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(FREE call if using Calling Plan at your chosen times)

who will, and who will not!

This page was suggested by reader Georgia, a keen autograph collector. Her suggestion was that the monkey record which of our West End performers will, and will not sign autographs by post or at the stage door.

The bigger the star, the less likely (for their own safety and crowd security) they will be able to appear to sign autographs. Sometimes the actor emerges, or the stage door keeper will take your programme in to be signed and returned or mailed back. 

You can though, just be told no. Please accept this and go. Remember, the area around the stage door is busy, and asking you to wait some distance from it and outside is not being difficult, just practical, as the whole team have to leave through this exit. Accept it and try to keep out of the way as you wait. A great set of simple rules is online at:

Have a working pen (felt / fibre tip is best for writing on glossy paper), paper and be polite. Actors are entitled to courtesy - if they are having a busy or bad day in their life you are the last thing they need. On stage you get a performance you are paying for. Off stage is their personal time, your intrusion is into this and is on their terms, not yours.

Do also remember: Stage door areas are often in dark alleyways. If you have to wait after the evening show, the streets around will often empty of people...consider your personal safety at all times, please!!

If other readers would like to tell the monkey whether they had a reply or not, do feel free to Contact Us at the usual address - PLEASE HEAD YOUR MESSAGE "Star Signs". 



Gillian Anderson (signature, chat and photo)
Hank Azaria (signed, photos, chat)
MiG Ayesa (signed, photos, chat)
Delroy Atkinson (signed, photos, chat)
Roger Allam
Jo Ampil
Julie Atherton
Bennett Andres
Stephane Anelli (signed)
Sabrina Alouche (signed, photos, chat)
Rowan Atkinson (signed, photos)
Lorraine Ashbourne - signed
Richard Armitage - signed, photos.

Michael Ball - signed programmes, also posed for photo
Keith Burns (Blood Brothers) - also posed for photo
Samantha Bond 
Mark Bazeley
David Bardsley 
Steve Balsamo
Matthew Bourne (signature and photo and a bit of a chat)
Simon Russell Beale
Kenneth Branagh (signed, photos)
Peter Bishop
Wendy Mae Brown (signed, photos, chat)
Emily Buck (signed, chat)
Helen Baxendale (signed, photos, chat)
Frances Barber (one reader recorded a not nice encounter and refusal; another, in October 2004 reports the opposite - happy to sign / photo / chat with the best of them. Everyone's entitled to an off day, was the reported feeling- the monkey echoes that!).
George Baker
John Barrowman (signed, chat)
Jim Broadbent
Brenda Blethyn
Rachel Barrell (signed, photo)
Paul Broughton
Sophie Bould (signed, photos, chat)
Danny Bayne
Simon Bowman (Signed, Chat, Photo)
Daniel Boys (Signed, Chat, Photo)
Susie Blake (Signed, Photo)
Gina Beck (signed)
Edward Baruwa (signed)
Simon Bailey (signed, photo)
Jon Boydon (autograph, photo, chat)
Rob Brydon (signed, chat, photo)
Amy Booth Steel (signed, chat, photo)
Simon Bailey - Signed and had long chat
Jenna Boyd
Matthew Barker -signed
Susan Brown - signed
Jon Jon Briones - Signs and picture
Alistair Brammer - signs and picture
Melanie Bright (Signs and photo)
Martin Ball – signed and took selfies
Nikki Bentley (autographs, selfies and chat)
Emily Olive Boyd (autographs and chat)
Georgia Rae Briggs (she'll say hi, and will sign if you ask her)

Caprice - also posed for photo
Anna Chancellor
Richard Calkin
Krysten Cummings (signed, photo)
Clive Carter (signed, photos, chat)
Louise Clayton (signed, chat) 
Chris Copeland (signed, photos, chat)
Richard Coyle (signed, photos, chat)
Lynda Carter
Mackenzie Crook  (signed, photos, chat)
Joe Caffrey 
Niamh Cusack (signed, photos, chat)
Sinead Cusack
Liz Crowther
Gavin Creel (signed, chat)
Tim Curry (signed, chat)
Dean Chisnall (signed, photo, chat)
Simon Callow (signed, chat)
Michael Crawford (signed, photo)
Billy Carter
Angel Coulby - signed
Dermot Crowley - signed
Michael Colbourne (Signs and sometimes photo)
Paule Constable

