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for current West End productions.

DAY SEATS are normally available ONLY to personal callers at the box office on the day of performance, from the time the box office opens at 10am.
They are normally limited to 1 or 2 per person.
The monkey always advises taking both cards and cash in case one is preferred over the other. Check with the box office before travelling if this policy is still in operation.
Also remember that quite often, box offices will try to assist others in line once "day seats" are sold out, and if there is no official policy anyway, box office staff will also do plenty to sell you a ticket.
Unsold "day seats" sometimes turn up online at the venue's official website, or can be bought by telephone from the official box office too.
For other advice on how to get sold out tickets, click here.

The list is based on information known AND MAY NOT BE APPLICABLE TO ALL PERFORMANCES.
Also included are productions due to begin performances soon, but which may not yet have opened.

For the National Theatre and other venues that present productions in repertoire, please see their individual listings pages / websites.
ALL details are given in good faith, but cannot accept responsibility for any changes or error, nor subsequent losses incurred.
Also, do note that it can't advise in advance about "the right time to get into line," on any specific day, as it can vary so much, so please use other readers' comments below as your guide!
As a rule, the nearer a show gets to its final performance, the earlier you have to arrive for day seats...

JUST TWEET "#dayseat"

Reader of this page, in line for "day seats" (clockwise), "Fatal Attraction" in March 2014, "Scottsboro Boys" in November 2014, "Forming a perfect queue of 1 at 'Memphis' in June 2015, "Made In Dagenham" in November 2014, "Mephis" in November 2014, "Miss Saigon" in December 2014.
A nice "fan piece" about her experiences is also available here: thriftytheatrethinker.
And another, by a Spanish visitor:


or feel free to email us on the usual address.


Theatre Name / Show Title Usual
Likely Number of seats Price Notes / Reader Experiences
Add your experience - CONTACT US.
Kinky Boots
Box office choice. Box office choice. £25 Maximum 2 per person, available from 10.30am (official box office time quoted by them to the monkey, one reader noted it was as early as 10.10am on the first day of previews, though). Usually stalls row A, plus outermost pairs in B to E) are the seats allocated. Around 29 in A (split between counter sales and TodayTix - see below, plus extra as they choose.

Online Lottery: TodayTix offers users the chance to secure on-day tickets to that night’s performance. A lottery will run each day from midnight, via the TodayTix app at If lucky enough to secure a pair of tickets, users are notified via push notifications or email and can then collect them from the theatre that night.

Reader reports:
21st August 2015. they opened at 10.10am (says 10.30 on website) was 15 of us by then, was 9th at 8.45am. Got stalls C on end. Day Seats seem to be half the front row and the ends, as the other half of the front row is going on the lottery.
21st August 2015. I arrived at 3:50am, expecting a huge queue! There was 27 in line by 10:30am.
21st August 2015. 07:15am. 4th in queue, 1st person arrived at 4.15am. Box office early opening at 10am (usually 10:30am)
26th August 2015. We are 6 and 7 in queue, arriving at 8am. 13 in queue at 9:30am.
27th August 2015: I'm first in the queue at 6am, next at 7:10am, 24 by 10am.
27th August 2015: 7:55am, and 8th in the line.
27th August 2015: 8.20am and I'm 9th in the queue.
31st August 2015. 31 August 2015. 9:20am, 15 people ahead of me. A few people pushed in, but we were let indoors at 10am due to the rain and at 10:35am I got my £15 seat, B31 stalls. Note that the early birds had joined the queue at 4 and 6 am, with the bulk joining at 8 am.
5th September 2015. 2nd in line at 7.05am. 12 by 8.50am.
8th September 2015. 7.45am. 1 in the queue.
14th September 2015. 2nd in line, got here at 7am, 8 by 8:11am.
14th September 2015. 11th in line at 08.30am.
5th October 2015: Arrived at 7:15am,1 other person came at 9:10am,another 5 at 10:10am, 8 of us by 10:30am. Got centre front row.
10th October 2015: 13th in queue at 8.15am, One more arrived at 8.45am.
13th October 2015: 7.49am. First in line.
17th October 2015. Got here at 8.05am, 8th in line.
23rd October 2015. 4th in the queue at 7:15am.
24th October 2015. 9 in queue at 8.45am. 25 to 30 at 10am.
27th October 2015. 3 in Kinky Q at 7:40am. Only 6 at 9:10am. 12 at 10.26am. Seems oddly quiet on a half term day.
28th October 2015. 4 at 7:30am, 9 at 8:30am.
31st October 2015. 15 in queue at 8.15am. Managed to get stalls A23 for matinee, thirty people by opening time. Almost front row gone just after my ticket for matinee.
6th November 2015: 1st in line at 9am.
13th November 2015. 1st in line at 9am.
25th November 2015. My friend was 1st in line at 9am.
25th November 2015: Arrived rather late at 9.20am, 8 people before us in the queue, at 10am they let us inside but had to wait until 10.30am before we could buy tickets. This was a matinee day, so even we were 8th we got front row centre seats for the evening performance.
Great view, great show!
2nd December 2015: 3rd in queue at 7.45am, 6 by 8am.
2nd December 2015: 2nd in queue at 7:15am. By 10:30am there were over 20 people, probably increased by the 2-show day!
4th December 2015. Arrived stupidly early 6.40am. 4 in queue at 10.30am. Got stalls A20 & A19.
19th December 2015. 10 people in front of me at 8.30am.
23rd December 2015. 7.30am, 3rd in line.
30th December 2015. 4 in the queue at 7:35am, 5 by 7.40am.
30th December 2015. 16th in line at 9.50am.
2nd January 2016. 7.30am, 6th in queue.
8th January 2016. 8.10am, third in queue.
9th January 2016. 7.17am and already 10 here.
9th January 2016. Showed up for day seats at 10.30am and got Row T stalls for the evening! 2 seats together with around 35 people in front of us too!
6th February 2016. 7.15am and 7th in queue. Getting on for 20 people at 8.40am.

