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Ambassadors Theatre

West Street, London WC2H 9ND 0333 009 6690

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Buying tickets online

Theatre Box Office: 
Ambassador Theatre Group
This site allows you to select your own seats from all those available.

Booking fees per ticket for online bookings:
£3.80 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee.

About the show:



Other Online Choices (with S.T.A.R. genuine ticket agencies):
Ticket agencies offer an alternative way to buy tickets, with booking fees differing from those charged by the theatre box office itself. They may have seats available or special offers when theatres do not.

Ticket agency prices vary in response to theatres implementing “dynamic pricing”  - which alters prices according to demand for a particular performance. Prices stated here were compiled as booking originally opened, current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

ALSO SEE for great value "hotel and theatre ticket" packages.
Other Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may also offer an alternative choice of seats.

TheatreMonkey Ticketshop

When the theatre does not have the tickets you desire available, it is well worth trying the Theatremonkey Ticketshop agency, telephone 020 7420 9778 (0044 207 420 9778 if calling from outside the United Kingdom), charge £11.20 on £80, £9.80 on £69.50, £6.30 on £45, £5.60 on £39.50, £3.50 on £25, £2.10 on £15 seats booking fee per ticket - moderate by agency standards, though higher than box office fees, worth trying as they often have an alternative choice of seats available! Note that this system will confirm exact seat numbers prior to purchase. A £1.95 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee may apply on some transactions by telephone. NO handling fee applies for online purchases.

See Tickets

Another alternative is which charge £16 on £80, £13.90 on £69.50, £9 on £45, £7.90 on £39.50, £5 on £25, £3 on £15  seats booking fee per ticket, and £2.75 per booking (not per ticket) postal charge.


Alternatively, through Ticketmaster with a sliding scale of per ticket booking fees: £15.75 on £80, £13.75 on £69.50, £9 on £45, £7.75 on £39.50, £5 on £25, £3 on £15 seats.

Encore Tickets

Encore Tickets charge £16 on £80, £13.50 on £69.50, £14 on £45, £8.50 on £39.50 seats per ticket booking fee. Optional Ticket Insurance is also available.
Discounts and "Meal and Show" packages may also be available.

London Theatre Direct

Rose charge £16 on £80, £14 on £69.50, £9 on £45, £8 on £39.50, £5 on £25, £3 on £15 seats per ticket booking fee. Optional Ticket Insurance is also available. 

Discounts may also be available.

Box office information

Telephone: 0333 009 6690 
Operated by the Ambassador Theatre group's own phoneroom from 9am until 10pm (Sundays 10am until 8pm). Outside these hours the Ticketmaster agency answer calls on their behalf.

Booking fees per ticket for telephone bookings:
£3.80 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee.

For personal callers or by post:
West Street, London. WC2H 9ND
No booking fee for personal callers.

Open from 4pm (12 noon on days with afternoon performances) on performance days only.

Special Access Needs Customers: 
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them on a 0800 912 6971 / type talk 18001 0871 297 5477.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.


The following is based on "first impressions" in December 2022. The monkey welcomes reader comments.

  • Stalls
  • Dress Circle
  • Dress Circle Box



A single block of seats facing the stage, curving slightly to focus on it.

Row P is separated from the rest of the auditorium and feels more like private boxes either side of a sound desk area. Probably were going to be boxes in fact, given the doors are marked "Box A" and "Box B."

The Dress Circle overhangs the stalls at row G, the top of the stage is not visible from row P.

Seats start to slope quite sharply upwards from row F, with rows from K being the most noticeably elevated. 

Rows from H back are off-set to see between those ahead. Rows B to F seem to rely on the high stage to do that job.


Uncomfortable for those over around 5ft 8 (though you can put your feet into the space under the seats in front, which helps) in all seats except A to C.

It is unlimited in A if that is the front row. Rows B and C are also suitable for those up to 5ft 10 if they are not the front row.

