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Sondheim Theatre

51 Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho, London W1D 6BA 0844 482 5160

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Buying tickets online the theatre group's own website provide the service for this theatre.

Booking fees per ticket:
No per ticket fee is charged.

About the show:

Les Misérables


Other Online Choices (with genuine S.T.A.R ticket agencies): 
Ticket agencies offer an alternative way to buy tickets, with booking fees differing from those charged by the theatre box office itself. They may have seats available or special offers when theatres do not.

Ticket agency prices vary in response to theatres implementing “dynamic pricing”  - which alters prices according to demand for a particular performance. Prices stated here were compiled as booking originally opened, current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

ALSO SEE for great value "hotel and theatre ticket" packages.
Other Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may also offer an alternative choice of seats.

TheatreMonkey Ticketshop

When the theatre does not have the tickets you desire available, it is well worth trying the Theatremonkey Ticketshop agency, telephone 020 7420 9778 (0044 207 420 9778 if calling from outside the United Kingdom) which offers seats with these booking fee per ticket: £33.30 on £175, £23.80 on £125, £20.50 on £107.50, £17.10 on £90 and £89.50, £16.20 on £85, £15.20 on £80, £11.80 on £62.50, £11 on £57.50, £13.50 on £55, £9.10 on £47.50, £8.10 on £42.50, £6.20 on £32.50, £5.70 on £30 seats) - moderate by agency standards, though higher than box office fees, worth trying as they often have an alternative choice of seats available! Note that this system will confirm exact seat numbers prior to purchase. A £1.95 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee may apply on some transactions by telephone. NO handling fee applies for online purchases.

See Tickets offers another alternative with  these booking fee per ticket: £35 on £175, £25 on £125, £21.50 on £107.50, £18 on £90, £17.90 on £89.50, £17 on £85, £16 on £80, £12.50 on £62.50, £11.50 on £57.50, £14 on £55, £9.50 on £47.50, £8.50 on £42.50, £6.50 on £32.50, £6 on £30 seats, plus £2.75 per booking, not per ticket, handling fee.



Ticketmaster offers another alternative with these booking fee per ticket: £34.25 on £175, £24.50 on £125, £21 on £107.50, £17.75 on £90, £17.50 on £89.50, £16.75 on £85, £15.75 on £80, £12.25 on £62.50, £11.25 on £57.50, £13.75 on £55, £9.50 on £47.50, £8.50 on £42.50, £6.50 on £32.50, £6 on £30 seats


Encore Tickets

Encore Tickets (telephone 0207 400 1253 / 0044 207 400 1253 if calling from outside the United Kingdom) offer seats with fees of £34 on £175, £24 on £125, £20.50 on £107.50, £18 on £90, £17 on £85, £8 on £55, £9 on £30 seats). A postage charge of £1.45 per booking, not per ticket may be applied to bookings made from UK addresses more than 5 days before the performance.

Discounts and "Meal and Show" packages may also be available.

Quality and Value hotel / theatre ticket packages are also available



London Theatre Direct offer seats with these booking fee per ticket: £35 on £175, £25 on £125, £21.50 on £107.50, £18 on £90, £18 on £89.50, £17 on £85, £16 on £80, £12.50 on £62.50, £11.50 on £57.50, £14 on £55, £9.50 on £47.50, £8.50 on £42.50, £6.50 on £32.50, £6 on £30 seats.

There is a £1 per booking, not per ticket, transaction fee for collecting tickets from the box office before your performance. Alternatively, if time allows, there is a postage to your home option, costing £2.95 (£4.95 to non-UK addresses) per booking, not per ticket. Optional Ticket Insurance is also available.

Discounts and Meal and Show Packages may also be available.


Box office information

Telephone: 0844 482 5160
(020 7812 7498 if you cannot use the 0844 number)
Operated by Delfont-Mackintosh Theatres. At busy times / outside working hours - 9am to 8pm, See Tickets may answer on behalf of the venue.