Beautiful - The Carole King Musical
      No Policy.
Stalls row B 11 £26 Reader report: Sunday 24th August 2014: I got once day seat ticket in the front row at exactly 12 pm.
Reader report: 25th July 2015: Five of the day seats (mine included) were occupied at the matinee performance. I had no trouble buying one at 11am.
Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue
Nell Gwynn
Stalls row A, plus stalls boxes. 20 £15
Available to personal callers at the box office from 10.30am. The theatre warn that box seats have a restricted view, missing action at the sides of the stage. Row A seats may look upwards and miss floor action.


Apollo Victoria
Stalls row A 24 £29.50 The most notorious day seat line in London. Battle the obsessive fans and you could get lucky. Read more here - including "day seat" reports going back to 2013. A reader feels that 8am is the latest you can arrive on most days. The most recent "day seat" reports are below:
Reader report: 17th January 2015: There must be around 60 to 70 people in the day seat queue this morning!
Reader report: 23rd January 2015: Only 9 people in the day seat queue at 9.40am!
Reader report: 24th January 2015: 40 people at 10am.
Reader report: 26th January 2015: Only 10 people in the Wicked dayseat queue at 10am!
Reader report: 29th January 2015: Only 5 people at 9.15am.
Reader report: 31st January 2015: My friend slept(!!) in front of the theatre to get tickets. She got matinee Stalls A32 - 33 and Evening Stalls A30 - 31. This was Jennifer DiNoia's last performance.
Reader report: 21st February 2015: 50+ people in the queue at 9.50am.
Reader report: 11th March 2015: got seat A 18 for wicked matinee at 1pm, others were buying day seats for the evening next to me, quiet!
Reader report: 21st March 2015:  Arrived at 7:15am, 6 people in front of me (1 group of 4, 1 group of 2). Next group of 4 arrived at 7:30am.
Reader report: 1st April 2015: A Wednesday.
I got there at 8am and there was no one! Two more people came at 9am but it only got busy around 9.30am - but I still think everyone in the queue got tickets.
Reader report: 13th April 2015: Arrived at 8:15am, and unusually the first person there. For some reason, the queue wasn't very busy today. The next people to arrive were at 9:15am, then 9:45am, then 9:55am. Not normally this quiet, even on a Monday. Got the two most central seats - A24 and A25.
Reader report: 30th July 2015: 8.15am. Just walked past the theatre, just 2 people queueing?? #woah #quiet #wicked.
Reader report: 22nd August 2015. 8.30am and there's 20 people in line.
Reader report: 24th October 2015. 6 of us at 7:10am. About 25 to 30 by 10am.
11th November 2015. 7.50am. Me and 1 other in queue.
Reader report: 13th November 2015. 4th in the queue at 9am. 4 more at 9:15am. Got A 20 to 23.
Reader report: 19th December 2015. 19 people at 9am. I got the penultimate pair of evening tickets (matinee sold out) and I arrived at 9.30am.
Reader report: 16th January 2016. 14th in line 8:25am today.
Ruby Wax: Sane New World
      No policy.
Upper Circle rows G to K 16 £5 For those aged 16 to 25 ONLY. Limited to 1 per person, and may be paid for in cash or by credit card and PROOF OF AGE IS REQUIRED. The booking must be done by the person who will be using the ticket. Other seats may be substituted.
A reader advises arriving 3 hours before the box office opens.
Reader report: 19th November 2013: Our group of 6 arrived between 7.30am and 7.40am. 8 other people arrived at 7.45am, two more at 8.15am. We were lucky and got the tickets we wanted.
Reader report: 24th November 2013: 9.05am 17 people in line.
Reader report: 21st January 2014. Got in line at 7.40am and were 6/7th in the queue. At 9.15am there were 16 people waiting. Allocated seats G31 and G32 as it was quiet.
Reader report: 31st December 2013 - went there at 8:30am, ended up to be 17th person so left the line. Came back again on 24th January.2014 at 8.30am, 15th person in the line. got G12 upper circle. The first person in the line from both days said they came at 7am.
Reader report: 28th February 2014: At 9am there were 11 people waiting, first ones arrived at 7.30am. Got G12 upper circle.
Reader report: 13th March 2014: 8.20am. First in line.
Reader report: Sunday 23rd March 2014. Arrived at 9.40am, 12 people in queue, we made 14, no one joined after us. Got seats in the upper circle, G1 and G2.
Reader report: 26th April 2014. Arrived at 7.45am and about 8 people in front.
Reader report: 18th June 2014. arrived at 7:45am. 7 people ahead (started as 6 - one was keeping a place for another). 14 people queuing in all now at 8:20am.
Reader report: 19th July 2014: 8:03am on a Saturday morning and I'm the 11th in the queue.
Reader report: 20th August 2014: 6.40am:  5 in queue.
Reader report: Tuesday 26th August 2014: We got 2 16-25 tickets in the upper circle. We arrived at 7 am and were 8th & 9th in line.
Reader report: Wednesday 22nd October 2014: Arrived at 7.50am and were 12th and 13th in line. One person joined the queue about 20 minutes later and the next person after that joined at 9am. By the time the box office opened, there were only 19 of us in the queue, and we got upper circle seats J14 and J15 for the evening show as the matinee only had single seats left.
Reader report: 30th October 2014: Arrived at 7:30am. Didn't fill until 9am.
Reader report: 25th November 2014: Only 9 people queuing at 9.46am.
Reader report: 29th November 2014: 7:55am 10 people in queue.
Reader report: 7th January 2015: 2 at 7.30am.
Reader report: 5th February 2015: 5 people at 9am.
Reader report: 18th February 2015: 10 people at 7.30am.
Reader report: 24th March 2015: Only 10 in the queue by 10am.
Reader report: 31st March 2015:  Arrived at 9.50am. About 20 people in front of me. Could not get £5 tickets as the girl right in front of me snagged the last one.
Reader report: 1st April 2015: (two shows today) Arrived at 9:07am. 25 people in the queue. Another 15 people behind us by 10am. By the time it got to our turn, afternoon tickets were sold out but we managed to get three separate tickets for the evening.
Reader report: 25th April 2015: 8.40am. Around 20 in the queue.
Reader report: 17th May 2015: Matinee. Got there around 8.15am, 5 people in front of me. Seats: Upper Circle Row G31 - 32. Restricted view but worth the 5 pounds.
Reader report: 24th July 2015: 9th in the queue arriving at 8.15am.
Reader report: 21st August 2015: Nobody in line at 8:50am. At 9:05am, 5 people here. 9:41am 10 people in total.
Reader report: 17th September 2015. 11 people in the queue at 9am.
Reader report: 29th September 2015. hi! First in line at 7am, next people came at 9am.
Reader report: 20th October 2015. Got there at 8.20am, 2 more people arrived at 8.30am.
Reader report: 27th October 2015. only 11 at 9 am, first ever day seat ticket!!
Reader report: 31st October 2015. 1st in line at 7:25am, 8 in line at 7:56am. Over 20 by 10am.
Reader report: 6th in line at 8:30am, 8 more by 10am.
Reader report: 25th November 2015. 8th in line at 8.45am.