Rows F, H and P seem to have a little less legroom than the others, perhaps for those up to around 5ft 6.

Seats C1 has about 50% clear ahead of it, while C14 has space for one slim leg to stretch perhaps.

Choosing seats in general

Row A has it for legroom, and the view is fine, but a little neck ache may be encountered looking up at the stage. A good discount make these a worthwhile choice in the monkey's opinion.

Seats in rows F to H offer the best views, H probably as good as it gets unless someone tall is in front.

B and C are also fine with the stage height likely to cancel out any other issues, D and E perhaps without the slope so not quite as good.

Beyond row G, maybe worth going 4 seats off the aisle in case the circle above reduces the view of the top of the stage for some production.

Otherwise, you are pretty safe all the way back to J at top prices, most likely.

K and L may feel a little far back unless discounted.

M and N are great value if cheaper, and the monkey would take N over M if there is a price drop and you feel tall enough to see over rows in front – otherwise there is the circle option with its steep steps.

Row P is probably best avoided. Squeezed into “box” like areas either side of the sound desk there seems no advantage to them unless discounted. In particular, if anyone tall is in the row in front, the view in row P is likely to be affected quite considerably.

General hazard notes

High stage.

Not much slope raising rows A to E, and little seat off-set there either.

Row P feels separated by the walls and row ahead, and seats are not off-set nor raised enough to see around a tall person in front.

Changes for the current production

Row A is cheapest in the theatre and excellent value despite the high stage. Be aware for this one there is a second plinth making it even higher.

An extra £24.50 gets a slightly better view in row B or the ends of C and D - or row N for those wishing to sit a lot further back. The monkey would probably go D, C then either N or B based totally on personal preference and ability to afford a chiropractor if shorter. It would probably take the "high numbers" side of B to D first as well due to the set.

Row D prices in the centre take account of it - so take D7 first, next to the more expensive seat.

Alternatively, a row forward on C at second price is a thought, but you can have a less neck-aching view from F to K on the ends, or central L. Take any back to row K. Forward if you don't mind the stage height, around G or H for the combination of distance and elevation perhaps. Or that central row L option.

Premium seats run central E to J, and if you must, then G and H are the best due to elevation and off-set between rows kicking in.

Third price row N is not a bad bet as it will be far more comfortable than same price circle seats for those tall enough to see over rows in front and if row B isn't for you.

Row P is priced one above lowest price and fair enough value feels the monkey, particularly if you cannot get the cheaper row A and don't wish to be in the more cramped rows at the back of the dress circle.


Readers comments

“M1: “Vardy V Rooney: The Wagatha Christie Trial (April 2023), (Broadway John). Seat is on the aisle. Tiny bit of the right side of the stage might be out of view but could see everything for this show. Decent legroom. Comfortable seat. The heads in front of me were a little in view but I could look around them if needed. Would definitely sit here again.”

Dress Circle


Nothing overhangs the Dress Circle in this theatre.

A single block of seats (plus two pairs of seats at the edges of the circle on row A with a single seat behind on row B). 

Rows A to E curve slightly to focus on the stage.

The main block has a short wall in front of row H and row J has a brass rail at foot level.

There is a rail at the end of the aisle on the front wall, which will not affect sightlines.


Once notorious, most seats still will not please anyone taller than 5ft 7. Attempts have been made to increase “dangle room” by raising the seats so legs can hang down a little. There is still no space to stretch forward in most seats, though.

Row A 3 to 20 is suitable for those under 5ft 6 or so. Row A 1 and 22 for those under 5ft and 2 and 21 for those under 5ft 5.

Rows B to E for up to 5ft 7 willing to tolerate not being able to stretch forward. Note that there is an inch or so more legroom in the central seats than the outermost two.

Row F is about the same as the rows in front, with F1 having 1% clear in front for a slim leg to maybe move into slightly.

Row B 1 and 22 have nothing in front.

Row G does not curve and so the centre does not gain legroom. 