Ken Dodd
Dame Judi Dench - allows photo
Barbara Dickson (signature and photo and a bit of a chat)
Darren Day
Patrick Duffy
Joe Dixon
Carol Decker
Minnie Driver (signed, photos)
Louise Davidson (signed, chat)
Andrew Derbyshire (signed, photos, chat)
Anita Dobson
Charles Dance
Barbara Dickson
Sally Dexter
Alexis Denisof  (signed, chat)
Siobhan Dillon (signed, photos, chat lots)
Tim Driesen (signed, photos, chat)
Oliver Darley (signed, chat, ended up drinking with them!)
Scott Davies (signed, photos, chat)
Jade Davies (Signs and Photo)
Arthur Darvill (Signed and took photo)
Jennifer DiNoia (photo & autograph)
Ashley Day (incredibly nice, probably nicest person I've met at a stage door. Photo, autograph, hug, chat)

Jenny Eclair
Peter Egan (signed, chat)
Lee Evans (signed, chat)
Jack Ellis (signed, chat)
Serena Evans
Kerry Ellis (signed, photo)
Craige Els (signed, photo, chat)
Mark Evans (signed, photos, chat)
Kathryn Evans (signed)
Cynthia Erivo (signed)
Marianna Elliott
Sophie Evans (autographs and selfies)

Pam Ferris
Paul Freeman
James Fleet
Michael French
Ralph Fiennes (signed)
Maria Friedman (signed, photos, chat)
Dawn French (signed, chat) 
Jerome Flynn
Sheila Ferguson
Clare Foster
Connie Fisher (signed, photos, chat)
Christopher Fry (signed, photos)
Taofique Folarin (signed, photos)
Edward Fox - Signed programs, posed for photos
Emilie Fleming (Didn't get her but sign and photo)
Patsy Ferren (Signed)
Alice Fearn (autographs and selfies)

Adam Garcia
Stephen Gately (signed, photos and chat) 
Melanie Gutteridge. 
Pippa Gebette (signed, chat)
Carys Gray (signed, photos, chat)
Michael Gambon
Mark Goldthorp (signed, photos, chat)
Mark Goldthorp (signed)
Ashleigh Gray (signed, photos, chat)
Jeff Goldblum (signed, photo)
Mel Giedroyc  (signed, photos, chat - very nice!)
Gareth Gates (signed, photos)
Simon Gorton (signed, photos)
Tom Gillies (signed, photos)
Ben Goddard (signed)
Alex Gaumond (signed, photo, quite a bit of chat)
Richard Griffiths
Hayden Gwynn - Signed programs, posed for photos
Rachelle Ann Go - Signs and does picture. Lots of men will want her picture based on her sexy role in the show!
David Gale - signed and took selfie
Carina Gillespie - signed and took selfie
Andrew Garfield – signed
Denise Gough – Signed
Daniel James Greenway (autographs and chat; probably pictures too if you ask him)

Mark Hutchinson (Blood Brothers) - also posed for photo.
Jerry Hall - (signed, chat)
Ruthie Henshall (signature and photo and a bit of a chat)
Judd Hirsch
Ruthie Henshall (signed, photos, chat, and motherly advice!)
David Haig (signed, chat)
Amanda Holden
Nigel Havers (signed, chat)
Yildiz Hussien (signed, photos, chat)
Tim Healy 
Jill Halfpenny (signed, photo, little chat)
John Hurt
Alyson Hannigan (signed, photos, chat)
Patricia Hodge (signed, photos, chat)
Conleth Hill (signed, chat)
Martin Harvey (signed, photo)
Nicholas Hoult (signed, photos, chat)
Sheila Hancock (signed, photo)
Danielle Hope (signed, photo)
Nigel Harman - signed and took a photo
Kwang-Ho Hong - signs, but doesn't speak English so he isn't being rude if he doesn't respond to you!
Danielle Hope (signed, photos, chat)
Carrie Hope Fletcher (Signs, Photo and chat: So Lovely! Signed programme and ticket)
Rob Houchen (Signs, Photo and saw him give fans a hug)
AJ Holmes (very nice! took photo, autograph and a chat)
Clare Halse
Victoria Hamilton-Barritt
Hamilton Cast