Reader report: 29th November 2015. 12th in line at 9am. Not very busy.
Reader report: 17th January 2016. I turned up at the theatre at 8.30am and was fourth in line and was given seat G12 in the upper circle. There were 18 people in the queue when the box office opened at 10am.
Reader report: 24th January 2016. 7 in the queue at 8:20am, 15 at 8:30am and 18 and 8:45am.
Close To You: Burt Bacharach Re-Imagined
Box office discretion Box office discretion £19.64 Usually around 20 seats, likely to be the on-stage sofas. The price, by the way, is the year Cilla Black had the hit with "Anyone Who Had A Heart."
Reader reports:
26th January 2016. arrived just before 10am, and got a day seat on stage. Only one other person there.
The War Of The Worlds
      No policy announced.
Donmar Warehouse
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
Rear circle standing 20 £7.50 For all performances EXCEPT on Press Night. Occasionally if there is no demand, they may sell to telephone callers later in the day - but that is generally unlikely and visiting the theatre is far safer feels the monkey. Waiting varies from none to "camp overnight" depending on the production.
In advance, they have another scheme. See the show page for details.
Theatre Royal, Drury Lane
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
      No policy.
The Play That Goes Wrong
      No policy.
Duke Of York's
Goodnight Mister Tom
      No policy.
The Woman In Black
      No policy.
Red Velvet
Stalls row AA 12 £15
The front row of the stalls will be sold as "day seats" through a lottery at Today Tix. It is possible to write to the comany to be entered into this draw, too.
A reader said, on 14th October 2015: Foyer looking like a building site but the box office was open and he confirmed that they were offering no day seats 'from here', only cancellations and returns.
The Curious Incident of the Dog In The Night-Time
Box office choice. Box office choice. £15 Sold from 10am. Limited to 2 per person.
During the previous run at the Apollo Theatre, a reader advises arriving 2 hours before the box office opens. Saturdays in particular, those not there by 8.30am or so could well be disappointed.
Reader report: Thursday 27th June 2013. Arrived 8:40am for day seats on a matinee day and was 14th in line. Got the last two seats for the matinee.
Reader report: Saturday 13th July 2013: 8.40 am - got the last 2 seats on both ends of the first row for the evening.
Reader report: Tuesday 12th November 2013: 8:30am, 7th in line, 12 people in line at 10am.
Reader report: 19th July 2014. got here at 7:55am, 2 people in front of us. 14 people at 9:45am.
Reader report: 23rd July 2014. 7am. Just me waiting. No one else turned up until 9.15am, and I don't think the line was full by 10am. Maybe just about. Got middle front row - high stage, but worth it!
Reader report: 28th July 2014: Got there at 9:15am, only one person there. 4 people in line at 9:30am; 6 when box office opened at 10am.
Reader report: 31st July 2014. I was 4th in line at 8.15am.
Reader report: 12th August 2014. Sold out of day seats but I went around 2pm and they offered me a £37.50 seat for £25.
Reader report: 3rd September 2014. Second in day seat queue! Arrived 8.30am. There's a dog in the queue too.
Reader report: 22nd October 2014. I got to the box office at about 9.50am and was tenth in the queue and only one other person joined the queue by the time I got served at 10.15am. (2 people dropped out after they realised they were a the wrong theatre as they wanted tix for Les Miz). I got stalls seat L6.
Reader report: 12th January 2015: Arrived at 9am and was first in the queue. Second person arrived at about 9.20am and only 6 in the queue when ticket office opened at 10am. I got 2 tickets right in the middle of row Q (stalls), I then re-joined the queue and got another 2 tickets in the stage level box.
Reader report: 13th January 2015: First in queue at 9am, only two of us still at 9.25am.
Reader report: 21st January 2015: Arrived at 8.30am and was first there, next people didn't arrive until 9.30am! By box office opening at 10am there were about 10 people in total waiting. Suggest a freezing cold Wednesday in January is a good time to try with minimal wait!
Reader report: 22nd January 2015. Got the last day ticket (B17) available at 1.40pm.
Reader report: 3rd February 2015: First in line at 9am.
Reader report: 11th February 2015: Today at 9.20am, first in line. At 10am only 4 people waiting. Got row C seat 12.
Reader report: 21st February 2015: Arrived at 8am. One person already there and one arrived shortly after us. Around 13 people in the queue by 9.30am. There were 11 tickets available for the matinee and 11 for the evening.
Reader report: 6th June 2015: Arrived at 8.23am, and 2 people in front of me.
Reader report: 16th June 2015: We arrived at 8:45am and there were just two of us. 4 at 9am, 6 at 9:45am,
8 at 9:55am and then 11 when the box office opened at 10am. It was quite a disorganised queue, a few discreet jumpers. I asked the box office and was told the current policy is 15 day seats, all £15, all situated in the front row. Issued from centre outwards. Plus, two people were given boxes at either side of the stage. So it's not just the front row they have but they're obviously keen to fill it before issuing box tickets.
Reader report: 4th August 2015: Snagged 2 front row seats. 4 people at 9.15am. 9 by 9.45am. 12 when doors opened.
Reader report: 15th August 2015. Rocked up at 9:30am. 15 people in front, but trying for matinee tickets, we got 3 in row Q in stalls. Not too bad for lining up on a whim quite late!
Reader report: 22nd August 2015. Arrived at 9.20am, 14 people before me. Got Dress Circle seat F15.
Reader report: 12th September 2015. We arrived at 9.30am, when no one was there, about 5 there by 9.45am and 15-20ish when the box office opened. Worth asking the box office on two-show days which will give you better seats if you’re flexible on times.
Reader report: 21st September 2015. 9.20am, Second in line at 9.20am.
Reader report: 10th October 2015.  4 of us in queue at 8:10am.
Reader report: 14th November 2015. 1st in queue at 8.40am, 8 queuing at 9.40am.
Reader report: 28th November 2015. 7th in the queue at 9:20am. At 10am, 11 people waiting.
Reader report: at 13th January 2016. 9am, I was 5th in line. We got 4 day seats, two front row and two in a box with a partially obstructed view.
Reader report: 2nd February 2016. 3 people at 9am, 7 at 10am.
Harold Pinter
Sunny Afternoon
      No policy at the moment.
Theatre Royal, Haymarket
Bad Jews
Stalls row A 12 £15 Sold from 10am to personal callers at the box office. If any are left, then they will be sold by phone from 10.30am on 020 7930 8800. A £1.50 per ticket booking fee will apply to phone transactions.
Her Majesty's
The Phantom Of The Opera
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £25 FOR THURSDAY AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES ONLY. Sold from 10am.

