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for current West End productions.

DAY SEATS are normally available ONLY to personal callers at the box office on the day of performance, from the time the box office opens at 10am.
They are normally limited to 1 or 2 per person.
The monkey always advises taking both cards and cash in case one is preferred over the other. Check with the box office before travelling if this policy is still in operation.
Also remember that quite often, box offices will try to assist others in line once "day seats" are sold out, and if there is no official policy anyway, box office staff will also do plenty to sell you a ticket.
Unsold "day seats" sometimes turn up online at the venue's official website, or can be bought by telephone from the official box office too.
For other advice on how to get sold out tickets, click here.

The list is based on information known AND MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE TO ALL PERFORMANCES.
Also included are productions due to begin performances soon, but which may not yet have opened.

For the National Theatre and other venues that present productions in repertoire, please see their individual listings pages / websites.
ALL details are given in good faith, but cannot accept responsibility for any changes or error, nor subsequent losses incurred.

JUST TWEET "#dayseat"

A reader of this page, in line for "day seats" in March 2014


Theatre Name / Show Title Usual
Likely Number of seats Price Notes / Reader Experiences
Add your experience - CONTACT US.
The Bodyguard
Stalls row A 22 £25 A reader advises: arrive around 1 hour 30 before box office opens, week days, 2 hours weekends and peak holiday times.
Reader report: "December 2013: I got a day seat after 3pm for a Thursday evening performance in December and there were still some empty seats in the front row."
Reader report: "11th January 2014: Nobody joined me in the queue until 9.15am."
Reader report: Friday 14th March 2014. Arrived at 8:30am and was second in line. No-one joined us until 9:30am and by 10am there were only a total of 8 of us in the queue so everyone would've got seats.
I'd also recommend giving the centre seats 17 to 19 a miss as they miss something at the finale.
Reader report: 15th March 2014. got there at 9am and was 11th in the queue. Secured front room tickets, brilliant show.
Reader report: 1st April 2014. arrived at 9.30am, no one joined me until 9.55am. By 10am 5 people in line.
Reader report: 5th April 2014. 4th in line. Been here since before 9.30am.
Reader report: Saturday in April 2014. Was there just before 9.30am and was fourth in line. It was a Saturday but it seemed that everyone there was there for the evening performance so if you're looking to buy a matinee ticket 9.30am should be okay. When box office opened, there were about 10-12 people in the queue.
Wolf Hall / Bring Up The Bodies
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £10 A VERY limited number of tickets will be sold from 10am onwards, maximum 2 per person.
Stalls row B 11 £26 No reported problems!
Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue
Let The Right One In
Best available 10 £15 Maximum 2 tickets per customer.
Reader report: 29th March 2014. 9am and second in line.
Reader report: Tuesday 15th April 2014. I turned up at 9:30am. There was just one other person in line and no-one else arrived. I was buying two, so only three tickets were gone by 10am. The seats were front row (A). If you're this close, I would advise picking seats centre or to the left of centre given the action on stage. The seats are practically on the stage but there are no obstructions in the production.
Apollo Victoria
Stalls row A 24 £29.50 The most notorious day seat line in London. Battle the obsessive fans and you could get lucky. Read more here. A reader feels that 8am is the latest you can arrive on most days.
Reader report: (24th April 2013) matinee. Got there at 1pm. I got seat A20 so I'm not sure if it was just a quiet day or because it was a matinee but I don't feel the queue is anywhere near as crazy as it used to be. In the end not even the whole of the front row was filled.
Reader report: "Tuesday 16th July 2013: 11.10 am - Missed the last day seat by ten minutes!"
Reader report: "Saturday 17th August 2013: arrived at 7:45am and was third in line. Both people ahead of us were buying tickets for the matinee so we managed to bag the centre seats for the evening performance.
Kept an eye on the queue as it grew and at 9am there was only 12 people. By the time the box office opened at 10am there was probably only 24 people. Given that there are two shows I would've thought that everybody would have at least got something for either of today's shows."
Reader report: "September 17th 2013. Got there at 8:30am ish and were 2nd in line."
Reader report: "10th January 2014. Pass the line most days around 9.30am - rarely more than few people."
Reader report: "1st January 2014 - went there in the cold at 8am. 5th person in the line. The first person came at 6am."
Reader report: "2nd April 2014. Arrived at 8.30am, 2nd in line."
Reader report: "12th April 2014: Just got a ticket for today's matinee, even at 11.30am lots of dayseats left!"
Reader report: April 2014. Over the last few weeks at 9.30am queue ranged from 3 to 30! Sometimes seats were even available into the afternoon. So, big variation."
Ghost Stories
Stalls row BB 12 £20 Sold when the box office opens - 10am during the week, Noon on Sundays. Check with the box office in advance if travelling a long distance.