Dougal Irvine (signed, photos, chat)
Jeremy Irons (does them but no photos)
Kim Ismay (autographs, selfies and chat)


Alex Jennings
Sue Johnston 
Jenna Lee James (signed, photos, chat)
Jodie Jacobs (signed, photos, chat)
Jaye Jacobs (signed, photos, chat)
Derek Jacobi
Suranne Jones (signed, chat)
Geraldine James
Sue Jenkins
Lesley Joseph
Isaac James
Ben James-Ellis (signed, photo, chat)
Joshua Jackson (signed)
Rachel Jerram (signed, photos, chat)
Ciara Janson (signed, photos)
Chris Jarman (signed, chat, photo)
Nathan Steward Jarrett – signed – also bumped in him at the break eating, and he had a wonderful chat with us.


Barnaby Kay
Dillie Keane
Sam Kane (signed, chat, photo)
Bill Kenwright
Paul Keating
Debbie Kurup (signed, photo)
Tom Kanavan 
Claire King
Ramin Karimloo (signed, photo, chat)
Alexia Khadime (photo)
Caroline Keiff (signed, photo, chat)
Laura Michelle Kelly (signed, photo, chat) One reader met her several times, finding her 'lovely' at all.
Ian Kelsey (signed, photos, chat)
Kurt Kansley - signs
Idriss Kargbo – signed and took selfie
Andy Karl
Charlie Karlsen (autographs and pictures)

Lee Latchford Evans - also posed for photo
Bonnie Langford
Belinda Lang
Melanie La Barrie 
Jon Lee (signed, photo)
Nathan Lane (signed, chat) One reader recorded, though, that he refused in November 2004 at Drury Lane Theatre Royal.
Ryan Longbottom 
James Lomas
Ashley Lloyd
Rob Lowe (signed, chat)
Joanna Lumley
Tom Linecar
Simon Lipkin - signed and had long chat
Chris Lennon (signed, photo, chat)
Rebecca Lock (signed, photo)
Jeremy Legat (signed, photos, chat)
Maria Lawson (signed, photos)
Robert Lindsay - signed and took a photo
Peter Lockyer (Signs and Photo)
Amanda Lawrence – signed
Matthew Lewis

Roger Moore
George Maguire
Julia McKenzie
Joe Morton 
Martine McCutcheon
Arthur Miller
Natasha McElhone (signed, apologised very kindly for being unable to allow photos)
Andy Mace
Liam Mower
Ruth Madoc (signed, photo, chat)
Jane Mcdonald
Ian McKellen (signed, photo, chat)
Matthew Modine (signed, photo)
Aoife Mulholland (signed, photo, chat)
Susan McFadden
Lee Martin
Kris Marshall (signed, photo)
Sarah Miles (signed)
Candy Ma (signed, photos)
Mazz Murray (signed, photos)
Patina Miller (signed, photo, chat)
Danny Mac (signed, chat)
Jason Manford - Signed programs, posed for photos and had a quick chat
Helen Mirren - Stage door keeper took programmes and tickets to her dressing room to be signed. Signed a few photos on her way out and had a short chat with fans. Apologised for not allowing pictures as “If she takes a photo with one person she has to do it for everyone and then she's there all night” Also Helen would only give out personalised autographs to stop them being sold on ebay by autograph hunters.
Alan Morrisey - Signed
Carey Mulligan - signed, photos
Hugh Maynard - signs, picture and such a lovely guy to talk to. Had a 10 minute conversation with him
Stacey McGuire (autographs and chat)

Trevor Nunn 
Paul Nicholas
Bill Nighy - signed, and a reader noted that at "Skylight" in 2014 he allowed photos ONLY if you ask.
Eva Nobelzada - signs and picture