At other times, the box office do like to do what they can to help, though.
Reader report: 15th January 2015: Given row C seat 18 in the stalls for £25! 11.55am.
Reader report: 5th February 2015: 8:55, first in queue, given stalls B8. There were 12 persons in the queue when box office opened.
Reader report: 12th February 2015: I arrived at 9.30am. There was already a large group waiting about 10 people who were together. Got R23.
Reader report: 19th March 2015: arrived at 8:30am, first in queue. 8 people when box office opened. Got stalls B11.
Reader report: 30th April 2015: Arrived 8.45am, no one there. Went to get coffee got back around 9am and there was 1 person waiting. Got B7 (or 8?)
Reader report: 9th July 2015 (tube strike day). Got a day seat last minute for matinee today. I asked at box office at 2.15pm. They said Q1 in stalls for £25 but they didn't accept Visa Electron, so they said they would hold the ticket whilst I went to the cash machine. Five minutes later at 2.22pm, I was given an even better seat in stalls, K11. Very central and great view. Normally £67! Cashier said sometimes very good seats can be available at the last minute for £25.
Reader report: 27th August 2015. 9.48am. About 25 or 30 people in queue (including me). Got F3 and F4 grand (upper) circle!! D: Would have cancelled it but I've sorted planned my whole day around it with my friend. Still cheaper than £36 full price and I can't come to a Thursday matinee in term time so... what can you do. I thought there'd be a queue but had no idea it'd be so busy! I feel I've had a run deal compared with the other reports on your site... #summerholidays.
Reader report: 10th December 2015.  Arrived 7.15am - first in queue. Approx 10 people in queue at 10am. Got seat B9 in the stalls.
Reader report: 10th December 2015. Turned up at 1.40pm and got seat E15 for £25!!
London Palladium
No current regular production.
The Lion King
Upper Circle Standing 20 £20 Sold once the theatre is full. Thus available at most performances. Price may be £15 at some "off peak" performances, at box office discretion.
Reader reports:
8th October 2015. 2nd in line at 9.50am.
28th October 2015. Arrived around 9.05-9.10am. All four of us got seats.
13th November 2015: Arrived at 09.05am. There were just two people waiting. By the time the box office opened at 10am there were 16 people.
Lyric Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
Thriller - Live
      No policy.
New London
War Horse

