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Day Seat Finder

Winter 2020.

At this time there are NO performances of ANY production taking place in the West End or other London venues.

Stay safe, stay well.


DAY SEATS are normally available ONLY to personal callers at the box office on the day of performance, from the time the box office opens at 10am.*
They are normally limited to 1 or 2 per person.
The monkey always advises taking both cards and cash in case one is preferred over the other. Check with the box office before travelling if this policy is still in operation.

Also remember that quite often, box offices will try to assist others in line once "day seats" are sold out, and if there is no official policy anyway, box office staff will also do plenty to sell you a ticket.
Unsold "day seats" sometimes turn up online at the venue's official website, or can be bought by telephone from the official box office too.

The list is based on information known AND MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE TO ALL PERFORMANCES.

Also included are productions due to begin performances soon, but which may not yet have opened.

For the National Theatre and other venues that present productions in repertoire, please see their individual listings pages / websites.
ALL details are given in good faith, but cannot accept responsibility for any changes or error, nor subsequent losses incurred.
Also, do note that it can't advise in advance about "the right time to get into line," on any specific day, as it can vary so much, so please use other readers' comments below as your guide!
As a rule, the nearer a show gets to its final performance, the earlier you have to arrive for day seats...

*Remember: Box Office opening times may vary - one reader notes that Ambassador Theatre Group and Delfont Mackintosh Theatre Group venues may not open until 12 noon on public holiday dates. Also, some box offices may not start selling day seats until 30 minutes or so after they open for business. Please be patient, as staff have a lot to do at the beginning of each day.

JUST TWEET "#dayseat" or @theatremonkey1


Theatre Name / Show Title Usual
Likely Number of seats Price Notes / Reader Experiences
Back To The Future: The Musical
(From May 2021)
No policy.
Tina: The Tina Turner Musical
Box office:
Grand circle
Box office choice.
Box office: 4
Box office choice.
Box office: £10

In November 2019 a reader notes that the box office sell 4 tickets behind the lighting technician in the Upper (Grand) Circle on restricted view chairs.

App TodayTix offer £25 "Rush tickets" for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets. 

A reader says of Todaytix, in June 2019: " I bought via Today Tix for £25 a ticket in the grand circle, Row E, seat 7. The view was good but there was no legroom at all."

Reader reports:
Saturday 16th November 2019. Arrived at 9.25am. Third in the queue. 8 of us there by 10am.
They keep back two pairs in the Grand Circle. £10 each. Sitting on chairs behind the lighting technician. Slightly restricted view, but mostly fine if you lean forward onto the rail.


The Shark Is Broken
(expected 2021)

No policy announced. 

Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue
Everybody's Talking About Jamie
Box office discretion /
Stalls row B
Box office discretion


From 10am, one ticket per person.
App TodayTix are offering "Lottery tickets" for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, at midnight and with winners notified 2 to 4 hours before the show. Download the App from Todaytix, to allow you to enter the draw.

Reader reports:
Friday 4th January 2019. 8.47am. Snuck over to check out Jamie, only 2-3 people there.
Saturday 5th January 2019. Arrived at 9.04am and there are 4 people already here waiting.
Tuesday 22nd January 2019. 3rd in line at 8:20am, only two more joined before it opened.
Saturday 26th January 2019. Went to the theatre at 11pm. 5 people in line at 2am.
Wednesday 30th January 2019. I arrived at 10am exactly and was 9th in line. Got front row B17!
Monday 11th March 2019. I walked past and there were 6 people queuing at 10am.
Wednesday 20th March 2019. Just got a day seat for Jamie. Was the only one there when box office opened. Got D6 for the matinee.
Wednesday 27th March 2019. Arrived 9.22am and only one guy before me who was here since 7am. No one else turned up after. Got Stalls B18. Also contrary to previous reports, was informed by box office that they do not sell £25 tickets for premium seats anymore as they’re getting fairly busy.
Saturday 6th April 2019. 6 people at 8:30am.
Wednesday 22nd May 2019. 2nd and 3rd at 9.37am this morning. First person got here at 6.30am. 4th Person joined at 9.42am.
Tuesday 4th June 2019. Arrived at 9:30am and was first in line. Two guys arrived at 9:55am.
Tuesday 18th June 2019. Arrived at 8:30am, one other who had got here a few minutes before. Two more at 8.55am. 2 more at 9:30am, another 2 at 9:45am. Was offered end of front row for day seat. But they are very restricted view. Asked if anything further back and got dress circle tickets normally £65 for £35.
Saturday 27th July 2019. Good amount of rain today. 3 people in queue already when I arrived at 9am. 2 more at 9:20am and finally 2 more at 9:45am. Received a matinee ticket for G22 (back centre of the dress circle) for 29.50£. Was initially offered a row B (front row) ticket but since it is a high stage, I asked for something further back.
Saturday 10th August 2019. Third person in the Jamie queue at 7:50am.
Wednesday 16th October 2019. I arrived at 8.30am and was the first one there. A few people arrived just before 10am. Got B5 in the Stalls.
Saturday 8th February 2020. Still had front row dayseats when I stopped by about 10.30am.