Row H has an inch less legroom than the row in front, perhaps for those under 5ft 6.

Row J has an inch more legroom if able to slide toes under the brass rail.

Row K shares the limited legroom of row H.

Row L is suitable for those up to around 5ft 9 with some extra space.

Row M seat 1 has nothing in front, 2 is also almost clear, 3 will suit someone up to 5ft 10 or so, 4 to around 5ft 9. Only seat 5 is not suitable for those over 5ft 6.

Choosing seats in general

The view is fine from all seats, so if you don’t mind the legroom, at top price take rows A to D in that order, going centrally as possible and maybe not A 3 and 20 if squeamish about a rail nearby.

Row A seats 1, 2, 21 and 22 are pairs of seats apart at the edges of the circle. The view of the stage is sideways, but if offered at a good discount is worth considering over rear circle seats, provided again that legroom isn't a factor. Normally, skip them - there are better seats for the same price or less.

Behind, and just offset from them, B 1 and 22 have unlimited legroom and will appeal to tall singles wanting a view – even if there is an aisle rail, easily ignored.

Moving back, the newly raised seating makes rows feel slightly closer to the stage. Row F is possibly the limit at top prices, as the wall reminds those in G and H just how far from the front they are. 

Rear stalls L or M may well feel closer than J back, for those willing to look over heads.

The monkey would look for where prices drop. Row J is a thought for those who don’t mind the foot rail, but it would go for L and M at the back if they are cheaper still as you get roughly the same view and more legroom.

Take M1 and 2 for legroom, and M1 has a clear view straight down the aisle. If wanting a central seat, L is fine for most, and even M3 may feel reasonably in the action.

General hazard notes

A very low wall runs in front of row H.

Changes for the current production

Premium seats run central A to C. Stalls ones edge them by a mile on legroom, but the view is excellent.

Side seats in rows A and B are sometimes available for advance booking, with B 1 and 22 well worth it for the single wanting legroom at a bargain one above lowest price. For the shorter, the pair in front are worth a glance - A 1 and 21 having the better of the miniscule legroom.

Moving back, if legroom isn't an issue, take C 5, 6, 13 and 14 for central top non-premium price views, or D 5 to 14. Then save a bit by taking central F at second price - same view as E, cheaper. The other second price options are the ends of rows D and E, which the monkey would take before central F for comfort and being a row forward.

Skip G and H for price and comfort – you can do better in the front stalls.

If seeking cheap, take M 1 to 3 or row L for price and comfort up here, remembering that stalls row A is even cheaper and worth taking first unless unwilling / unable to look up a long way.

Readers comments

"Row E: "One Woman Show" (December 2022). The legroom was dire and I am not that tall. Fortunately the usher allowed the two people sat next to me to move down the next row which was next to empty sadly so I was able to spread out a bit."

Dress Circle Box


Box C hangs on the side wall of the circle above rows A to E. It offered a side view of the stage but was far enough back to see the whole of it.


Movable chairs offering legroom.

Choosing seats in general

A restricted side view but offering legroom. About average if sold.

General hazard notes

Side view of stage.

Changes for the current production

Not on sale.

Notes best seat advice

Total 405 seats

Air-conditioned auditorium.

Sennheiser Infrared available with loop, or headsets are available. Occasional audio described and signed performances. Guide dogs allowed in theatre or dog sitting available.

Two wheelchair positions located on Rows E and G of the Stalls, reached using a platform lift from the Stalls side entrance to the back of the stalls bar area in the auditorium - users should notify ushers on arrival for assistance. The lift is suitable for wheel chairs of maximum weight 400kg and dimensions 85cm wide by 120cm in length. For wheelchairs exceeding this, please contact the venue to discuss alternative options. 

Wheelchair users who wish to transfer into a theatre seat are welcome to do so, using the lift. The wheelchair can be stored in a nearby location and brought to the user when required.

The lift offers stair free access is in the Stalls. There is also limited stairs access in the Circle Row F, with  a total of 5 steps to these seats, or they are stair-free if you enter the theatre and auditorium via the lift.