Box Office discretion.

Box Office discretion. £15 Insider advice is that there aren't often folk queuing even at 10am, so 9.30am outside school holiday time should be fine. From 9am at "peak" times. Do remember there are some great £15 seats sold in advance too.
Reader report: 31st December 2013: Went there at 9:30am, 4th person in line, got the front row seat but the stage is quite low so the view was totally great.
Reader report: Took me two (or 1.5) attempts! Monday 20th January 2014, all gone when I arrived at 12pm (I was hoping I would hit reeeeally lucky but clearly this is still a popular show!). Wednesday 22nd January 2014 - arrived at 10am and got two £25 tickets. We were row AA right in the middle (AA19 and 20) which were probably the best seats in the house the the horses come right up to you! They had run out of the £15 tickets (10 per day) at that time but those were AA seats at the side so we were very happy with ours."
Reader report: 15 February 2014: Joined the day seat queue at 9am. There were 3 people before us but we easily got our 2 first row tickets!
Reader report: 9th August 2014. 10am. Got first row Day Seat to this evening's performance. Glad I was by the ticket office early. Sales opened at 9:15am instead of 10am.
Reader report: 30th August 2014: 7 people at 8:30am.
Reader report: 25th November 2014: Only 2 people queuing when I walked past at 9.20am.
Reader report: 5th February 2015. Was first in line at 8.30am, 6 waiting by 10am. Got stalls F 37.
Reader report: 20th February 2015: 8th in the queue at 9am.
Reader report: 3rd March 2015: Second in queue at 9.10am, 8 of us by 10am.
Reader report: 12th March 2015. Second in queue at 9.30am; about 10 of us by 10am. Got second row stalls for matinee for £15.
Reader report: 13th March 2015. 8 people in the queue for warhorse at 9:30am this morning. We arrived at 9am and were the first.
Reader report: 31st March 2015: Arrived at 10.13am. No one was there. Got the day seat for B7 as I was the only one. From the website, that ticket originally cost £62.50.
Reader report: 25th June 2015: 10.25am, just got 2 tickets for matinee.
Reader report: 10th July 2015: 9.20am, second in queue.
Reader Report: 30th July 2015: 9.25am 5th in line. By 10am, 13 in queue and by the time I had purchased my ticket there were 14. The two couples in front of me bought matinee tickets as did I. I was over the moon with 2 x 3rd row aisle centre section.
Reader report: 10th October 2015: 8 of us in queue at 9.15am. I would say it was 20 to 25 in queue when box office opened. I got front row seats 3 and 4, so feel sorry for ones after me.
Reader report: 13th October 2015.  3 in queue at 10am when box office opened.
Reader report: No queue at 10.15am. Got row J side Stalls at £15.
Reader report: 23rd November 2015: 9am I'm first / only in the queue. Was pretty lonely, as no one else came! Could have stayed in bed an extra hour... at 10am got two seats AA11 and AA12 for tonight.
Reader report: 7th January 2016. 10am. 8 people in queue today. Most arriving just after 10am. Got row AA seats for us!
Reader report: 23rd January 2016. About 12 people ahead of me in the queue at 9.10am, got M 1 and 2.
Noel Coward
Mrs Henderson Presents
Box Office discretion. Box Office discretion. £10 Available in person at each day from 10.30am.
Mamma Mia
      No policy. Occasionally may do a deal on a VERY quiet performance, though. RARE - so don't count on it!
Reader report: Managed to get seats in row B in the dress circle for £20 (should have been £65) by asking at the box office on the day - this was about 2pm Tuesday 19th November 2013.
Old Vic
The Master Builder
Box Office discretion Box Office discretion £30 The box office opens at 10am. If you arrive earlier, go into their cafe, "Penny" and take a numbered voucher. When the box office opens, you will be called to the desk in voucher order. 2 tickets maximum can be purchased per voucher holder. Pay at the time, show ID, then return 30 minutes before the show with ID to collect tickets. Seats will be in the top price area, or may have restricted views, then "face value" upper circle and standing places.
Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park
Closed for winter.
Grass Banks variable   Now closed for the winter.
Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure Reloaded
       No policy.
Bend It Like Beckham
Stalls row A 14 £15 Sold on the day of performance. Normally maximum 2 per person.
Reader report: 24th May 2015: went at 11am, no day seats but would sell a single in the dress circle for day seat rate.
Reader report: 27th May 2015: I got here at 9.20am and 12 in front! Others have joined their friends so 15 in front at 9.50am.
Reader report: 3rd June 2015. I arrived at the box office at 1.15pm. There was no one waiting and I managed to pick up a day seat for the front row. Two seats next to me were also empty so I presume they hadn't sold all of the day seats.
Reader report: 6th June 2015: 9.40am and only 6 people in queue!
Reader report: 24th July 2015: Only one in the queue at 9:07am.
Reader report: 8th August 2015: 4 people in the queue at 8:57am.
Reader report: 12th August 2015. 9.30am, 14 in the queue.
Reader report: 15th August 2015. arrived at 8.30am. and am 4th in the line!