Apollo Victoria
Box Office: Stalls row A


Todaytix: Box Office discretion

Box Office: 24


Todaytix: 12*

*May vary at their discretion.

Both: £29.50 The most notorious day seat line in London. Battle the obsessive fans and you could get lucky. A reader feels that 8am is the latest you can arrive on most days.

App TodayTix are offering "Daily Dozen tickets" for all performances. 12 tickets released for the performance on that day, at 10am. Download the App from Todaytix, to allow you to access the sale.

Reader reports:
Friday 8th February 2019. Came around 8:40am and was 14th, but became 20th by the opening time cos it seems that people think it’s ok to hold place in queue for all their friends and neighbours. Got the LAST day seat! A36.
Monday 18th February 2019. Arrived 7.45am (half-term week) - 2nd in line.  5 in the queue by 7.52am.  By 8.20am there were 11.  By 9.10am there were 30 and by the time the box office opened at 10am there were over 50 in the queue.
Tuesday 19th February 2019. Arrived around 9am. Round about 10 to 12 people in front of us. Ended up getting A 32 and 33.
Saturday 2nd March 2019. Arrived at 7.05am, was 3rd in the queue. First pair had arrived together at 6.30am. From then on: 7.15am - 4 people, 8am - 7 people, 8.30am - 20 people, 9am - 27 people, 9.30am - 32 people, 9.55am - 38 people.
Friday 29th March 2019. 6:40am arrived first. By 7am 2 people total, by 8am 5 people, by 8:30am 9 people,
by 9am 14 people, by 10am 23 people.
Thursday 18th April 2019. Easter holidays, 2 show day. 8.30am 20th in the queue, 9.30am 35 in queue 9.50am 45 in queue. We were lucky as were sold the last three seats in the centre block for the matinee which is just what we were after. Lucky for us that the people in front of us seemed to be going for the evening show! "
Saturday 20th April 2019. Checked online and saw that there were front row stalls seats for sale at full price at 11:30am. Went down to the theatre and picked one up at the day ticket price. Even though the line is normally enough at 10am to snap up all of the day tickets, it's worth a try later on if you can see front row stall tickets still available online.
Saturday 1st June 2019. Arrived at 7.30am and was third in line, which is lucky as you get to sit on the steps rather than the hard concrete floor if you're the first 3 or so. By opening time, I reckon there was around 20 - 30 in the queue. Managed to get 2 Row A seats for the matinee which was an amazing experience!
Saturday 15th June 2019: 6:42am arrived first. 6:45am - 2 total, 6:50am - 4, 7:13am - 6, 7:28am - 8, 7:44am - 10, 8:08am - 14, 8:45am - 18, 9:10am - 27, 9:20am - 35, 10am - 50. Some very poor line etiquette with people joining friends at the last minute. If you arrive at 9:30am you should join the end of the line and not the front of the line with your friends ahead of people who have been there since 7:30am.
Wednesday 24th July 2019. Arrived at 8am and I am 11th in the queue! Pretty busy! Got A29 in stalls so not bad.
Friday 23rd July 2019. 3rd in line at 7:55am.
Friday 20th September 2019. I got there at 7am and was first in line. Next person arrived 15 minutes later and third at 7.30am. 8am - around 8 people. By 9am there were over 15 people and by 10am - over 25 people. Got A 24!
Saturday 2nd November 2019. For both shows. I was first at 6.30am. 2 arrived at 7.15am, 10 by 8.10am, 34 by 10am. Got A2 and 25 front row centre.
Saturday 25th January 2020. We got there at about 6.30am and someone else got in line at 7am, with a few others from 7.30am. There were roughly about 30 people in line by the time the theatre opened. The main influx of people arrived from 8.30am onwards. There looked to be tickets left by the time the queue ended.

Box office discretion Box office discretion £25 App TodayTix are offering £25 "Rush tickets" for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets.

Note that purchase is limited to 2 tickets per individual person, NOT per account, in any 30 consecutive days. I.D. is required when collecting tickets.

Barbican Theatre, Concert Hall, Pit
If there is a production here that has popular "day seat" lines, details will be listed under EXTRA EVENTS below the main listings.
The Book of Dust – La Belle Sauvage
       No policy announced.

Upper Circle rows G to K 16 £5 For those aged 16 to 25 ONLY. Limited to 1 per person, and may be paid for in cash or by credit card and PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED. The booking must be done by the person who will be using the ticket. Other seats may be substituted.
A reader advises arriving 3 hours before the box office opens.

For Everybody: Online Ticket Lottery at
A chance to win the right to buy two top non-premium price tickets for £25 each. Entries can be made at any time for any performances within a two-week period. Winners will be notified by email 3 to 5 days before the show date, and will have 24 hours from then to book the actual tickets.