Booking fees per ticket for telephone bookings:
No per ticket booking fee is charged.

For personal callers or by post:
Shaftesbury Avenue, London. W1V 8BA
No booking fee for personal callers. Postal bookings attract the same £1.50 per ticket fee as telephone / online sales.

Special Access Needs Customers: 
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them on 0344 482 5137. is the official theatre website. is the official show website.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.


Since December 2019, the theatre has been refurbished. Very little has changed, with two boxes added in the dress circle, and two rows to the back of the upper circle, with the centre upper circle aisle also filled with seats.

The monkey has thus been able to update advice and remove only information which is no longer relevant.


  • Stalls
  • Dress Circle
  • Dress Circle Boxes
  • Upper Circle



The Dress Circle overhangs the stalls at row G. The top of the stage is not visible past row M.

Dress Circle slips also overhang the ends of rows from around G back.

Seats are arranged in a single block.

The rake (sloped floor to help see over rows in front) is good and most noticeable from row H back.

The audience enter through the back of the stalls, behind row W.


Adequate for all but the very tallest in all seats. A reduced orchestra pit gives row A legroom for those up to 6ft or so in all but the outermost 4 seats.


Choosing seats in general

The stage is low and those in row A can see comfortably to the back of it.

Row A seats 15 and 16 are slightly cheaper as the conductor can sometimes be seen. Purists might want to avoid the seats behind these to be on the safe side, though it does not bother the monkey and it does not feel you would have a problem! The monkey saw the show from A16 and rated it perfect.

Only the extreme ends of the row may find looking sideways a little bit of a strain if in a lazy frame of mind. The same goes for the first and last three seats in rows B to J. 

That aside, the overhang of the circle above may be registered by those in the single outermost seats from row H back. Not critical enough to ruin anyone's enjoyment, though. 

Otherwise, at top price most central seats in rows back to N are pretty satisfactory. Rows D to G are prime.

Rows P and Q the monkey judges only just fair at top price as they are also further from the stage than many may like. If you are seated here, try for the centre of the rows - seats 11 to 16. The circle curves inwards and the overhang is minimised. Row R it just feels is pushing it too far for the cash.

On the plus side, whilst quite far back, when the entire stage (both horizontally and vertically) is used, it means you can take in the full effect of the scenery even if the actors seen a little way off. So, something to think about before buying - hence the "red" colour on the seating plan...if you are paying a lot for your ticket, the monkey feels you should think about things first before opting for these hopes it can help you make an informed choice!

Seats this far back are NOT for purists or a romantic evening, though - more for fans happy with hearing and seeing most of the show for the umpteenth time...

Rows S to W are a little cheaper, if you can accept the limitations, second time visitors might appreciate the change.

Rows V and W have about a fifth of the top of the stage not visible. The ends of the rows suffer particularly. The monkey isn't keen, and a sound desk installed here makes picking seats tricky. Still, so long as you avoid W15 in particular (desk takes a good fifth off your view), and V16 and 19 just for noise (there's a tiny gap between them and the desk) you are doing pretty well. Row W is slightly higher too, which helps.

Sit in the rear stalls if the Upper Circle legroom does not appeal, though the Upper Circle is likely to edge it on view alone. The restriction of losing the stage top is allowed for in pricing.

General hazard notes

Row A 15 and 16 may have the conductor in view. This is also noticeable from seats behind in rows back to E.

Circle overhang both at the back and sides of the auditorium.

Sound desk at the back of the auditorium.

Changes for the current production

Premium seats at two or three grades from "Super Premium" to "Premium" to "Sub Premium" occupy much of rows E to L (D to M Fridays and Saturdays). If you are paying premium prices to be fewer than 6 seats in from the centre aisle, the monkey feels they may not be really worth it. Grab row L when it is non-premium top price in those quiet midweek dates it feels, or go for rows in front (to be close) or behind (to see the floor properly).
Rows from S back are discounted in proportion to the amount of barricade action missed.

Readers comments

More will be added here as readers report on the new layout.