Reader report: 15th August 2015. I was 7th in line at 8:50am, around 20 people at 10am.
Reader report: 7th September 2015. I'm the first one queuing at 8:30am! 3 of us by 10am.
Reader report: 21st September 2015. 2nd and 3rd in the queue at 9:20am - 1st person arrived same time! 8 by 10am.
Reader report: First in queue at 8.45am, no one else came until 9.45am, when 5 came.
Reader report: 22nd October 2015. We got there a little after 10am, with only 4 people in front of us (it was a very rainy day). Two didn't even want day seats. We got tickets for the evening performance in front row right in the middle by the staircase (A 11 and 12).
Reader report: 24th October 2015. About 10 people in line at 8am this morning.
Reader report: 14th November 2015. 8:45am. We are 5th and 6th in the queue.
Reader report: 2nd December 2015. I was the only person in line until 9:15am, only 5 seats on the front row taken this evening!
Reader report: 31st December 2015. We arrived at 10am and luckily got the last 3 day seats.
Reader report: 26th January 2016. 7pm. 2 people in the day seats line tonight.
Jersey Boys
Box Office discretion Minimum of 12 £25 Sold on the day of performance, from 10am when the box office opens. Tuesday to Thursday performances ONLY.
Reader report: 12th August 2014: Got a front row ticket valued at 67.50 at around 1pm.
Reader report: 4th November 2014. 9am: 1 person waiting.
 Reader report: 13th December 2014: First in the queue for Jersey Boys at 8.20am on a Saturday.
Reader report: 15th August 2015: 8.20am. First and Only Waiter till 10 am ... In August dayseats at sat. (35 pounds) (this was a limited offer in August 2015 only - editor).
The End of Longing
Box office discretion Box office discretion £15 From 10.30am.
Reader reports:
2nd February 2016. 6:30am and 1st in line. 4 by opening at 10am. 8 seats in rear stalls and 8 in upper all varied day to day.
Prince Edward
Miss Saigon
Stalls row A plus Box Office discretion 17 in row A, plus Box Office discretion £20 Sold on the day of performance, from 10am when the box office opens. Maximum 2 per person. Photo ID may be required - a reader noted in June 2015 that it no longer was. Monkey advice is to be safe...
Read more day seat reports, back to May 2014, here.
Reader report: 20th March 2015. Arrived at the theatre at approximately. 9:35am. There were 9 people in front of us. At 10am there were more than 20 people waiting. We got A16 and A17 which was surprising as I would have assumed the first ones in line to get middle seats. However, it seemed like they started to sell from the sides to middle. We heard that the guy behind us was told that he got the last day seats, no idea what happened to all the others waiting. We got vouchers and then the actual tickets before the show in the evening.
Reader report: 2nd April 2015: Arrived at 8.40am. 14 people in line.
Reader report: 14th April 2015: First in the queue at 8am.
Reader report: 20th April 2015: four of us in the queue and it's 9:06am.
Reader report: 25th April 2015: 8.40am. 21 in the queue. 40 by 10am.
Reader report: 2nd May 2015: 19 people at 8am.
Reader report: 2nd May 2015: Close to 40 at 9.30am.
Reader report: 4th May 2015: Arrived at 8.15am, 6 people in front of me (but in the end there were 9??). Seats Stalls B24 -25.
Reader report: 6th May 2015: I think we're first in the queue, and we've been here since 8.30am! Only 6 of us by 10am.
Reader report: 7th May 2015: 8.10am - 11 people in front.
Reader report: 16th May 2015: 8.20am - currently nine in the day seat queue. 20 by 9.30am.
Reader report: 24th May 2015: Went around 12:30pm and they offered a heavy reduction in mid price upper circle tickets for the evening. Again, no day seats (far too late!) but worth enquiring at both later in the day!
Reader report: 4th July 2015: 8:35am and only 8 people in the day queue!
Reader report: 9th July 2015: very easy to get today because of tube strike - front row tickets. Hooray.
Reader report: 11th July 2015: Went at 12:30pm and there was still some left for the evening show. Front row A25! :).
Reader report: 13th August 2015: 4 people by 8am, 11 by 9am.
Reader report: 13th August 2015. Arrived at 8.50am and there's ten of us in line.
Reader report: 1st September 2015. Fifth in day seat queue at 8:45am. Only 10 people at 10am.
Reader report: 26th September 2015. 12th person in the queue when arrived at 8.10am. About 35 to 40 people when box office opened at 10am.
Reader report: 12th October 2015. 9:15am. 4th in queue, 8 people by 10am. Got seat A21 :).
Reader report: 17th October 2015. Got there at 7.25am and I was 8th in the queue. Great tickets for tonight, front row!
Reader report: 17th October 2015. Currently 10th in the queue. Got A7. Last matinee day seat went right after I bought mine, to people there since just before 8am. About 30 waiting by 10am box office opening time.
Reader report: 28th October 2015. "Glen Morranjie." Went to this on a non-matinee weekday, but in half term. Arrived before 9am and was alone until 9:50am. By 10am there were 4 people behind me, so I got a wonderful seat for £20, near centre of front row stalls, but felt I had wasted an hour queuing! Beware that centre of front row may have conductor’s head and shoulders poking out of orchestra pit right in their sight lines.