Reader reports:
Saturday 6th April 2019. 8:40am only 3 in the queue.
Friday 14th June 2019. First people arrived at 9.15 am, three people in queue at 10am. Seats G31, 32 (Upper Circle).
Sunday 24th August 2019: 1st at 8am, next came at 8.45am.
Sunday 20th October 2019. I was the 1st one there at 7.10am. The next person arrived at 8am. There were 13 people by 9am and 16 by 9.30am. I got G12 in the upper circle.
Tuesday 12th November 2019. Won online lottery, got Stalls A9 first row right in the middle for £25.
Sunday 9th February 2020. We arrived at 8.01am. Next person at 8.20am, We were 5 people at 8.26am. Person 6 at 8.43am, 2 more at 8.59am, 2 more 9.02am, another 1 9.05am - running total 11! 12th at 9.06am, 13th 14th and 15th at 9.34am, 2 more at 9.43am and one person has left the line.

Charing Cross
GH Boy
(November 2020)
      No policy.
No current production.
The Prince of Egypt
Box office discretion Box office discretion £25

A limited number of £25 day seats will be available to buy for each performance, strictly subject to availability.
Day seats will go on sale from 10am on the day of the performance, subject to availability. Tickets must be purchased in person from the Dominion theatre box office.


App TodayTix offer £25 "Rush tickets" for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets. 

Reader reports:
Saturday 15th February 2020. Arrived around 8.20am 1st in queue. Second person arrived about 9.15am. By opening time there was about 10 in line. Got row A 18 and 19 second person got seats A 20 and 21 . We were informed due to piece of stage moving out we would feel it was very close. Third person in-line was told only single seats left. Not sure if they only sell these 4 seats as two’s.
Tuesday 18th February 2020. I got a ticket for £25, front row, at 12.45pm.
Thursday 20th February 2020. I got 2 tickets for £25 yesterday at about 11.30am. Seats M 2 and 3 in stalls. I heard other people in the queue also getting various seats for that price. They seem to want to help people and sell tickets off for £25 if they have any remaining.
Friday 28th February 2020. Got to the dominion at 9:40am, no one else queuing. 2 more arrive at 9:50am. 2 more at 9:54am. I got stalls L4 for £25.

Donmar Warehouse
Force Majeure
(from late 2020)
Rear circle standing 20 £10
For all performances EXCEPT on Press Night. From 10am online, by phone or to personal callers at the box office.
They advise booking online, though the same tickets are available through all sources.

Also, every day at 10am, a minimum of 40 tickets at all prices will be released for the corresponding day the following week, bookable by phone or online.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Closed for refurbishment
The Play That Goes Wrong
      No policy.

Duke Of York's
No current production.

The Woman In Black

      No policy.

The Drifters Girl
(from November 2021)

No policy announced.

No current production.


Gillian Lynne
(formerly New London)

Closed for refurbishment

Harold Pinter
No current production.




Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Only Fools and Horses The Musical
A reader reports in February 2020 that there are now no day seats.


Her Majesty's
The Phantom Of The Opera
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £25 FOR THURSDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES ONLY. Sold from 10am.

At other times, the box office do like to do what they can to help, though.
Thursday 5th July 2018. Previous postings suggested early queuing might not be necessary, but we are about 20th in line after arriving 8.30am for 10am opening ... Did get tickets, though.
Thursday 13th September 2018. 7:40am: 2nd in line, first girl said she got there around 7:30am. 8:15am - 6 in total waiting, 9:30am - 15 people, 10am - 20 people. I got 030 in Stalls for £25 - way under Balcony missing a few of the stuff like Phantom on a set-piece high and the chandelier going up. 1st in line got O3 which wasn't better.
Thursday 4th October 2018. Arrived at 8:03am and was 5th in line. 8:30am - 15 people; 9:00 - 20 people; at 10:00 around 30 people. Got Stalls Q15.
Thursday 21st March 2019. Was first line at 8am. Next person arrived at 8.10am. By 9.30 approx 20 people there. Got stalls Q15, Q16, Q17.
Thursday 30th May 2019. At 9.05am number 19 in queue. Got stalls seats Q18 and 19.
46 in queue at opening.
Thursday 20th February 2020. We arrived at 8.40am and there were 14 people in line. We were 22 at 9am, 30 at 9.30am and about 40-ish when the box office opened at 10am. We got stalls, row D!

London Palladium
No current regular production.
The Lion King
Box office discretion Box office discretion £20 "Day Seats" are available every morning to personal callers at the venue box office, only.
Other offers may be also be made, at box office discretion, this includes standing room in the Upper Circle, priced £20, sold once the theatre is full.

