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This venue runs a mixed programme of concerts and other events. is their website, with the latest details.



Wednesday 11th September until Saturday 9th October 2019
Press Night: Thursday 12th September 2019

Selladoor Productions, with Gavin Kalin Productions, Dan Looney & Adam Paulden, Stephen McGill Productions and Jason Haigh-Ellery in association with Big Dreamer Productions/Michael Dahl Rasmussen, BrightLights Productions and Ian Melding present:


Fame the Musical, currently on an extensive and critically- acclaimed UK tour celebrating 30 years since the original Miami production, will undertake a West End transfer to the Peacock Theatre in Autumn 2019.

Based on the 1980 phenomenal pop culture film, Fame the Musical is the international smash-hit sensation following the lives of students at New York’s High School For The Performing Arts as they navigate their way through the highs and lows, the romances and the heartbreaks and the ultimate elation of life. This bittersweet but uplifting triumph of a show explores the issues that confront many young people today: prejudice, identity, pride, literacy, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance.

The cast includes TV star Jorgie Porter, soul legend Mica Paris and theatre star Keith Jack.

The show is Directed and Choreographed by Nick Winston with Design by Morgan Large and Sound Design by Ben Harrison. Mark Crossland is Musical Supervisor.

David De Silva – the conceiver of Fame, known as ‘Father Fame’ says of this anniversary production; “what makes a musical ‘a classic’ or a ‘masterpiece’? It takes time. It passes from one generation to the next. It translates from one language to many. It entertains an audience with both laughter and tears. It inspires youth with passion and parents with nostalgia. The brilliantly directed and choreographed 30th anniversary Fame Uk production of the show by Nick Winston is the best I've ever seen”

Featuring the Oscar-winning title song and a cast of outstanding dancers, singers, musicians and rappers as they transform from star struck pupils to superstars. Fame the Musical will indeed live forever.

See for more information.
Twitter and Facebook: @famemusicaluk

Performance Times:

Tuesday to Friday at 7.30pm
Saturday at 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Sunday at 2pm and 6.30pm

Runs 2 hours 20 minutes approximately, including one 20 minute interval.

Ticket Prices:
Tuesday to Thursday 7.30pm and Sunday 6.30pm performances: £49.50, £36, £25, £18. Under 16's £24.75, £18, £12.50, £9.

Friday 7.30pm, Saturday 2.30pm and 7.30pm and Sunday 2pm performances: £55, £39.50, £29, £18.

Booking fees per ticket: online £1.95 / telephone £3 - per transaction, not per ticket, booking fee is added to all sales. No booking fee for personal callers.

Box Office:
Online: or

By Phone: 020 7863 8222
In person: Portugal Street, London. WC2A 2HT


Theatremonkey Opinion:

Not available.


Your Reviews: Add your own by clicking here.
Important: Some reviews below can contain "spoilers" - please don't read if this bothers you!


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Performance Schedule:
The monkey advises checking performance times on your tickets and that performances are happening as scheduled, before travelling.

Varies by event, see for details.

Ticket Prices:

Offers May be available - Click Here

Varies by event, see for details.


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Buying Tickets Online:

Other Box Office Information

Tickets offered differ between outlets. Outlets also may offer different seats via their phone and online systems. Offers may be available click here.
Theatre Box Office: - the owners' site, provide the service for this theatre.
This theatre allows online seat selection.

If you book 2 or more productions in a single transaction, the Sadler's Wells / Peacock Theatre multi-buy discount may apply, see for details.

Booking fees per ticket for online bookings:
£3 per transaction is charged, the same as by telephone, plus you can pick your own seats from the chart there... Visit the box office personally or join the "Friends Of Sadler's Wells" (details from the box office number above) to avoid the fees altogether.


Other Online Choices (with S.T.A.R. genuine ticket agencies): offer seats for many events, with a per booking (not per ticket) handling charge.

Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may offer an alternative choice of seats for all productions.


Box Office Information:
Tickets offered differ between outlets. Outlets also may offer different seats via their phone and online systems. Offers may be available click here.
Theatre Box Office:
Telephone: 020 7863 8222
Operated by the theatre owner on behalf of their own venue.

If you book 2 or more productions in a single transaction, the Sadler's Wells / Peacock Theatre multi-buy discount may apply, see for details.

Booking fees per ticket for telephone bookings:
A £3 per transaction, not per ticket, booking fee is added to all sales. Same as by phone. Visit the box office personally or join the "Friends Of Sadler's Wells" (details from the box office number above) to avoid the fees altogether.

For personal callers or by post: Portugal Street, London. WC2A 2HT
No booking fee for personal callers.

Special Access Needs Customers:
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them on a dedicated phone line. See Notes. is the official theatre website.