"A13: "Les Misérables The Staged Concert" (May 2021). Front row and I picked it up the night before at second price (would have been rude not to buy it, right?!). A fantastic view - really close naturally - indeed I was so close I could see Jon Robyn’s tears during Valjean’s Confession. I really think his voice is as impressive and as powerful as Alfie Boe’s during the big vocal moments in Bring Him Home. Leg room was good despite the orchestra pit wall - it felt more spacious then when I sat here last time prior to the refurbishment. Was disappointed to see Bradley wasn’t on as Javert, but with Earl Carpenter as standby I wasn’t disappointed for long!"

"H18: "Les Misérables The Staged Concert" (May 2021). A good distance from the stage, nicely raised up over row in front, loads of legroom so I was really comfy. Only irritation was the mother and daughter in front who kept leaning towards one another to stage whisper - by act 2 they’d manage to coordinate this with the deaths of various characters so was somewhat annoying!!"

"P10 and 11: Last April a friend of mine had received an offer of decent stalls seats for the opening night at just £53.50 each. They were very good!  The rake of the theatre at row P was very noticeable and I had a completely clear view of the whole of the stage without people in front obstructing my eyeline. Perhaps I was also fortunate in that the two ladies sitting in front of me weren't especially tall. Also the seats are arranged so you are not sitting directly behind the seat in front of you - they are staggered meaning you can see between the folks in front.  Despite being in row P you don't really miss the top of the sets due to the Dress Circle being in front of you.  The seats were comfortable and the legroom was very good.  Overall we were very impressed with our seats but I would have preferred to be just a few rows further forward but there was no way I would pay premium prices for these seats.  I can't believe it but the theatre has no less than three levels of premium priced seats in the stalls!
So to conclude, a great night out!  Scores on the doors?
The show:  five
Our seats:  four (probably not quite green seats at the usual price of £87.50 but not far off).

Dress Circle


The Upper Circle overhangs the Dress Circle at row C. The top of the stage is not visible from row H back.

Seats are in a single central block, with a row of slip seats (with “loges” - small balconies behind) either side of the circle front, between the circle boxes and the stage.

The audience enter through the front of the circle near row C, with an exit at the back of the circle as well.


Based on the previous layout, it is reasonable for all but the tallest in most seats.

Rows A and L have less legroom. Choose end outer aisle seats in rows B to K for space to stretch one leg.

Slip seat legroom is cramped. 2 and 28 are angled towards the stage and both they and 3 and 27 have a little more. Not for those over 5ft 9 or so, though.

Loge seats are movable chairs, 4 on each side. Just shift the chairs to face the front, and they are very comfortable, notes the monkey

Choosing seats in general

Centre Block:
The curve of the Dress Circle makes the front corners of the stage invisible from the outermost seats. At second price, though, the monkey liked row B4 and 23 for reasonably compensating for the view against price. One for a fan who wants to see the show again and isn't worried about the small parts of the missing view. A 9, 10, 26 and 27 are comparable too, but with less legroom.

Best value seats at top price are rows B back to J from 7 to 20, 22, 23 or 24 depending on row length. Oddly, though the view of the lighting is great here, the monkey likes the mid stalls slightly better...for no good reason at all!

Rows K and L at the back of the circle are worth considering only if stalls at the same price are not available.

Row L rests on the back gangway of the circle so you will feel and hear those escaping early, but you get a head start to the exit. Last pick, as it has least legroom too.

Slip Seats / Loge Seats:
Movable chairs in the loges make the seat nearest the stage (1 in Loge C, 6 in Loge A) best to avoid anyone leaning into your sightlines, though 4 - half way along - has the better view. Slips similarly have the best view from 1, 6, 24 and 29 as least likely to have leaning in view. 6 and 24 in particular almost face the stage.

General hazard notes

Circle curve reduces views from outermost seats.

Centre row A seat 18 has a projector strapped to the circle wall in front of it. This doesn't affect sightlines.

Row L can be noisy as people exit behind it.

