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Theatre Seats Opinion.

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The Dress Circle overhangs the stalls at row H.

The stalls are divided into two unequal blocks by an aisle.

The main block is in front of the stage, the other... sort of trails off to one side.

Two thick pillars at the ends of row D and K beside seat 1.

Acceptable throughout the stalls - best in part of row B where there are no seats in front.

Choosing Seats in General:
In the main block, almost any seat except the first two or three in each row are a safe bet.

Row D back are best, compensating for the high stage.

Seats close to the centre aisle are worthwhile for the current production 'The Woman In Black'... and not for the reason most people think...

Second price seats in the back row of this block offer good value.

Sitting in the small block to the left of the stage, this monkey feel it is in a different theatre altogether as the actors have to work double hard to include us in the action.

Take the centre aisle seat if you like (again, it enhances watching the current production(, but avoid the rest of this block if possible. If you can't, then take the farthest back seat you can to compensate for a strange viewing angle.

General Hazard Notes:
The pillars in front of D1 and K1 irritate, rather than block views.

Seats are not offset to see around the row in front.

Outermost side block seats have a strange viewing angle.

Changes for the current production:
Until 15th December 2012, Row D seats 11 to 14 and E 12 to 15 (plus D 9 and 10 and E 10 and 11 at Friday and Saturday performances) are "premium" seats - a little more expensive.

From 17th December 2012 that becomes Rows E and F 12 to 15, and G 11 to 14 Monday to Thursday / D 9 to 14 and E and F 10 to 15 at Friday and Saturday performances. Your choice, feels the monkey, if you really want to pay more for the same view as seats behind.

Reader Comments:
"B11 and 12: (KJ Hailes). Nice seats and view. Plenty of leg room."

"C3 and C4: (Sam Reid). Fine with sufficient leg room. Three rows from the front and to the side; only problem was that you are looking up so, if you suffer from neck problems as I do, probably best to sit a bit further back."

"C17: Great seat!"

“D13 and 14: Although we had considerably more leg room than in most, if I must make a criticism it is that you do have to look up all the time - so don't sit so close if you have neck problems."

"F12 and 13: These seats gave an almost central view of the stage and were close enough to experience some the ‘action’. At 5ft 8 I found the seats gave me adequate legroom but anyone taller might have a problem and although the rake of the seating is hardly noticeable, the stage is high enough for even the shortest of people to see over heads in front of them."

G9 to G11: My Dad's 50th Birthday. Neither of us were disappointed with these seats at £39.00, a decent price. I had a very tall person sat in front of me (and I am 5ft 7) - this worried me at first. However, the stage is quite high up from the seating level, and all I missed was the actors' feet, And to be honest, their shoes are quite common anyway!"

“G10: The view of the stage was very good. Also, there was plenty of leg room in the seats so having to endure aching legs whilst watching the play."

"G10 and G11: Offered a good view of the stage."

"G12 to G14: (James – regular reader). Legroom is good here and the view is great but I was particularly lucky not to have anyone sitting in front as the rake is not that steep."

"H15 to 17: I note that the monkey says "The Dress Circle overhangs the stalls at row H.", but despite being in row H 15-17, the overhang was very noticeable, turning the performance into letterbox format. The audience near the stage seemed to "enjoy" the play more than those at the back, judging by the screams, so if you don't want to be thinking "I'll have what she's having!" I suggest a seat in A-F."

"J7 and 8: Gave an excellent view of the stage and there's plenty of legroom so comfort isn't a problem."


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