Richard O'Brien (incredibly friendly, photo, chat, drew one reader a doodle of himself as his character in Rocky Horror!)
Donny Osmond (signed, photos, chat)
John Owen Jones (signed, photo)
Maria Omakinwa (signed, photos, chat)
Hilary O’Neil (signed, chat, photo)
Lloyd Owen - signed
David O'Reilly (photo, autograph)

Marti Pellow - also posed for photo
Clarke Peters (signature and photo)
Jonathan Pryce
Jerome Pradon (signature, chat and photo)
Michael Praed (signed a poster and chat)
Patsy Palmer
Matthew Perry (signed, photos)
Ian McKellen (signed, photos, chat)
Bill Patterson
Stephen Palfreman (signed, chat)
Luke Perry (signed, photo)
Stephanie Putson
Davina Perera (signed, photos, chat)
Margeret Preece - (signed, photos, chat)
Dianne Pilkington (signed, photos)
Nigel Planer (signed, photos, chat - rarely seen at the stage door, though, according to a reader)
Joanna Page (signed, chat)
Tom Parsons (signed, photos, chat)
Alan Pearson (signed, chat)
Nathaniel Parker - Signed programs, posed for photos and chatted for a while
Billie Piper - signed and happily took a photo with me
Jonny Purchase (Signs and photo. He started chatting to my gran!!)
Steven Pinder (autographs, selfies and chat)

Philip Quast (multiple signatures, multiple pictures at his 
insistence, and a bit of a chat)

Alan Rickman - also posed for photo
Jo Riding (twice, with photo the first time)
Ben Richards (signature and photo)
Kelly Reilly (signed, photos, chat)
Anton Rogers
Louise Russell (signed, chat) 
Mykal Rand (signed, photo)
Sophia Ragavelas (signed, photos, chat)
Shane Ritchie
Jon Robyns
Alex Rathgber (signed, photo, chat)
Leanne Rowe (signed)
Jon Reynolds - signs
Nic Rouleau
Amy Ross (autographs, selfies and chat)

Dame Maggie Smith - also posed for photo
Josette Simon 
Adrian Schiller
Dawn Spence (signature and photo)
Caroline Sheen (signature and photo)
Tracy Shaw
Antony Sher
Imogen Stubbs
Suggs (signed, photos, chat)
Patrick Stuart 
Rolf Saxon
Marvin Spencer (signed, photos, chat)
Paul Spicer 
Jenny Seagrove (signed, photo)
Simon Shepherd (signed, photo)
Christian Slater (signed, photos, chat)
Maximillian Schnell (signed, photo)
Kevin Spacey (signed, photo - but at "Clarence Darrow" does not usually sign but signed for one reader who saw him leave by another exit and was VERY discreet about asking)
Patrick Stewart (signed - a reader notes that to prevent professional sellers he won't sign TNG items)
Paul Spicer (signed, chat)
Tommy Steele - Signed programmes and allowed a quick picture as he was getting into a taxi.
Imelda Staunton- signed programmes (no cards, and doesn't take photos at stage door)
Niall Sheey - signs (does do photos sometimes).
Marsha Songcome - signs
Kiruna Stamell - signed
Jessamy Stoddart (Signs and Photo)
Celinde Schoenmaker (Photo, autograph and really takes time to talk to you)
Kristin Scott Thomas (signs at evenings only. No pictures)
Aaron Sidwell (didn't stop)
Paul Saunders (autographs and chat)

Sandi Toksvig
Sally Ann Triplett
Richard Taylor Woods (signature and photo)
Richard Thomas
Stephen Tompkinson (signed, photos and chat) 
Emma Jay Thomas (signed, chat)
Oliver Thornton
Gwen Taylor (signed, photo, chat)
Angela Thorne (signed, but hurried)
Kathleen Turner (signed)
Oliver Tompsett (signed, photo)
Liam Tamne (signed, photos, chat)
Rachel Tucker (signed, chat, photo)
Jacqueline Tate (signed, photo),
Jeremy Taylor
Gary Trainor
Harriet Thorpe - signed
Russel Tovey – signed and let us take photos

George Ure (signed, photos, chat)

Amanda Valentine
Denise Van Outen 
Tony Vincent
Rupert Vansittart - signed
Willemijn Verkaik (photo & autograph, she's not really into hugs though...I've learned the hard way.)