Reader report: 15th February 2014. 9am: 1st for Day seats. Let us wait inside and opened box office at 9:45am. Got seat 5 but be warned, bring clean pants!
Upper Circle rows J and K 16 £5 For those aged 16 to 25 ONLY. Limited to 1 per person, and may be paid for in cash or by credit card and PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED. The booking must be done by the person who will be using the ticket. A reader advises arriving 3 hours before the box office opens.
Reader report: 19th November 2013: Our group of 6 arrived between 7.30am and 7.40am. 8 other people arrived at 7.45am, two more at 8.15am. We were lucky and got the tickets we wanted.
Reader report: 24th November 2013: 9.05am 17 people in line.
Reader report: 21st January 2014. Got in line at 7.40am and were 6/7th in the queue. At 9.15am there were 16 people waiting. Allocated seats G31 and G32 as it was quiet.
Reader report: 31st December 2013 - went there at 8:30am, ended up to be 17th person so left the line. Came back again on 24th January.2014 at 8.30am, 15th person in the line. got G12 upper circle. The first person in the line from both days said they came at 7am.
Reader report: 28th February 2014: At 9am there were 11 people waiting, first ones arrived at 7.30am. Got G12 upper circle.
Reader report: 13th March 2014: 8.20am. First in line.
Reader report: Sunday 23rd March 2014. Arrived at 9.40am, 12 people in queue, we made 14, no one joined after us. Got seats in the upper circle, G1 and G2.
39 Steps
      No policy.
We Will Rock You
Box office choice. Box office choice. £33.25 A limited number of tickets for Monday to Thursday performances are sold from 10am until noon.
Donmar Warehouse
Rear circle standing 20 £7.50 For all performances EXCEPT on Press Night. Occasionally if there is no demand, they may sell to telephone callers later in the day - but that is generally unlikely and visiting the theatre is far safer feels the monkey. Waiting varies from none to "camp overnight" depending on the production.
In advance, they have another scheme. See the show page for details.
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      No policy.
Bakersfield Mist
      No policy announced yet.
Duke Of York's
Jeeves and Wooster in "Perfect Nonsense"
Row AA 10 £25 Restricted view front row seats.
Reader report: 22nd March 2014. 9.20am. I'm the only one in line for Jeeves and Wooster! Was someone else at 8am but he was gone when I got back from getting breakfast!
The Woman In Black
      No policy.
Twelve Angry Men
      No policy.
Blithe Spirit
Box office choice.  10 £10 10 seats, sold from 10am. Limited to 1 per person.
Arrive around 1 to 2 hours before the box office opens to have the best chance of a ticket.
Reader report: 18th April 2014. 9.30am, 5th in line. Seat A21. Might have been quiet because of Good Friday.
Harold Pinter
Relative Values
Stalls row A 19 £20 19th March 2014: 15 seats sold by 6pm - and that was just the very first day of previews...
Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Fatal Attraction
row A
13 £15 13 seats, sold from 10am.
Reader report: 15th March 2014. 8.30am, only 4 people in the queue.
Reader report: 19th March 2014. At time of 10am box office opening, there were only 4 people waiting in line including myself and a friend. All received front row seats and we could buy more than one ticket per person.
Reader report: 22nd March 2014. Arrived at around 9.50am - 10 minutes before the box office opened. There were about 7 people queuing before me. I assumed that the box office would allow each customer a maximum of 2 tickets per customer but no. They actually asked customers for the matinee showing to buy a ticket then RE-JOIN the queue at the back to obtain a further ticket for their other half. This caused a big furore with many. As I was the first - and seemingly only - customer buying for the later 7.30pm showing they permitted me to purchase 2 tickets at the same time (the best front row seats in the house - A7, A8) but stated that if I were to buy any more tickets I would need to re-join the queue at the back like everyone else.
Her Majesty's
The Phantom Of The Opera
      No policy. The box office do like to do what they can to help, though.
London Palladium
I Can't Sing
      No policy announced - the monkey will update as available.
The Lion King
Upper Circle Standing 20 £20 Sold once the theatre is full. Thus available at most performances. No reader reports on when to arrive, though.
Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
Thriller - Live
      No policy.
New London
War Horse
Stalls row AA 1 to 8 / 23 to 30 16 £15 Insider advice is that there aren't often folk queuing even at 10am, so 9.30am outside school holiday time should be fine. From 9am at "peak" times. Do remember there are some great £15 seats sold in advance too.
Reader report: 31st December 2013: Went there at 9:30am, 4th person in line, got the front row seat but the stage is quite low so the view was totally great.
Reader report: Took me two (or 1.5) attempts! Monday 20th January 2014, all gone when I arrived at 12pm (I was hoping I would hit reeeeally lucky but clearly this is still a popular show!). Wednesday 22nd January 2014 - arrived at 10am and got two £25 tickets. We were row AA right in the middle (AA19 and 20) which were probably the best seats in the house the the horses come right up to you! They had run out of the £15 tickets (10 per day) at that time but those were AA seats at the side so we were very happy with ours."
Reader Report: 15 February 2014: Joined the day seat queue at 9am. There were 3 people before us but we easily got our 2 first row tickets!
Noel Coward
Good People
Stalls row A 15 £10 Maximum 2 per person from 10am.