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Theatre Seat Opinions:
Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

This theatre is partly underground with a long walk downstairs to the stalls. Those allergic to stairs should try the Dress Circle. Those who cannot use stairs are forced to use the Dress Circle. Not great. 

The theatre website at has a "virtual tour" of the auditorium. Select "Your Visit" from the front page menu on the right, then "360 degree view" option from the next menu.

Seating Plan Diagram

Stalls Dress Circle Notes

The Dress Circle overhangs the stalls at about row N.

The stalls are divided into a central and two side blocks by aisles.

The side stalls blocks also have row H replaced by an aisle.

The rake (sloped floor to help see over rows in front) is a slope from A to O, then stepped from row P back.

Adequate in all seats.

Side blocks row J seats 1 to 7 and 23 to 29 (J23 "quite luxurious" for one 6ft reader") on a cross aisle, plus row C 1, 2, and 26, row D 1 and 29 row E seat 1, and row F seat 31 have nothing in front. Best legroom in the house.

Choosing Seats in General:
The central block offers clear views from all seats.

In the side blocks, avoid the first four seats in all rows as these are outside the proscenium with a poor viewing angle. If all seats are the same prices, insist on the central block first.

Rows A to D are too close to the high stage to minimise the disruption caused by the strange viewing angle. Rows A to C are often sold at second price though. When they are, the discount makes them a lot more attractive.

Row G is prime, then H, J, F and E.

The rake is really noticeable at around row P, giving a good view over the seats in front and thus increasing their value for money. This is often at top price though - you can sit further forward for the same money.

Row S is often the first available below top price, so take this row first at lower price, then go back alphabetically.

General Hazard Notes:
A sound desk can replace row Z seats 5 to 8 and rows ZA and ZB 6 to 10, making Y 18 to 24 a "no-no" for those not wishing to be disturbed by extraneous noise. This applies for "The Snowman" each Christmas season.

Changes for the current production:

Reader Comments:
"C7: "Shoes" (February 2011). I paid £35 through the GILT ticket offer (runs January to March each year). I'm 6ft tall and felt that I had a reasonable level of legroom, and especially with it being an aisle seat, I could also stretch my right leg out. I was able to see the entire stage and felt only a little neck ache from the close proximity of the stage and having to look up. Overall, very good seats."

"D6: "Another Kind of Blue: Flirt with Reality" (July 2019) A very clear view of the stage, from a side section of the theatre. The seat cost £30.00, however it was bought buy a friend and at a reduced rate. The seats in the theatre are well raked and there is plenty of room, between the rows for even the tallest person."

"E10: "Cirque Eloize - Hotel (February 2019). Another good seat at the Peacock Theatre, situated in the centre section. It gave an excellent view of the stage and it was so close that you could easily see the actors faces. Seating is well raked, with good leg room between rows. It was also very close to an aisle."

"F28: "Shoes" (February 2011). The sound was really dodgy, too overpowering and not well mixed - but the show on stage more than made up for it!"

“Row G: We had very good seats in the centre block in row G. I also note that the circle overhang doesn’t seem to impinge on the view of the top of the stage except possibly in the last couple of rows."

Reader Sam comments:
"G18: (Sam). Excellent in every department. There is not much to add really. Side Stalls, rows E to G, seats 24 (and maybe maybe 25 as well), if can be obtained for cheaper price than the centre stalls, I would elevate to "Green", because I think they offer good view. With a review in my mind, I went during the intermission to the back of the stalls. Of course there was no action, but they looked to me as good seats, and it didn't feel far at all. So, I think people on tight budget should go for those seats without fear of losing out. So, in a nutshell, I agree with the theatremonkey assessment."

"G24 and 25: In the front side block, in the second price bracket, whereas G23 and the centre block were full-price. View of the stage was excellent and unobscured, and I'd reaffirm reader Sam's view that these seats (and probably F24 and 25, and F and G 7 and 8 too) should definitely be considered 'green' based on value for money assuming they are still in that second price bracket."

"J23 and 24: "The Merchants Of Bollywood" (June 2011). These seats were at the inside of the side block with a good view of the entire stage. While not completely central this was not an issue and for this particular show (dance) it was preferable to be close to the stage. For a play it might have been preferable to be slightly more central and possibly further back. However for those (like me) who like their legroom, this could be more than outweighed by the exceptional legroom in the side blocks of row J – quite luxurious."

"K23: "Tango Fire" (February 2013). On the inner end of the side block, stage right. It had only one row in front of it before the cross aisle and was offset from that row enough so as to give a perfectly clear view of the stage. Despite not being in a the centre block, I didn't feel too side-on to the action. Leg room was perfectly fine for someone of average height with a decent overall rake, although the stage is not particularly high. There was a good feeling of space being so close to two aisles."

