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Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

Catherine Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 5JF 020 7087 7760

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Buying tickets online
The theatre group's own website provide the service for this theatre.
This site allows seat selection and provides a view of the auditorium too.

Booking fees per ticket:
No booking fees.

About the show: Disney's Frozen


Other Online Choices (with genuine S.T.A.R ticket agencies): 
Ticket agencies offer an alternative way to buy tickets, with booking fees differing from those charged by the theatre box office itself. They may have seats available or special offers when theatres do not.

Ticket agency prices vary in response to theatres implementing “dynamic pricing”  - which alters prices according to demand for a particular performance. Prices stated here were compiled as booking originally opened, current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

ALSO SEE for great value "hotel and theatre ticket" packages.
Other Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may also offer an alternative choice of seats.

Box office information

Telephone: 020 7087 7760
Operated by See Tickets on behalf of the venue.

Booking fees per ticket for telephone bookings:
No booking fees.

For personal callers or by post:
Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Catherine Street, London WC2B 5JF 
No booking fee for personal callers.


Special Access Needs Customers: 
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them on 020 7087 7966. is the official venue website.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

Theatre closed for refurbishment. When it re-opens, the layout will be different. The monkey will post new information as available.

A provisional seating plan layout is available by clicking "Seating Plan/s" on the list to the left.

General price band information

Full seating plans will appear here when the theatre re-opens in late 2020. Provisional plans, showing intended locations / pricing is below. Note that there is no extra legroom in front of seats that appear to have a space, with the exception of stalls row M side block.


By value for money:

Not yet available, as the auditorium is not yet completed. The monkey will update as available.

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane provisional seating plan

By price:

Provisional, the monkey will update as available.

From 8th September 2021 onwards
Wednesday and Thursday

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane provisional prices seating plan Wednesday and Thursday

Friday to Sunday

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane provisional prices seating plan Friday to Sunday

Previews from 27th August until 7th September 2021 only

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane provisional prices seating plan Friday to Sunday




The Dress Circle is called the "ROYAL CIRCLE" in this theatre.
The Upper Circle is called the "GRAND CIRCLE" in this theatre.

Some details WILL change. The monkey will update as available. 

Please note: The seating plans are not accurate representations of the auditorium. While we try to ensure they are as close to the actual theatre plan as possible we cannot guarantee they are a true representation. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion.

-0.1225602, 51.5128569

Nearest underground station

Covent Garden - Piccadilly Line (dark blue).

For mobility impaired audience members, the Society of London Theatre provide a "photo map" - illustrated walking route to this venue from a near landmark and also Waterloo Station (the nearest fully accessible station) on their website, via the theatre's listing page on that site.

On leaving the station, turn right and walk into the large pedestrian plaza that is Covent Garden. If you see a long road with cars in front of you, wrong way.

On entering the plaza space, turn to your left and walk along the collonaded area (cut across if it is not raining!). If you see Tesco Metro Supermarket or a bank, Wrong way.

Keep walking ahead as far as the collonaded area will allow (it forms the outer part of the market Square). Follow it to the right. At the end of the building is Russell Street. Walk along Russell Street, crossing one road, until you reach a street corner with the Fortune Theatre to the left and the Drury Lane theatre ahead of you on the opposite side of the road.  


6, 11, 13, 15, all stop on the Aldwych. Walk towards the Novello Theatre and walk up the street next to it, uphill, past the Duchess Theatre. Drury Lane Theatre is on the right side of this street, at the end corner. If you see the Aldwych or Lyceum Theatres, wrong way.


A rank for Black taxis is at Charing Cross Station - a long distance from the theatre. Best chance of hailing one in the street is to walk down Catherine Street to the Strand / Aldwych.

Car park

Parker Street, under the New London Theatre. Exit the Car Park and stand with your back to the main foyer of the theatre. Cross the road ahead of you and turn to your right. The street corner is there ahead of you. If not, wrong way. At the corner of the street, Turn left into Drury Lane and walk along it. If you pass the New London Theatre, wrong way.

Walk straight on, crossing Great Queen Street. Continue down Drury Lane. Please cross to the other side of the street and continue, crossing over Broad Court and Martlett Court until you come to a four way crossroads.

Turn to your right at these crossroads. Do not cross any street. Just walk ahead down Russell Street. Cross Crown Court and continue straight on, changing to the other side of the street. 

The end of this street has the Drury Lane Theatre as its corner. Turn to your left at this corner to the Drury Lane Theatre entrance. This is in Catherine Street. and walking downhill, the Duchess Theatre is halfway along on the other side of the road. If you come to Covent Garden pedestrian piazza, wrong way. 

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