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P Nicholls

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P Nicholls

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Dress Circle M17 and 18

Thoughts on show

Back to the Future live on stage....just heaven. Can't remember a single song but will never forget the astounding, jaw dropping effects. This is the most fun I've ever had in the theatre. Hope it runs fir years so I can save up to see it again !

Thoughts on venue

Good points: Lovely theatre, friendly staff, spotless loos. Bad point : FIVE pounds for a few grams of ice cream with a dodgy spoon. Who thought that was a good idea? !!!

Thoughts on seat

I sat in M18, daughter in M17. Dress Circle. Perfectly central and clear view of stage. Would certainly sit here again. M18 has a little table instead of left armrest. Row in front of us was mysteriously empty despite rest of theatre being packed which helped improve the view.