Row A slip seats have lesser views and legroom.

Changes for the current production

Seats in the centre of the front rows A to D (E Friday and Saturday) are sold at premium prices. The view is excellent from 16 to 19 here especially, whether you wish to spend the extra is totally your choice, feels the monkey...
Seats right next to the "premium" ones at "sub-premium" and "sub, sub premium" prices, slightly more than non-premium, but less than "premium" ones are not really worth it, feels the monkey.

Readers comments

"A16 and 17: "Les Misérables: The Staged Concert" (May 2021). Seats were fantastic, dead centre and it’s just the right elevation and distance from the stage. Only issue was the previously discussed lack of much leg room due to it being the front row, but the view more than compensates, and Mum was very comfortable, so it’s fine if you’re a bit shorter!"

"A20: "Les Misérables: The Staged Concert" (May 2021). I picked up A20 in the Dress Circle earlier in the week - paid £97.50 which whilst not cheap, seemed good given I’ve seen it at up to £167.50 (the top ‘gold ticket’ price) for later in the staged concert’s run.

Great view - much closer than I was expecting and obviously no heads in the way. Comfy seat although the leg room wasn’t amazing for a 6 footer, but I coped, and at least with adjacent seats being empty meant I had some room to re-position myself when I felt uncomfortable. The sound was great, and the elevated view gives a great vantage point for the whole set and lighting. Would definitely rate as green, although perhaps a only a pale green if it’s priced at premium levels! Great view but the lack of space does take the edge off a little so probably not worth the premium price tag when it’s in place. Fine at standard prices though if dynamic pricing brings it down."

Loge seat A5: "Les Misérables The Staged Concert" (May 2021). A good choice for a last minute buy and a different perspective on the show but not sure I’d rush to sit here again. Benefited from social distancing as there were only 3 of us in 6 seats, with the others in A1 and 2. Therefore I had plenty of room to move the seats around but there was a lot of leaning involved to see my side of the stage. Lost around 25% sat up, and about 10% if I leaned fully. Think this would be worse with all seats sold as in A6 you’d be next to the wall. I could still see and of course hear clearly but it wasn’t amazing."

"F24: "Sondheim's Old Friends" (May 2022). Fantastic view. Comfortable seat. Adequate legroom. Would sit here again." (The stage was raised almost half a metre for this production, helping sightlines, editor).

"G 7, 8, 9: "Les Misérables" (January 2020). Great seats, loads of legroom, fairly central and able to see the entire stage as not affected by any overhang. Rake was also good enough not to be impacted by those in front."




Dress Circle Boxes


At the rear of the circle. Named "Maggie's Box" - seating 4, and "Judi's Box" - seating 3. No further information at present, though frankly the monkey thinks they haven't really thought the names of the boxes through properly...


As these are new for December 2019, the monkey has no further information at present.

Choosing seats in general

As these are new, the monkey has no further information at present.

General hazard notes

As these are new, the monkey has no further information at present.

Changes for the current production

As these are new, the monkey has no further information at present.

Readers comments

"Judi's Box: "Les Misérables" (January 2020). These have to be the worst seats in the theatre. We attended the Sunday matinee on 10th Oct 21, and had purchased all 3 seats in the box. There was a warning that the "view may be obscured by circle overhang and patrons in front." It should be amended to be "the view may be obscured by circle overhang, but will almost certainly be obliterated by patrons in front."

The only chance you would have of seeing the majority of the stage would be if you had 5 year old children sitting in front of you in rows L and K. Even with the luxury of having chairs that could be moved, by positioning oneself between the heads of two people in row L, what little view one had, was then even more diminished by patrons in row K, particularly as they then fidgeted and adjusted to gain their own view as the action on stage progressed. One was then distracted still further by the front of house staff bopping down, but continually scurrying back and forwards along the aisle in front of us.

I would suggest that rather than selling seats in Judi's box, the theatre should just leave them unsold and utilise them for late comers."

Upper Circle


A single block, with two slips in the side front corners.