Reader reports:
Saturday 23rd February 2019. I’ve been to the queue this morning at about 9am, quite late I know and was quite busy, about 40 people. Luckily I’ve got a ticket for the matinee seat A33 the view was really good it was AMAZING!
Saturday 2nd March 2019 - Arrived at 7.20am with my partner, we were 3rd and 4th person in line. Next person arrived at 7.21am and another at 7.36am. 19 people in line by 8am. Around 40 by 9am. Huge queue by 10am. Got 2 tickets next to each other front row. Amazing show!!
Sunday 10th March 2019. walked past at 9am and there were 6 people queuing.
Sunday 17th March 2019. Arrived at 9:50am. Were 16th in line. Didn't get day seats, as we had children and they didn't have any more 2 seats together. They gave row A to people in front of us.
Wednesday 3rd April 2019. Got there at 7:30am. I was the 4th person to arrive and at 8am there were already 10 people. By 10am there were around 30.  Got A19-22.
Saturday 6th April 2019. 9am, 25.
Saturday 6th April 2019. Arrived at 8.20am - 16 ahead of us. By 9am, 5 people behind us. By 9.30am another 9 people. By 10am the queue was at least 40 people long. We got two tickets beside eachother, A15-16 for evening show. Plenty of tickets left for evening when we got to the counter, most people were opting for matinee.
Saturday 20th April 2019. Easter weekend. I arrived at 6:55am to be what I thought was 9th in line. However people started to join their friends and it seemed I ended up being 13th in line by 10am.
We managed to get 2 seats £20 each in row A 23 and 24 literally behind the conductor who is raised so was in our sight the whole time. My advice: take something to sit on while in line, as the floor was hard!
Sunday 19th May 2019. Arrived at 9.35am, about 25 people already in line.
10 minutes later, a family of 4 lined up behind me.
By 11am the doors opened and there were about 40+ people. I got a centre stall seat (S30).
Wednesday 22nd May 2019. Arrived at 9.12am where we were 17th and 18th in line. At 10am box office opens, there were about 2 5people in line. We got 4 front row tickets (A29-A32) at £20 each.
Saturday 25th May 2019. arrived at 7.40am, and about 15th in queue. Quite a few people joining people at the front of the queue just before doors opened but we managed to get the last two together A28 and A29.
Wednesday 29th May 2019. Currently 39th in line. Arrived 8.15am. Hoping most of those people want matinee tickets! Yay! 2 box tickets for this evening's performance. Last 2 day seats! I was the first person queuing with a child, so don't think it was a half term thing. Think a tour group from Asia got to the line before I did. Spoke to a day seat regular at the front of the queue who said they'd all been there from about 7.30am.
Sunday 16th June 2019. Lyceum had opened at 11am, nobody there. Was in 11.30am, got the last Day Seat. Royal Circle at £25.
Wednesday 24th July 2019. In line this morning at 6.55am. 20 people in front of us already. 5 just arrived 2 minutes after us. Nightmarrrrre. 9.05am: 6 people joined the queue in front... and 40 people behind us and the queue is still growing. We got 2 tickets in the Royal circle. A44 & F something for the evening show. £20 each. Some seats left for the matinee.
The next 10 people at least got tickets. But it was +/- 60 behind us at 10am.
Saturday 10th August 2019. arrived at 7.30am and about 30 in the queue - seems to be a big group together.
Saturday 17th August 2019. Arrived at 6:15am. 2nd in the queue. 3rd and 4th turned up 30 seconds later. By 7:30am the queue was at 23. Then by 9am it was around 50. It got a bit territorial with people joining the queue with their friends. That happened a lot. I got seats A25 and 26.
Sunday 1st September 2019. Arrived at 6am today. Next person arrived at 7.40am. We had two options: 2 seats in row Z of the stalls or one seat stalls S16 and one in U15. We opted for the split seats and they were amazing!
Sunday 1st September 2019. At 7.10am maybe 10 people in front of me... 20 more by 9am. Got 4 tickets - 3 front row, one row C stalls.
Sunday 27th October 2019. I was the first to arrive at 7am, with a box office opening time of 11am. Had a few others join the line shortly after around 7:20am, and a crowd began around 9am. Got two seats together, A29 and A30, in the Stalls front row on the aisle. Definitely worth the £20 price and 4-hour wait!
Wednesday 30th October 2019. Half term, nice morning. Arrived 7.25am to be 4th in queue. First ones there at 7am. 10 in queue by 8am and approx 50 by 10am. Box office about 10 minutes late opening as system was down and cash payment required although payment didn't need to be immediate. Around 40-50 seats available for the 2.30pm matinee handwritten on a sheet and we were lucky enough to get front row of Stalls A25-A27. When we arrived at 2.15pm for the show there were some single and some double seats available but they were £60 each.
Saturday 16th November 2019. Go there at 7:10 am, 2 people had been there since 7am. 10 people by 7.30am. 40 people by 9.00. 65 people by doors at 10.00am. Got front row central tickets A18,A19. So worth it!
Tuesday 31st December 2019. 70 at 10am! I reckon a coach had dropped them all off as they had all been there since 6.30am. All 62 of them!
Thursday 9th January 2020. 9 people at 8.25am. 6 more arrived at 8.50am. Got two seats on the front row.
Wednesday 22nd January 2020. I arrived at 7.47am and was 11th in the queue. The queue isn’t building up quickly.
Saturday 29th February 2020. 10 in front at 07.40am. Got great seats for the matinee performance,

Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
Six The Musical
      No policy.
National Theatre
Olivier / Lyttelton / Dorfman

 If there is a production here that has popular "day seat" lines, details will be listed under EXTRA EVENTS below the main listings.