Staff can bring refreshments and other items to seats on request, and these can also be ordered using the ATG Ordertorium app.

A unisex accessible toilet is located in the stalls bar area, adjacent to the auditorium entrance. More information from the theatre on 0800 912 6971 / type talk 18001 0871 297 5477.

No food except Ice-cream and confectionery.

Two bars; 1 Stalls, 1 Dress Circle.

4 Toilets. Stalls 1 gents 1 ladies, 1 unisex accessible. Dress Circle 1 gents 1 ladies.

General price band information

Theatres use "dynamic pricing." Seat prices change according to demand for a particular performance. Prices below were compiled as booking originally opened. Current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

Based on paying FULL PRICE (no discount!) for tickets, site writers and contributing guests have ALSO created the colour-coded plans for "value for money," considering factors like views, comfort and value-for-money compared with other same-priced seats available.

For a full discussion, opinions, reviews, notes, tips, hints and advice on all the seats in this theatre, click on "BEST SEAT ADVICE" (on the left of your screen).

On the plans below:
Seats in GREEN many feel may offer either noticeable value, or something to compensate for a problem; for example, being a well-priced restricted view ticket. Any seats coloured LIGHT GREEN are sold at "premium" prices because the show producer thinks they are the best. The monkey says "you are only getting what you pay for" but uses this colour to highlight the ones it feels best at the price, and help everybody else find equally good seats nearby at lower prices.

Seats in WHITE, many feel, provided about what they pay for. Generally unremarkable.

Seats in RED are coloured to draw attention. Not necessarily to be avoided - maybe nothing specific is wrong with them, other than opinions that there are better seats at the same price. Other times there may be something to consider before buying – perhaps overpricing, obstructed views, less comfort etc.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

By value for money:


Ambassadors Theatre value seating plan


By price:


Ambassadors Theatre prices seating plan

Please note: The seating plans are not accurate representations of the auditorium. While we try to ensure they are as close to the actual theatre plan as possible we cannot guarantee they are a true representation. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion.

-0.1301077, 51.512975

Nearest underground station

Leicester Square - Northern (black) and Piccadilly (dark blue) lines.


None stop outside the theatre. Number 14, 19, 24, 29, 38 and 176 stop on Charing Cross Road or Shaftesbury Avenue. As a starting point, stand in front of the Palace Theatre. Turn your back to it. Cross the road ahead of you to put yourself in front of the large Pizza Hut restaurant. Turn to your left and take the quiet side street next to the restaurant. This is West Street. Walk along it, the theatre is on your left. If you pass many bookshops on a busy road, wrong way.


A rank for Black taxis is at Charing Cross Station - some distance from the theatre, if you cannot hail one in the street. To hail one on the street, walking to the end of Litchfield Street and hailing one on Charing Cross Road is probably the best chance of catching a passing one.

Car park

Newport Place, China Town. On leaving, use Gerard Street to get you onto Shaftesbury Avenue. On Shaftesbury Avenue look to your right. The brown brick building to your right is the Palace Theatre. Don't bother crossing the road, but turn to your right on Shaftesbury Avenue and walk in the direction of it. When you come to the main road intersection in front of Shaftesbury Avenue, cross Charing Cross Road at the traffic lights. Go straight on, entering the other half of Shaftesbury Avenue for a few moments. Look to your right for West Street. Walk down it and the theatre is clearly visible on your left. Cross the road to it.

The "Theatreland Parking Scheme" may be available. See for details and to book. At this car park, parking under the "Theatreland Parking Scheme" allows a 50% discount in cost for entry after 12 noon and for a maximum of 4 hours (after that parking is at the normal rate).

If you choose the "Theatreland Parking Scheme", you must book in advance at and have a theatre ticket stub dated for a theatre performance on the day you are parking there.

For a full list of car parks and theatres that participate in the 50% off theatreland scheme see

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