As this layout is new for December 2019, the monkey has no further information at present.

It expects it will be similar to before, with least room in AA, A and L, and slightly more in the outermost seats in B to J.

Choosing seats in general

As the layout is new for December 2019, the monkey has little information, but would note front rows (except on "peak dates") are cheaper than D back. It would probably go for central C, then B to save a few bananas.

General hazard notes

As this layout is new for December 2019, the monkey has no further information at present.

Changes for the current production

As this layout is new in December 2019, the monkey has little to note except that on "peak dates" central rows A to C go up a price, and it would probably skip them under those circumstances.

Corners - the outermost pairs in rows A to C are lowest price. There's a reason, you won't see that much. Take the inner seat row C and then the one ahead of it if possible.

Readers comments

"D 11, 12, 13: "Les Misérables In Concert" (June 2021). Fairly central and fortunately we were not too bothered by people leaning forward - although I can see how this would be a problem depending on your fellow audience members and when at full capacity.  You're pretty high up (maybe not the best if heights are an issue for you) but we had a  more or less unobstructed view, you can't see the top of the back of the stage but for this show it wasn't much of an issue.  
The main problem is legroom - woeful. We were grateful for the social distancing meaning we could stretch out to the side a little bit and we're only 5 foot 3 ish.  A man in the front row opted to sit right at the side (A1) before the show even started rather than suffer through it. We were very grateful for the air cooling system and also the ladies toilets were immaculate!"

"J3: "Les Misérables In Concert" (June 2021). Which is sold as very restricted view and friend in K4. The view was actually really good for the price, seats comfy and good legroom.  Aircon was almost too cool!"

"L20 and 21: If you’re an upper circle patron you can’t beat rows L & M for me. Yes it’s far away and high up but you get a central, largely unobstructed view and avoid those leaning forward. The sound is great, you can see the whole spectacle and the legroom is acceptable. It’s very cool up here too which makes a change from the usual stifling atmosphere in theatres. Any seat in this row or behind would be fine."

"M 15, 16 and 17: Central back row so you avoid the curse of the curve which can cut off so much stage if you’re at the sides. Clear view of the whole stage except some very front bits which are used very occasionally and not for anything important. You also tend to be far back enough to avoid the people leaning forward and the rake is sufficient that you aren’t too impacted by people in front. It was a toss up between here and side rear dress circle and I chose here to avoid the massive overhang. Glad I did as I hate the claustrophobic feeling of the letter box view. Would book here again in a heartbeat!"




Notes best seat advice

Total 1065 seats.

Air-conditioned auditorium.

Infrared headsets available, Upper Circle gets least good reception. Guide dogs allowed in boxes otherwise dog sitters available. One transfer seat in Dress Circle row D accessed by fire door over a 5-cm step. Seats in the loges are removable for wheelchair users. Low box office desk for chair users. Adapted toilet in foyer corridor. Specific information can be obtained from the theatre group dedicated phoneline on 0844 482 5137. The "registered disabled" concessionary price policy here is generally (though can be subject to change) for a quota of accessible best seats to be made available at the lowest regular price charged. This quota is increased for designated performances such as signed / audio interpreted. Check with the box office at time of booking.

No food except Ice cream and confectionery. Bar snacks also available.

Three bars; Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle.


General price band information

Theatres use "dynamic pricing." Seat prices change according to demand for a particular performance. Prices below were compiled as booking originally opened. Current prices are advised at time of enquiry.

Based on paying FULL PRICE (no discount!) for tickets, site writers and contributing guests have ALSO created the colour-coded plans for "value for money," considering factors like views, comfort and value-for-money compared with other same-priced seats available.

For a full discussion, opinions, reviews, notes, tips, hints and advice on all the seats in this theatre, click on "BEST SEAT ADVICE" (on the left of your screen).