Reader report: 14th November 2015. 3 people in the queue at Miss Saigon! I'm the first! Arrived at 7.07am. 5 people in the queue at 7:33am! 18 at 9.40am.
Reader report: 18th November 2015. 2nd in the queue at 8am. Three in the queue at 8.30am. 6 by 9am.
Reader report: 3rd December 2015. 6th in line at 9.40am. 15 in end - most came at 9.40am and later. Guy in front moaning he had been early at 9.30am...
Reader report: 5th December 2015. Arrived at 7.30am and was 9th in line. 18 were there by 8am, and about 25 by 8.30am. I got A23!
Reader report: 9th December 2015. We were 2nd and 3rd in line at 8.15am. There was 9 people there by 10am, and we got A22, 23 and 24.
Reader report: 12th December 2015. Arrived 6.50am, 2nd in queue. Approx 20 in queue at 10am. Got stalls A14 :).
Reader report: 14th December 2015. Arrived 9.20am, 9th in line. About 15 by 10am. Got A28, second from the end of front row.
Reader report: 18th December 2015. 5th in the day seat queue at 8:35am.
Reader report: 19th December 2015. 7th in line at 8:16am.
Reader report: 26th December 2015. 9th at 9.45am.
Reader report: 30th December 2015. 7:40am and 5th in line.
Reader report: 15th January 2016. First in queue at 7.35am. 13 in line at 9am. 21 at 9.45am.
Reader report: 23rd January 2016. 40 people in the queue at 9am.
Reader report: 25th January 2016. 4 at 8.50am, 11 at 9.20am. 15 by 10am.
Reader report: 30th January 2016. 13 people at 6.55am, 22 at 7.20am.
Reader report: 30th January 2016. 25th in queue at 7:45am.
Reader report: 1st February 2016. 4 in line just before 8am, and there were 20 people at 10am.
Reader report: 4th February 2016. We're 4 and 5 in line at 6:50am. Next person arrived at 7.30am.
Reader report: 4th February 2016. Less than 10 at 8.45am, 13th at 8:55am, can't be much more than 20 in the queue now at 9:40am.
Prince Of Wales
The Book Of Mormon
Stalls row A 21 £20  A 'lucky draw lottery' is held before each performance. At 5pm each evening / Noon for afternoon performances, personal callers at the venue box office can enter their names.
Entries will close at 5.30pm / 12.30pm and a draw will take place at that time. Winners must be present when results are announced and bring valid ID with them. A reader in 2016 says that they accepted card payment as well as cash, but still required name ID. This draw is subject to availability. Current odds: about 5 to 1, assuming 100 single people want 1 ticket each. Be prepared to "ditch" if you REALLY want to see the show...
Reader Report: 14th January 2014: Over 300 waiting for the lottery (crazy!), and only 1 returned ticket.
Reader Report: Saturday in April 2014. Tried my luck 3 times before actually winning it!! Saturday matinee seemed like a good time for this since there were obviously fewer people at the lottery. "
Reader report: 23rd August 2014: Crazy lottery today! When my boyfriend had already given up, they released 10 more tickets! We got two Stalls row L!
Reader report: 26th November 2014: I would estimate around 30-40 people had submitted an entry form. One nice touch from the guys handing out the forms was to look out for people only buying one ticket, pair them up with another 'lottery buddy' and get them both to change their requests to 2 tickets - this doubles your chances and gives you someone to chat to.
Reader report: 4th January 2015.  Have done Mormon lottery 5 times over the holidays and won twice, although I would say I was definitely more lucky than most. Number of people varied, maybe nearly on one of the days, always more than 50, although this was Christmas holidays so naturally a busier time.
Les Misérables
      No policy, too busy at the moment. Upper Circle J1 and 2 for £20 are decent, or A2 and 28 allow you to see almost two thirds of the show at £10. Read more.
A reader also noted that once all other seats are sold, she got £12.50 standing room at 3pm for a Saturday 7.30pm show, but advises turning up far earlier for that.
Royal Court Theatre Downstairs
      No policy. On Mondays around half the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online / 10am if any are left, at the box office in person or by telephone on 020 7565 5000 to the general public. Note that there are rarely any tickets left by 10am for sale through the box office or by phone, so please be aware of this if travelling a long distance.
At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.
Royal Court Theatre Upstairs
Seat numbers not used in this venue. 20 £20 (£10 Mondays) 20 tickets, sold at the door. On Mondays the theatre is sold on the day, at 9am online. Anything left is sold at 10am to personal callers at the box office or by telephone. At "Sold Out" performances, an "in person" waiting list for tickets opens 1 hour before the performance time. Names are added to the list in order of arrival - earliest arrivals (even if arriving more than 1 hour before) will be put first. Worth knowing at busy performances.
Guys and Dolls
      No policy.
Motown The Musical
      No policy.
St James
The Pianist Of Willesden Lane
      No policy.
St Martin's
The Mousetrap
Stalls row A 16  £27.50 (£28.50 Saturday) From 10.30am. Limited to 2 per person maximum. Credit or Debit cards only (not Solo or Electron).

