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& Juliet

Shaftesbury Theatre

210 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8DP 020 7379 5399

& Juliet
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Ends 25th March 2023.

What happens after Romeo dies? A jukebox musical considers the idea.



Not available. Professional reviewers agree that it is noisy, raucous and contains loud pop-songs and a thin plot. The number of stars given corresponds to whether or not they like that kind of thing. For those that do, they note some strong performances and decent jokes. Those who don't find it yet another nail in the musical theatre coffin. 2 stars if you dislike this kind of musical, 4 or even 5 stars if you want an intellectually less stimulating romp through some tunes of your 90s childhood, seems to be the verdict.

Legacy reader reviews

I totally agree to your summary of professional reviews. But although it is a Jukebox musical - which I usually do not prefer - the show is really good. Especially because it does not regard itself as too serious. The way they “use” the well known pop songs to underline the (thin) plot makes it good entertainment. We all have seen jukebox musicals with less good ideas.

And the performers do a good, many of them an outstanding, job.

OK, you see that everything in the show is planned to achieve an effect, but many of them are good.

By the way - the day seats have a great price for a good view. But some of the pictures - the stage design created - are not (good) viewable from this row. Here row 8 or 10 and behind (or on the upper levels) will give a much better view, that could be worth paying the price for it.

Stalls Q28,29 and 30. Got last minute tickets and lucked out as these were great. Ample legroom, good offsetting and the seats are quite low and the stage quite high which can lead to a reasonably unobstructed view if the people in front aren’t freakishly tall. We also had 3 empty rows in front of us to enhance the view (which is also a bit alarming on a Saturday night?!)

Had the joy of a group of young women who were 'wasted' a couple of rows in front. One had vomited after about 20 minutes and passed out in the seat so they had to leave and 2 FOH people had to try and clean up during act 1. Absolutely ridiculous. At least we didn’t get any ‘sing-a-longers’ to add insult to injury!

& Juliet asks an interesting question: What if, when Juliet awoke from the sleeping draught she took, rather than take her own life... she decided to live it?

The play starts as William Shakespeare completes the final scene... which doesn't go down well with the cast, or with Anne Hathaway, who has travelled down to London to see her husband.  She suggests a different direction....

...and history's about to get overthrown (sorry, wrong musical.  I will come back here later).

Juliet, her friends April and May (April, May, July-et!) along with Juliet's Nurse move from Verona to Paris, and life becomes even more complicated.

So that's the story, what about the show?  This is a jukebox musical, but rather than being a vehicle for an artist, & Juliet draws upon the extensive catalogue of Max Martin, a man who has penned more US No. 1 singles than anyone... except Lennon and McCartney.

So we're sound with the music. The storyline?  Like any good Shakespearean comedy there are multiple romances, triangles and trysts.  

Not giving the game away, but the story ties itself in a knot it never truly resolves around the half-way mark.  But this doesn't overshadow the fun.

& Juliet is in your face.  It's lively and brash (and loud), but it also has gentle comedy and very tender moments, especially from May, who is struggling with gender and identity (the rendition of "Not Yet A Woman" is touching).  There are jokes that hit the mark perfectly, segues into musical numbers that rival Mamma Mia! for cheese.  And the cast all give it everything they've got.

If you're happy to run with a wafer-thin base plot and enjoy the music of Max Martin, then I'll happily recommend this show.

But I can't help compare to the West End's other history-bending show.  SIX has a combination of joy, tightness and original songs (albeit based on various artist's styles) that & Juliet just doesn't match.  And SIX deals with it's significant other in a more satisfying way.

But & Juliet takes the jukebox musical in a new direction, one that is a lot of fun.

Bob Pickett.

"We made a return visit to '& Juliet' on Monday night (17th February 2020). The show is completely bonkers but great fun, and has lost none of it's sparkle since Manchester. We had understudies for both Shakespeare and Anne who weren't quite as good but the rest of the show made up for it. Miriam Teak-Lee was superb again, and Jordan Luke Gage (what is it with this show and double barrelled names?!) went even further OTT as Romeo which lived things up no end. I would say that by 2/3 of the way through the first act you think its gone as far over the top as its going to go, but then the ending of act one ramps it up even further. Whether its as clever as it thinks it is I don't know, and a certain amount of plot goes missing towards the end in the journey to empowerment, but frankly that doesn't matter; if by that point you haven't bought into it then I don't think deepening the plot would make any difference. I suspect we will be back, it is now my wife and I's new guilty pleasure!!! The production values remain high and huge credit to the sound team for ensuring that despite the volume you can hear every word. 