The theatre sells "Day Seats" for all performances for £20 every day from 9.30am. A booking is made, but you must return 30 minutes before the show with the card you paid with / Photo ID to collect your actual ticket. Tickets are limited to 2 per person.

"Friday Rush Tickets":
Every Friday at 1pm, a number of £10 seats are also released online and by phone for the following week's performances via the National Theatre's website or box office 020 7452 3000.

Noel Coward
Dear Evan Hansen
Box office discretion Box office discretion £25

A weekly lottery will be held, with entries opening every Wednesday at 11.45am (UK time).
A lottery page will appear at The page is also accessible at, leading to the same place.
When you arrive on the page, you will be allocated a lottery number.
At noon, 15 minutes later, the lottery will close.
Random winning numbers will be drawn, and directed to a page where you can buy up to 2 tickets for a single performance in the following week.

Standing places will also be sold to personal callers at the box office.

Mamma Mia
Box office discretion Box office discretion £20

From 10am.

Reader reports:
Tuesday 19th November 2013. Managed to get seats in row B in the dress circle for £20 (should have been £65) by asking at the box office on the day - this was about 2pm Tuesday 19th November 2013.
Thursday 29th September 2016. For the 3pm show we got three seats together in row K middleish (7-9 I think) for £35 each at 12:46 according to my receipt. Were offered row E to the side for the same, or rear stalls/mid dress for £25.

Old Vic
No current production.


Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Closed for the winter
      No current production.
The Other Palace
No current production.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2

From 12.01am each Monday until 1pm each Friday, customers aged over 18 can enter a lottery to win the right to buy up to 2 of 40 tickets, located all over the theatre, for each performance in the following week which will be released for the following week.
Tickets cost £40 (£20 per per play).
To enter the lottery, you need to visit OR
Download the App from Todaytix.
At 1pm every Friday the lottery will close. Successful customers will be notified between 1pm and 5pm that same Friday. If selected, you can buy a maximum of two tickets for parts one and two in a single transaction.

Returns Line: At the theatre.
Reader reports:
Saturday 11th February 2017. First in line at 7 am. Second person came at 8:30 am. 4 in line at 10 am. Got Stalls, Row M, Seat 1 at 10:30 am.

Come From Away
Box office stalls row AA /
Today Tix at box office discretion
Box office 12
Today Tix at box office discretion
Box office £20
TodayTix £25

From 10am, maximum 2 per person
App TodayTix are offering £25 "Rush tickets" for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets.