Those aged 16 to 18 without cards may provide proof of age and other Photo I.D. instead. Everybody else is required to use a card, to prevent unauthorised ticket re-selling.
Reader reports:
23rd September 2015. Got the last day seat at 6.20pm. Apparently it's a quiet day.
30th January 2016.  10:30am and the first ones to get day seats for the 7:30pm show. We got A9 and 10.

Trafalgar Studio 1
The Homecoming
      No policy.
Trafalgar Studio 2
The Picture of Dorian Gray
      No policy.
Hand To God
      No policy.
Victoria Palace
Billy Elliot
Row A Stalls and Dress Circle Side Slips 20

£19.50 / £29.50

Sold from 10am. Credit / debit card required.

Arriving from 9am is normally OK, and do remember that you can also buy many cheap front row stalls seats in advance from the official website

Reader report: "Wednesday 17th May 2013: 11am - My friend got a day seat in the 3rd row, still said she couldn't see the floor, but much better than the first row would have been. She is 163cm tall."
Reader report: "25th January 2014 - went there at 9:30am on a Saturday. 5th person in the line. Got the front row seat. Stage is quite high but I'm 181cm and don't really mind about actors’ feet."
Reader report: 2nd April 2015: Arrived at 9.30am, 8 people in front. By 10am there were 19 people behind us. The three of us bought six tickets in total.
Reader report: 28th November 2015. 3rd in line at 9:15am. Got seats A 6 to 8.
Reader report: 16th December 2015. Arrived at 9.45am, already 7 people in queue, got the last 3 front seats A1, 2 and 3.

8 seats in stalls row A, plus 8 in upper circle boxes 16 £19.50 From 10am to personal callers at the box office only.
Reader reports:
12th December 2015: 4th in Hangmen queue at 8:10am on Saturday morning. 16 by 10am.
9th January 2016. arrived at 8:20am and was seventh in line. By 10am there were maybe about 30 people.
13th January 2016. 8:10am, and we're 5 and 6 in the queue.
23rd January 2016: first in line at 7:30, 14 at 8:40am.


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