On the plans below:
Seats in GREEN many feel may offer either noticeable value, or something to compensate for a problem; for example, being a well-priced restricted view ticket. Any seats coloured LIGHT GREEN are sold at "premium" prices because the show producer thinks they are the best. The monkey says "you are only getting what you pay for" but uses this colour to highlight the ones it feels best at the price, and help everybody else find equally good seats nearby at lower prices.

Seats in WHITE, many feel, provided about what they pay for. Generally unremarkable.

Seats in RED are coloured to draw attention. Not necessarily to be avoided - maybe nothing specific is wrong with them, other than opinions that there are better seats at the same price. Other times there may be something to consider before buying – perhaps overpricing, obstructed views, less comfort etc.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

By value for money:

Not yet fully assessed, but the below is for guidance until the venue has had a full reassessment by the monkey...

Mondays and Thursdays, except "peak" dates

Sondheim Theatre Monday and Thursday Evenings off peak

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except "peak" dates

Sondheim Tuesday and Wednesday Evening value


Wednesday Afternoons, except "peak" dates

Sondheim Wednesday Afternoon value

Friday Evenings except "Peak Dates" and Peak Monday to Thursday

Sondheim Theatre Friday Evenings, Monday and Thursday Evenings peak

Saturday Afternoons and Evenings, plus Friday "peak dates"

Sondheim Theatre Saturday and Friday peak advice


By price:

Mondays and Thursdays, except "peak" dates 

Sondheim Theatre Monday and Thursday Evenings off peak

Tuesdays and Wednesdays, except "peak" dates

Sondheim Tuesday and Wednesday Evening prices

Wednesday Afternoons, except "peak" dates

Sondheim Wednesday Afternoon prices

Friday Evenings except "Peak Dates" and Peak Monday to Thursday

Sondheim Friday Evenings and Peak Monday to Thursday prices

Saturday Afternoons and Evenings, plus Friday "peak dates"

Sondheim Theatre Saturday and Friday peak prices



Please note: The seating plans are not accurate representations of the auditorium. While we try to ensure they are as close to the actual theatre plan as possible we cannot guarantee they are a true representation. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion.

-0.1348186, 51.5118453

Nearest underground station

Piccadilly Circus - Piccadilly (Dark Blue) and Bakerloo (Brown) lines.

The escalator from the platforms ends in a large circular underground area. 

After leaving the barriers, turn to your left, and follow the curve of the barriers around until you see an exit to your right with the sign "Subway 4" over it. Walk under this sign.

Walk through this tunnel and take the first staircase to your right, marked "Shaftesbury Avenue", take the stairs up to the street.

At the top of the stairs, take a very sharp "U Turn" through 180 degrees to your left. Look forwards and upwards for the huge advertising screen. Walk forwards towards it.

The busy road to your left is Shaftesbury Avenue. If you see the Prince of Wales Theatre, and Trocadero centre, wrong way.

For the Sondheim Theatre cross the road and turn to your right, walk by or under the covered area (take your pick in the rain!) where the cash ATM's and street artists are. Walk straight on, crossing Denman Street, Great Windmill Street, Archer Street and Wardour Street and past the Lyric, Apollo and Gielgud Theatres. The Sondheim is the last one beyond these.


14, 19, 22B, 38, 53, 88, 94, 159 To Shaftesbury Avenue.


A rank for Black taxis is at Charing Cross Station - a long distance from the theatre. Best chance of hailing one is in the street outside.

Car park

Newport Place, China Town.

The "Theatreland Parking Scheme" may be available here. See for details. At this car park, parking under the "Theatreland Parking Scheme" allows a 50% discount in cost. Spaces CANNOT be reserved at these prices, so choose whether you would prefer to book and pay more, or use this scheme.

If you choose the "Theatreland Parking Scheme", you must get your car park ticket validated at the theatre's box office counter (the theatre attendant will insert the car parking ticket into a small machine which updates the information held on the magnetic strip on the reverse, thus enabling the discount). When you pay using the machines at the car park, 50% will be deducted from the full tariff. You may park for up to 24 hours using this scheme and it is endorsed by the Society of London Theatre.

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