Reader reports:
Tuesday 4th June 2019. We arrived at noon and got two front row day seats.
Wednesday 5th June 2019. Thanks to the dayseater who reported the late availability of day seats on Tuesday 4th June 2019. I rocked up at 1.15 pm and got a day seat AA12 for £20. Staff confirmed they have 12 day seats all front row for each performance.
Wednesday 12th June 2019. 7 in line at 9:30am. And 8 more I think joined behind by 10am.
Thursday 13th June 2019. 9.50am, 8 people waiting. Friend was there. Got 3 day seats, first row for evening at £20 each.
Saturday 15th June 2019. Arrived at 8am, 2nd and 3rd people in the queue. First person had arrived at 7.45am. 5 people at 8.30am. 7 at 9am. 9 at 9.30am, 11 at 10am.
Saturday 15th June 2019. 4th in line at 8.25am.
Monday 17th June 2019. I got a Today Tix Seat. Grand circle C5 for £25.
Wednesday 19th June 2019. 10.55am, got a matinee ticket.
Thursday 20th June 2019. At 8.30am I was 4th in line (front 3 were all together). The 5th came at 9.30am and by 10am there were 7 of us.
Saturday 22nd June 2019. 9.40am. 12th or 13th in line.
Saturday 29th June 2019. 12 at 9:45am.
Saturday 29th June 2019. 1.45pm. I have just been into the Phoenix and scored D10 in the stalls for £35 for the matinee. The box office manager tells me it's their Standby rate.
Wednesday 10th July 2019. Arrived at 9:50am, 6th in line. We got three front row seats AA10 - AA12 for 7.30pm.
Saturday 20th July 2019. 3 in front at 9:30am.
Tuesday 23rd July 2019. Arrived today at 9:35am. Four People in Front of Me. By the time the Box Office Opened four more People Behind us. We got three tickets front row for 20 pounds each. As we left only one day seat left.
Wednesday 31st July 2019. Was 5th at 8:35am, 2 more 5 minutes later, by 10am there were probably 20 - 25 people. Got AA3 and AA4 for the matinee.
Wednesday 31st July 2019. Joined queue this morning at 8.40am. Was number 7, but the 2 people in front of me were after matinee and so I knew I would be ok for evening. By 10am there were 22 in queue.
Wednesday 28th August 2019: 4th at 8.15am.
Saturday 31st August 2019. 8:20am I was 6th in line. 5 minutes later one more joined. 16 in queue at 9.55am.
Thursday 5th September 2019. At 8:53am I was 2nd and the next joined around 9:30am - but she left at 10am as she'd bagged a rush ticket online. A couple more turned up at 10am.
Friday 6th September 2019: Got there at 7.40am and was first in line. No one queued up the entire time. Got 2 tickets centre front row AA5 and 6, £20 each. A minute after box office opened someone came in asking if there was any tickets left and was technically second in line! Staff said it was unusual for no one to queue.
Saturday 7th September 2019. Joined the queue at 9am and we’re 10 and 11 in line. There were no evening tickets by the time we got there unfortunately! One of the cast members is leaving tonight which is why it’s busy, I think!
Tuesday 1st October 2019. Got there at 8.30am and was first in line, 9.50am the next two showed up, at 10am there were suddenly 6 people standing behind me.
Thursday 3rd October 2019. 8.25am, first in line.
Saturday 26th October 2019. Numbers 6 and 7 at 8 am.
Friday 15th November 2019. 12.50pm Just acquired 2 day seats, AA10 and 11; so I am assuming there are still at least 2 left.
Monday 2nd December 2019. 9.23am. Two people already waiting in line.
Monday 9th December 2019. Was 1st at 9.30am this morning. And only 2 of us when box office opened. 
Wednesday 1st January 2020. Box office opened at 12 noon today. I was 5th in line at 11:58am. About 6 more people in the line as I left. Got AA4 and AA5.
Friday 24th January 2020. Was the third in line at 8.30am, three other people behind me when the box office opened got AA5 and AA6.
Saturday 1st February 2020. I arrived at 7:30am but there were already 5 people in front of me! (It’s getting close to cast change day which will be Monday 10th February 2020 I believe)! Still managed to get front row centre though for the evening show!
Wednesday 26th February 2020. I was the only one in line at 10am. A friend of mine got a dayseat at 6pm.
Thursday 27th February 2020. Arrived at 8:50am and was first. Two others joined at 9:05am. Rain and snow... so just the 4 of us when box office opened at 10am, Got AA7/8 for £20!
Saturday 29th February 2020. 3rd in the queue at 7:30am. At 8:30am there are 8 people.
Saturday 29th February 2020. Got to the theatre at 9:12am, and was 9th. People started arriving frequently after 9:30am. We were somewhere between 30-35 when they opened. Got AA8 for the evening.
Wednesday 11th March 2020. 9:15am and 3rd in line.

Pretty Woman The Musical
Box office discretion Box office discretion £25
RUSH TICKETS: App Todaytix are offering £25 "Rush tickets," located at venue discretion, for all performances. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets. 

A Doll's House
(expected Summer 2020)

No policy announced.

Prince Edward
Mary Poppins
Box office discretion Box office discretion £25
A weekly lottery is held.
Every Tuesday at 11.45am (UK time) a lottery page will appear at
When you arrive on the page, you will be allocated a lottery number.
At noon, 15 minutes later, the lottery will close.
Random winning numbers will be drawn, and directed to a page where you can buy up to 2 tickets for a single performance in the following week.

Reader reports:
Tuesday 19th November 2019.  Gave the lottery a go today for next Thursday. Very quick! Less than 5 minutes in the online queue. Got two tickets in the Circle G23-24 for £25 pounds each. Smooth!
Tuesday 26th November 2019. I entered this noon to the Mary Poppins weekly digital lottery and got 2 first row tickets at £25 each for Saturday night. Just waited five minutes after subscribing and the website redirected me to the booking page. Other performances were available.


Prince Of Wales
The Book Of Mormon
Stalls row A 21 £20  A 'lucky draw lottery' is held before each performance. At 5pm each evening / Noon for afternoon performances, personal callers at the venue box office can enter their names.
Entries will close at 5.30pm / 12.30pm and a draw will take place at that time. Winners must be present when results are announced and bring valid ID with them. A reader in 2016 says that they accepted card payment as well as cash, but still required name ID. This draw is subject to availability. Current odds: about 5 to 1, assuming 100 single people want 1 ticket each. Be prepared to "ditch" if you REALLY want to see the show...