We sat in the stalls seats E 8 and 9, these were the end of a row. A corner of the stage was missing but nothing missed. However, I specifically booked these for the leg space as the Shaftsbury is notoriously tight for someone of my stature, and indeed in this seat there was no room to move; the only advantage was a quick exit for standing at the interval. But when I booked at the box office I could have had row f but was assured there was absolutely no difference, even after I asked if one had more room than the other. So I was a little annoyed to get to the seat and find that if I had taken F then I could have stretched out fully into the space in front. So if legroom is important and still an ok view, the end of Row F is recommended. 

Special mention to the usher Madjit who moved quickly to silence the gaggle of hysterical teenage girls in front of us (school party, teacher sat miles away who spent more time whipping them up and providing them with sugary treats than policing) who were screaming and gossiping every time a certain ensemble member whom they fancied came anywhere near. He said what was in my head but a lot more tactfully!

I have so far resisted jukebox musicals feeling generally suspicious about the songs being created before and not integral to the story. 

However, this one I thought might be different - I thought the concept sounded fun and like the songs. I was wrong. It probably wasn’t helped by the fact that there were three understudies in the leads (including Juliet- and I had particularly wanted to see Miriam Teake Lee). Not there there was anything wrong with them personally- but I think it may have affected the dynamic of the show.

The script and it’s delivery was almost pantomime in delivery (I’m told this is the usual style and nothing to do with the understudies). The songs themselves seemed repetitive without the variation and scope of a true musical - none of them seemed to big enough to compensate for the very weak plot.

My favourite - the only one I really liked was David Bedella and Melanie La Barrie’s Teenage Dream. That said, there were plenty of people in the audience who were enjoying themselves and maybe it’s just a personal thing. 

I’ll probably try another jukebox musical in future - I’m still prepared to be converted. But this one certainly wasn’t going to do it for me. 

Saw the brilliant '& Juliet' from Dress Circle D13/14 for an amazing £35 through TodayTix! Excellent and clear view of the stage. Absolutely fantastic seats for that price! Also highly recommend the show!

My thoughts on '& Juliet' haven’t changed, a great show if you want something undemanding and fun. My sister didn’t know what she was in for and she loved it.

Sat in the stalls row J seats 19 and 20. These are on the central aisle and offer a perfect view of the stage, feeling much closer to the stage than I expected. We were fortunate to have two short people in front but the rake is excellent so both our views were uninterrupted. The seat was very low which meant getting in and out of it was quite difficult but there was more legroom than I have had on previous visits. There wasn’t much room but there was a gap between the my knees and the back of the seat in front, always a treat. Overall, highly recommended even for very tall people like myself.

Grand Circle D 14, 15, 16. Clear view of the whole stage except the top half of the projections which are a 'nice to have' rather than a 'must see'. Rake is steep so there is little chance of being impacted by those in front of you.  These are on an aisle so you manage a bit of extra leg room which is welcome as it is otherwise quite tight.  The front row looked horrendous for legroom  and I would avoid at all costs. Quite a lot of steps up to the grand circle so bring oxygen or pace yourself!

Thanks to online (February 2022) I was able to get stalls E 17 and 18 for half price whilst on the train down. These turned out to be superb, an excellent view, on the aisle, close enough to see every nuance but also far enough back to take in the whole spectacle. Leg room was poor for me but fine for my wife; I suspect most would not have a problem, but I felt the need to do various stretches in the aisle at the interval - which just have been quite a sight. 

Given that it was our last chance to see the full original cast, I was delighted that all principals were on (first time of seeing Cassidy Jansen since Manchester) and the whole show was slick, fresh and lively - the entire cast worked so hard, and what looked like an almost full audience lapped it up. Definitely the best that I have seen it, and just what we needed.

Grand Circle D16 and 17: Great seats, depending on the production.  They're plumb centre, the rake means no-one in front will block your view.  Decent comfort and legroom is OK if not outstanding. Close enough to see facial expressions but far enough back to take in the whole stage. For the current production (& Juliet) you lose the back projections - not an issue as they're a nice touch rather than essential to the plot.  But for any future shows that employ a gallery (as was the case when I saw Kiss Of The Spiderwoman) you will lose the performer's head if not more.

Bob Pickett.

Stalls K19: Perfect view! Good legroom!

Dress Circle B18: The person's head in front of me blocked a tiny bit of the front of the stage, but nothing happened there so it was a fantastic view. The legroom was very cramped. I put my left leg in the aisle but by the end of the show my right knee was killing me. I don't want to sit in the royal circle again. Too uncomfortable.

Stalls K 20: Excellent view and good legroom.

Stalls L19: Good view and legroom. If a tall person is seated in front of you, may obstruct your view.

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