Reader report: 19th April 2014: Got day seats for 2 for the matinee, arriving at 11am.

Mamma Mia
      No policy. Occasionally may do a deal on a VERY quiet performance, though. RARE - so don't count on it!
Reader report: Managed to get seats in row B in the dress circle for £20 (should have been £65) by asking at the box office on the day - this was about 2pm Tuesday 19th November 2013.
Old Vic
Other Desert Cities
      No policy.
Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Grass Banks variable £20 Sold on the day of performance only from 5pm (Noon for afternoon performances), subject to weather and production design. Limited to 2 per person if sold.
The Commitments
       No policy.
Stalls row AA 10 £25 One reader felt that around 1 hour before the box office opened on weekends.
In September 2013, another reader says, "Seems there is no need to arrive at the box office particularly early - I managed to get a day seat for a Saturday evening performance by arriving at the box office at 1.30pm, albeit it was for row B rather than row AA. Looks like they will sell any stalls seat as a day seat if you turn up after the front row is gone!"
Reader Report: 16th November 2013. Nothing left at 3pm.
Reader Report: 8th February 2014: Saturday. Arrived 8:50am. 8th in queue.
Reader Report: 26th February 2014. Arrived 9:30am and 7th in queue. Very happy with row AA seats!
Reader Report: 8th March 2014: Arrived 8.40am, 10th in queue and got last 2 day seats available!!
Reader report: 27th March 2014. First in the queue this morning, no one else joined us until 9am.
Reader report: 1st April 2014. Arrived at 9.20am, and was third in line. The day before the queue was massive.
Jersey Boys
      No policy.
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £10 Sold on the day of performance, from 10am when the box office opens. Maximum 2 per person.
Prince Edward
Miss Saigon
      No policy announced yet.
Prince Of Wales
The Book Of Mormon
Stalls row A 21 £20  A 'lucky draw lottery' is held before each performance. At 5pm each evening / Noon for afternoon performances, personal callers at the venue box office can enter their names.
Entries will close at 5.30pm / 12.30pm and a draw will take place at that time. Winners must be present when results are announced, bring valid ID with them and pay by cash or credit card. This draw is subject to availability. Current odds: about 5 to 1, assuming 100 single people want 1 ticket each. Be prepared to "ditch" if you REALLY want to see the show...
Reader Report: 14th January 2014: Over 300 waiting for the lottery (crazy!), and only 1 returned ticket.
Reader Report: Saturday in April 2014. Tried my luck 3 times before actually winning it!! Saturday matinee seemed like a good time for this since there were obviously fewer people at the lottery. "
Les Misérables
      No policy, too busy at the moment. Upper Circle J1 and 2 for £20 are decent, or A2 and 28 allow you to see almost two thirds of the show at £10. Read more.
A reader also noted that once all other seats are sold, she got standing room at 3pm for a Saturday 7.30pm show, but advises turning up far earlier for that. £10 week / £12.50 Friday and Saturday, and all performances after 28th April 2014, she says.
Royal Court Theatre Downstairs
      No policy. On Mondays around half the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online. Anything left is sold at 10am to personal callers at the box office or by telephone. At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.
Royal Court Theatre Upstairs
Seat numbers not used in this venue. 20 £20 (£10 Mondays) 20 tickets, sold at the door. On Mondays the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online. Anything left is sold at 10am to personal callers at the box office or by telephone. At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

      No policy. Stalls row BB is sold at £39.50 in advance, though, if you can find any on the official website
The Pajama Game

      No policy confirmed.
St James
Urinetown The Musical
      No policy.
St Martin's
The Mousetrap
      No discounts at any time. No policy.
Trafalgar Studio 1
Another Country
Row A 10 £10 From 10am, to personal callers at the venue.
Usually seats will be in row A, but the box office reserve the right to substitute other seats as required.
Reader report: 17th April 2014. Arrived 10.30am for the Thursday matinee and got 2 day seats.
Trafalgar Studio 2
I Found My Horn
      No policy.
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £15 Sold on the day of performance, from 10am when the box office opens. Maximum 2 per person.
Victoria Palace
Billy Elliot
Row A Stalls and Dress Circle Side Slips 20

£20.50 / £28.50 until 21st June 2014

(£20.70 / £28.70 from 23rd June 2014).

Sold from 10am. Credit / debit card required.

Arriving from 9am is normally OK, and do remember that you can also buy many cheap front row stalls seats in advance from the official website

Reader report: "Wednesday 17th May 2013: 11am - My friend got a day seat in the 3rd row, still said she couldn't see the floor, but much better than the first row would have been. She is 163cm tall."
Reader report: "25th January 2014 - went there at 9:30am on a Saturday. 5th person in the line. Got the front row seat. Stage is quite high but I'm 181cm and don't really mind about actors’ feet."

Uncle Vanya / Three Sisters

      No policy.




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