Reader Reports:
Saturday 7th January 2017. about 100 people for the lottery.
Friday 21st April 2017. Extra matinee - very lucky this wasn't well publicised. A Friday matinee! Won the lottery quite easily with only about 30-35 people present.
Tuesday 2nd May 2017. Did the lottery, unusually quiet almost everyone got seats including our party of 4.
Wednesday 14th June 2017. 14.06. Matinee. I teamed up with a Korean girl for the lottery (her 5th attempt, my 2nd), this time we both got lucky. Front row centre (A27) for £20.
Thursday 31st August 2017. Last day of summer so the lottery was CRAZY! Too many people to count, but the atmosphere was amazing. It was my first attempt and I won Stalls A16, I think more than half the seats in the front row was occupied by the lottery winners.
  Also a shout-out to a girl who offered one of the two tickets that she won to a guy who had tried 20 times and never won - it was his last chance to see the show and we were all touched when this girl offered to take him with her - London spirit at its best!
Saturday 2nd December 2017. Just won Book Of Mormon lottery (yay!) and they put me to D21 stalls. I spoke to a guy they put to the back of the stalls on Thursday, so sadly not always front row. Many people today and yesterday, was much more quiet on Wednesday when I was passing by.
Monday 19th March 2018. Was really well organised and approx. 30 people entered into the draw. I was lucky enough to get two tickets and fantastic view from the front row where I was sitting.
Saturday 18th August 2018. I tried the in-person Lottery at 12noon. At 12:30pm around 40 people were there and I didn't win. But still a very fun lottery drawing process. The staff have a lot of fun with it.
Saturday 9th February 2019. Probably 70-80 people there for the lottery for the Saturday matinee. Luckily drawn and given A19.

Royal Court Theatre Downstairs       No policy. On Mondays around half the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online / 10am if any are left, at the box office in person or by telephone on 020 7565 5000 to the general public. Note that there are rarely any tickets left by 10am for sale through the box office or by phone, so please be aware of this if travelling a long distance.
Those aged under 25 can join a "young people's" scheme that gives them priority access on these days.
At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.
Available via TodayTix: "Rush Tickets" for £20 are available every day for all performances EXCEPT Monday Evenings.
Download the App from
Royal Court Theatre Upstairs Seat numbers not used in this venue. 20 £20 (£10 Mondays) 20 tickets, sold at the door. On Mondays the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online. Anything left is sold at 10am to personal callers at the box office or by telephone. At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.

No current production.

& Juliet
Stalls row B (front row) 20 £20
From 10am at the theatre box office, maximum 2 per person.

Reader reports:
Wednesday 13th November 2019. Popped up to the Box Office at 10:45am. I was lucky and, despite selling loads of them, got B10 in the Stalls for only £20.
Friday 15th November 2019. I popped in around 12.45pm, and they had 1 day seat left.
Friday 15th November 2019. I got to the box office at 9.50am and I was the 5th in the queue. The first one got there at 8.15am. Just after I paid for 2 x £20 tickets, another 3 people turned up. The stage is high but the view is good, not restricted. I was happy with the seats.
Tuesday 19th November 2019. 10:07am got B15 and B16 (front row) for £20 each.
Monday 25th November 2019. 2nd in line at 9:05am. Managed to get front row B19/20.
Saturday 30th November 2019.  I got there at 9.20am and was 10th in line.
Saturday 30th November 2019. 14th in the queue at 9.45am, 18 total when the doors opened. Separate windows for matinee and evening once the box office opens (smaller queue for matinee).
Monday 9th December 2019. We arrived at 9:10am. Two ahead of us. They bought three tickets. At 9:50am We were 9 or 10. everybody got tickets in row B. No discounts for other seats although the theatre had many free places at this time.
Friday 27th December 2019. Arrived at 8:30am. About 15 in queue with the majority wanting matinee tickets. Around 30 by 10am. Got B13-16 for the evening show.
Monday 30th December 2019. I was 4th at 8:27am and in 2 minutes 3 more people arrived. Busy!
Tuesday 31st December 2019. Arrived 8:25am. 9th in line. Got B23 and B24 for the evening show.
Friday 3rd January 2020. Got to the box office at 8:40am and there were 5 in front. By 9:10am, another 7 have joined the queue.
Saturday 11th January 2020. Arrived at 9am, was about 18th in line. By the time the box office opened there were some 30 people in line altogether. Managed to get tickets for the Matinee in row B, which is the first row actually.  You need to look up, but that was no problem.
Saturday 18th January 2020. 5th in line at 8am. 13 people at 8.30am. 23 at doors opening. 
Saturday 25th January 2020. 8am, first in line. 9.08am 10 people in line.
Saturday 25th January 2020. Was 10th in line at 8.30am, got B16. When the box office opened 6 other people were queueing behind me.
Saturday 8th February 2020.  About 20 in line for Juliet at 9.30am, got the last two tickets for evening. Was 2 tickets left for matinee as well.
Friday 14th February 2020. I managed to score two seats in row N stalls for £36.75 each at 6.30pm. Good deal I reckon!
Monday 17th February 2020. Arrived at 7:45am and was 2nd in queue. Got A17 and A18 (right in the middle!) Another person arrived at 8:20am (her friend joined her after about 15 minutes). Group of 4 arrived at about 8:30am.
Friday 21st February 2020. Arrived at 8:20am with 7 people before me already in line. No one else joined the line until around 9:30am, when 4 others were behind me. Ended up getting front row Stalls for £20. Stage a bit high but didn’t miss anything important, only the feet of the dancers.
Friday 28th February 2020. 8.50am 7th in line, 9am we were 9, 10am we were 10 people. 
Thursday 5th March 2020. 3 of us in queue at 8:10am, still 3 at 8:35 am. 7 by 9.30am.
Monday 16th March 2020. Arrived at theatre at 11:05am. Managed to get front row seats B 14 & 15 £20 pounds each. 