Gary Wilmot
Dennis Waterman
Zoë Wanamaker (signature only allowed)
Emma Williams
Dave Willetts (signed, photos and chat)
Lucy Williamson (signed, photo, chat)
Matthew White (signed, photos, chat)
Liza Walker
Harriet Walters (signed, photo)
Julia Watson (signed, photo, chat)
Cast of 'Wicked' (signed, photo) according to several readers, a very nice bunch!
Robert Webb (signed, chat)
Helen Woolf (autographs, selfies and chat)

Benjamin Yates (autographs, selfies and chat)

Leigh Zimmerman (signed a poster and chat)
Yanle Zhong (signed, photo)


Alan Alda - signed programme
Gillian Anderson,
Roger Allam
Julie Atherton (did take four months, but very nice reply when it arrived!) another reader got a quicker reply, though.

Keith Burns (Blood Brothers) - signed pic.
Sean Bean - signed leaflet, one reader got sent a photo back with personal signature.
Michael Ball - will personalise autographed photo too, if requested.
Samantha Bond

Richard Coyle (sent photo back with personal signature!)
Glenn Close (also a personal letter stressing how sorry she
was that she had to drop out of the performance that the reader saw).
Catherine McCormack (signed a programme left at the Stage Door).

Joanna David (letter and photo)
Dame Judi Dench (photo and letter)

Kerry Ellis (signed, takes about a week according to one reader)

Colin Firth (photo)

Ian Glen
Lesley Garrett (programme posted to theatre signed and returned by post in just 23 days!)

Mark Hutchinson (Blood Brothers) - signed pic.
Ruthie Henshall - signed pic
Hugo Harold-Harrison (did take four months, but very nice reply when it arrived!)
Phillip Seymore Hoffman (from the Donmar via 'Phil's Fans' in
Patricia Hodge
Jeffrey Holland (photo and letter)
Jill Halfpenny - Signed photo (around 4 months, quite a long time because she is a very busy woman! :) )

Martine McCutcheon - signed pic
Alison Moyet - signed pic
Ewan McGregor

Complete cast of 'Privates on Parade' at the Donmar
Su Pollard (letter and photo)
Jerome Pradon (for anyone who applied via his website by a certain date - he even paid postage worldwide!)
Dianne Pilkington (letter and signed photo) took around a month

Alan Rickman - signed pic
Anne Reid (photo and letter)

Antony Sher - signed card
Alison Steadman (photo, letter, birthday cards)
'Sunset Boulevard' Cast (signed)

Oliver Tompsett (signed photo) around 2 to 3 weeks

Tony Vincent (including handwritten birthday card to one reader!)

Julia Watson (signed photos and a birthday card)
Benjamin Whitrow ( letter (on the back of his Pride & Prejudice script!) and
Julie Walters (photo)
Victoria Wood (photo, letter - and in person she will sign programmes!)
Dave Willetts (signed)



Sean Bean (was not able to do so occasionally at the Albery due to security problems - large numbers waiting - according to several readers).
David Essex
Sharon Gless
Julian Glover
Ewan McGregor (was stopped signing due to security problems - large number of crowd waiting)

David Essex
Kevin Spacey



Alan Alda (According to Michael J. Fox in his autobiography, Alda much prefers to have a good chat instead!)
Ned Beatty
Brendan Fraser (security, apparently)
Gemma Jones 
Anthony Costa (only two people at the stage door, no reason given, a reader reports)
Lesley Manville She makes a "secret" escape from one of many possible exits, not the back stage door.
Sheena Easton (used to escape immediately from the theatre to avoid fans, which I respect; their job ends after curtain call)


Anita Louise Combe - No reply after about 2 months.
Brendan Fraser - No reply after a year+
Joanna Riding - No reply after a year+
Ray Winstone (for 'Night Heron') - still waiting

According to one reader, the backlash against "Ebay Autograph Hunters" has begun, with one actor, David Warner reportedly saying he no longer signs because of eBay. The monkey would be interested to hear of other performers who have felt forced to take a stand on this issue...




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