the next street you come to. Use the pedestrian crossing to cross to the theatre, which will be ahead of you to your left down the street called Whitehall.


3, 11, 12, 24, 53, 77, 77A, 88, 91, 139, 159 and 453  stop nearby.


A rank for Black taxis is at Charing Cross Station - a short distance from the theatre. Best chance of hailing one is in the street outside or walk up to Trafalgar Square.

Car park

Spring Gardens. On leaving the car park walk into Trafalgar Square. The first major road you come to is Whitehall. Turn down it and the theatre is clearly visible in the same side of the road.

The "Theatreland Parking Scheme" may be available. See for details and to book. At this car park, parking under the "Theatreland Parking Scheme" allows a 50% discount in cost for entry after 12 noon and for a maximum of 4 hours (after that parking is at the normal rate).

If you choose the "Theatreland Parking Scheme", you must book in advance at and have a theatre ticket stub dated for a theatre performance on the day you are parking there.

For a full list of car parks and theatres that participate in the 50% off theatreland scheme see

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