Les Miserables

      No policy.
St Martin's
The Mousetrap
Box office discretion Box office discretion  £19.52 From 10.30am. Limited to 2 per person maximum.
Credit or Debit cards only.

Those aged 16 to 18 without cards may provide proof of age and other Photo I.D. instead. Everybody else is required to use a card, to prevent unauthorised ticket re-selling.

Reader reports:
Monday 8th of April, 2019. No one else was in line when I arrived at 10:26am, and I got seat A12 for £29.50.
Monday 22nd April 2019. Got day seat A9. Arrived at the theatre at 10.20am.
Monday 24th June 2019, got there at 10.20am and got A11 & A12 for £19.50 each.
Tuesday 3rd March 2020. Arrived at 10am. One person ahead of me. A few minutes afterwards arrived a third person. The box office opened and started selling dayseats at 10am (even though their flyer says dayseats from 10:30am). Got A8/A9 (matinee).

Trafalgar Theatre
No current production.
Magic Goes Wrong

No policy.


Victoria Palace
Box office choice. Box office choice. £10 (draw) / £200 (premium release) £10 Lottery: Enter using the official HAMILTON app from, or online at
Draws open at 4pm and close 2pm the following day (Saturday for Monday performances).
Winners are contacted within an hour, via app or email. Maximum 2 tickets per application.

Limited premium tickets will be released each Monday at 12 noon for the following week's performances, at

IF all seats have been sold, standing places at the back of the upper circle may be sold at £12.50 each to the "returns" ("cancellations" for Broadway folk) queue waiting in line at the theatre. Photo ID and a Credit Card are required.

Reader reports:
Monday 3rd June 2019. Arrived at 8:30am and was second in line. First one arrived at 7:45am and other people started to arrive by 9am. Only two standing tickets available so if the first lady wanted those two I'd be dead! LOL. Fortunately she only needed one so we both got the only two standing tickets!
Monday 10th June 2019. Arrived around 7:30am, first in line. 2 others arrived by 8am, 2 more by 8:30am, and 10 in line by opening. They had 6 day seats available at £12.50 that are standing room only. The location to stand is at the back of the theatre but the view is still fantastic as the theatre is quite small. There is a lot of room around the top and there is a padded rail in front of you that you can lean against. You are not allowed to sit. I was nervous about having the tenacity to stand but the show is so enjoyable that it was not a problem in fact it was sort of nice to have some room and freedom to move to the music.
Saturday 3rd August 2019. I was the first at 6.45am, the next few arrived approximately every 15minutes until 8.30am-ish and a few more just before 10am. 9 people total. There were no standing tickets for the matinee, however I got one for the evening show. They said the cast members are using them for friends.. same thing happened during the cast change week I believe.
Monday 19th August 2019. I arrived there at 7am, was the first one in line. Two people arrived around 9am. There was only one standing room available (which I got) and no seats.
Monday 26th August 2019. Strategised for Bank Holiday Monday: arrived from hotel at 7am, only one person in line ahead of me, two more gals came by 9am. Just before opening, the box office let us know 4 standing seats – exactly as we needed!!
Thursday 5th September 2019. Arrived at 10:30am. Both matinee and that evening's performance available, so got the evening performance no problem.
Probably 15 people standing that night.
Saturday 19th October 2019, the matinee show. We arrived at the theatre just at 11am and thought to just try our luck. Standing tickets were available for both matinee and evening. We got 2 tickets for the matinee and were told there are max. 10 people standing at each show. 8-9 people were standing at the show and we had excellent view!


(new dates will be scheduled soon)
Upper (Grand) Circle from the box office
Box office choice from Todaytix
Around 12 from the box office
Box office choice from Todaytix
£20 from the box office
£25 from Todaytix

A limited number of seats (around 12 per show) will be released at 10am each morning. These are priced at £20 and only available in person from the Box Office. Maximum 2 per person.

 App TodayTix are also offering £25 "Rush tickets" for all performances except 12th February 2020. Released for the performance on that day, first-come, first-served. Download the App from Todaytix, unlock the "Rush Ticketing" feature by sharing on Facebook or Twitter, and that will allow you to buy tickets. 

Reader reports:
Thursday 20th February 2020. Third in queue at 6:45am. First person got here at 6:30am. Half term madness. Up to 18 people at 9:55am.
Monday 24th February 2020. I was there at about 9.15am and was the only one (even when they opened). Got Grand Circle D16 for £20.
Tuesday 25th February 2020. Nobody outside Wyndhams at 8:30am.
Wednesday 26th February 2020. One person outside at 8:30am.
Saturday 29th February 2020. Only 3 people at 9:30am.


      Will appear here.