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Heathers The Musical

The Other Palace Main Auditorium

12 Palace Street, Westminster, London SW1E 5JA 020 7087 7900

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Booking until 4th September 2022.

Unpopular Veronica Sawyer makes it into the "in" crowd at Westerberg High. Then rebel JD arrives.

Not available for this production - the monkey loved the 2018 run at this venue, however!

Legacy reader reviews

I have seen all the major productions of this show, moving it (back) to The Other Palace is interesting, as the smaller stage is ideal to show the chaos and cramped feeling of High School (release a few hundred kids into the hall at the same time and you’ll see what I mean).

Heather is one of my favourite shows (and comes from a film I love).  I’m not “Corn Nut” obsessed, but I do know the show very well.  And the take at this venue?  It also has a ‘touring company’ vibe about it, both in how the cast portrays their characters and the set (they do a hell of a lot with not a huge amount in a small space).

For those of you that haven’t seen it, Heathers is based on the Winona Ryder/Christian Slater movie about two high school kids who begin a killing spree.  All the key elements are here (I love how so much material comes from one throwaway line “You’re beautiful”), Veronica, the “not a Heather” who wants to be popular.  JD, the “Cool kid” who Veronica falls for… and the Heathers.  Solid Teflon, they rise above all the bedlam and horrors of High School life.  Veronica would give anything to be like them, when she gets it?  She finds out popularity comes at a price…

Heather is - and has to be - bold, bright, brassy and ballistic.  It is dark from the word go, mixing comedy, drama and an awful lot of teen-angst generated death, glossed over by the adults for their own benefit.

Shout outs for a very young cast.  Especially Ailsa Davidson - her Veronica is the closest to Winona Ryder’s movie original yet.  Physically similar, her movements evoke the movie character, she’s good at the innocent earlier parts but brings real strength when called for later.  Jacob Fowler (understudy, but I understand he has been filling in for much of the run) as JD - he wears his problems on his sleeve in a way I’ve not seen before (almost a touch of Norman Bates at times).  But the big song for me on the night was “Lifeboat”, blasted out with buckets of emotion by Teleri Hughes - Heather Mac is a thankless part in many ways, the least used of the Heathers, much of her role is drawing attention to others.  But “Lifeboat” is her moment to shine and it was beautifully performed.  And well done Mary-Jean Caldwell (our Martha Dumptruck… I mean Dunstuck for the night).  On debut that night, she played Martha’s slide from hopeful to despair nicely, and she introduced a little extra moment of drama (trying to get into reverse) that I think should be kept in the show!

If you haven’t seen it.  Go. Heathers is funny, dramatic and with some real depth behind that glossy exterior.  Just don’t forget the Corn Nuts, BQ flavour of course.

(Bob Pickett)

The monkey advises checking performance times on your tickets and that performances are happening as scheduled, before travelling.

Tuesday to Friday at 7.30pm
Saturday at 3pm and 7.30pm
Sunday at 1pm and 5.15pm

Runs 2 hours 30 minutes approximately.

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