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To comply with the 2012 UK E-Privacy Directive and 2018 G eneral Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Protection rules, gives the following information:
Cookies: These are small data files place on your computer to help it navigate some websites. They can be switched off if you choose, but the site may not work properly (allow you to buy tickets etc) with them turned off - via the "Manage Cookies" option in your browser. See and for more information on how cookies work and how you can arrange things to suit your own preference.

The website and website blog DO NOT use "cookies" on its website / blog at any time when you stay on its own pages. The only data collected directly from visits never identifies individual visitors and simply records numbers of visits to a page in the site's statistical visitor numbers log.

The Mailing List only collects email addresses and your personally selected password and contact preferences. Again, Cookies are not used in the completion of this form, which is held on a computer outside the EU but complies in any case with all demands of the directive. In common with the California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance: NEVER passes these details to any third party without your permission, and you are free to edit your entry at any time by contacting us.

Affiliate Marketing: Also called "E Commerce" and information about how this all works for visitors can be found at This is the reason why many sites links to WILL use cookies, including the one supplying the theatre news feed on the front page of the website. The cookies enable them to track visitors from for commercial purposes - their own and for reporting sales back to for example, where has a business relationship with them that depends on transactions / visits being recorded by them for our mutual benefit. On their sites, it also allows them to ensure your visit is smooth as you progress through their pages. For example, it lets you easily follow through the process from selecting a ticket to reaching the payment and confirmation pages. Your agreement to this will be requested or implied at these site owner's discretion should you choose to visit them, and their sites will tell you more about their own policies too. All sites which do this are carefully chosen and monitored constantly by

Other links: Do be aware that links to many other types of website, and that they too may choose to use cookies for marketing or other administrative reasons. Again, their sites should explain their behaviour at the time and your agreement to this will be requested or implied at these site owner's discretion should you choose to visit them.

In the unlikely event of a third party website placing any other type of cookie on your computer, explains how to opt-out for advertising cookies if required.

California Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance: NEVER passes your details to any third party without your permission, and you are free to contact us at any time to edit any details we hold about yourself.

Your consent to post material must be given in your submission to us. Only such data given freely and with request will be posted or used by us.

Your data is not held, except for messages posted on public pages, and you always have the right to any form of change or removal. There is no fee for any request for data, and it will be provided within the statutory 40 days.

We recognise that under GDPR you have the right:
to be informed;
 the right of access;
 the right to rectification;
 the right to erasure;
 the right to restrict processing;
 the right to data portability;
 the right to object; and
 the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling.

When we collect personal data we are Your data is used to provide information to other readers, as a lawful information service and / or provide feedback or mailing list contacts as requested by the site user. Data is retained for the life of the website and mailing list. Under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) you retain the right to complain to the ICO if you think there is a problem with the way we are handling your data.

Postings from minors are verified before use and will be rejected / removed if found to be from a child under 13 without permission from the adult responsible for that child.

Data is protected by multiple layers of security and is held at remote locations with added security provided by third parties.

As an Amazon Associate and Todaytix affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Any further questions, including "cookie audit" details of commercial Affiliate Marketing sites we partner with that use them? Please do contact us at any time, we are happy to help.

All details above are for information only and is not responsible for any advice given on any third-party website mentioned.