"O25 and 26: "Taj Express" (October 2018). I am 6ft tall and had excellent legroom in O25 and a very clear view of the stage where I easily see the feet of the dancers."

"P23 and 24: There is a good rake in the stalls but even better in row P as the floor then begins to go up in steps. This allows you to see clearly over heads in front of you. Sound and comfort were also good as well. I would happily sit here again."

"U22, U23 and U24: "Burn The Floor" (October 2016). Although you are towards the back of the theatre, the rows are stepped, which ensures all but the smallest members of the audience should have a very good view. Acoustics were fine. Plenty of legroom (the tallest member of our party was 5' 10") and comfy seats with armrests. This is in the central block of seats and is the first row at third price (£28 for this show)."



This is at the rear of the stalls, overhanging at row N.

The circle is split into front and rear sections by an aisle running across the front of row E.

Each section is split into a central and two side blocks by aisles.

Just adequate in all seats.

Choosing Seats in General:
The front section offers clear views from all seats. Being at the back of the auditorium means these seats are far from the stage. Theatremonkey says choose the front stalls first for the same money unless a high level view is essential to you.
Avoid rows A to D seats 1 to 4 and 30 to 34 as these are close to the sides of the auditorium. Choose the centre block row B first, then C, D and A based on legroom comfort. As normal, take side block seats last if at the same price.
The rear section again has a clear view but feels very far from the stage, the rear stalls are preferable for the same money.

Take the centre block row F, then G, then E if bars don't bother you, and then back.

Avoid rows E to J seats 1 to 4 ( row J 1 to 3) and 29 to 32 for being too close to the sides of the theatre.

Wheelchair users are placed in the back row of the Left hand block (looking from the stage). Getting to it is a hassle and the view is not great either.

General Hazard Notes:
Low bars at the ends of aisles don't affect views particularly, though A 1, 10, 11, 22, 23 and 32 may be missable for purists.

Bars also run across the wall in front of row E.

A reader notes the wide front of the circle, and that covering lights bolted to the wall in front of row A may make it less suitable for the shortest.

Changes for the current production:

Reader Comments:


Dress Circle Boxes

These are at the sides of the theatre between the stage and the front of the Dress Circle.

Boxes AL and AR are set in front and below BL and BR.

Boxes BL and BR seat 4, boxes AL and AR seat 3.

Adequate as seats are movable chairs.

Choosing Seats in General:
Choose boxes BL and BR first for the best viewing angles, which are adequate as best from all boxes; but take rear Stalls before boxes.

General Hazard Notes:
The view from all of them is side on.

Changes for the current production:

Reader Comments:



Total 1037 seats.

Air-conditioned auditorium.

Disabled facilities are limited to occasional signed and audio described performances. Guide dogs are allowed in the theatre or can be dog sat. Wheelchair access is via the Box Office to the back of the Dress Circle. Contact Artsline for fuller details at, telephone 020 7388 2227  or email for further  information. A "venue access guide" from the team who created book "Theatremonkey: A Guide to London's West End," is available to download in PDF format by clicking here.

No food except Ice cream and confectionery.

Two bars, Stalls and Dress Circle.

4 toilets, Stalls 1 gents 1 ladies; Dress Circle 1 gents 1 ladies.


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Getting to this Theatre
Find this theatre on a Street Map
Nearest Underground Station Buses Car Park
Nearest Underground Station:
Holborn - Piccadilly Line (dark blue).

For mobility impaired audience members, the Society of London Theatre provide a "photo map" - illustrated walking route to this venue from a near landmark and also Waterloo Station (the nearest fully accessible station) on their website, via the theatre's listing page on that site.

There are two exits from this station. 

If you see, on leaving the station, a branch of McDonalds ahead of you on the opposite side of the road then do not cross this road, just turn left and walk to the four way crossroads. If you come to a three way cross roads, wrong way.

At the four way crossroads, do not cross any street, just turn to your left and walk on, passing the Underground Station entrance. The street is called Kingsway. 

If you leave the station and see ahead of you on the other side of the road a glass building with a "Sainsbury" sign ahead of you do not cross to it, just turn left as you are on Kingsway already.

All together now on Kingsway, walk straight on, passing mostly office blocks and give what you can to the homeless who inhabit the doorways. Cross Gate Street, Twyford Place, Remnant Street and Sardinia Street.

Also close to the theatre is Temple Station - Circle Line (yellow) and District Line (green).

This is closed on Sundays and some other times, so check before using. If it is open, then leave the station turning left. If you see the river, wrong way!

A photographic version of this walking route is available by clicking here.

Go up the steps and cross the road ahead of you. Keep walking straight on up Arundel Street (the road sloping upwards ahead of you).  Make sure you are on the right hand side pavement.

At the top of Arundel Street is "The Strand" and The Aldwych", a busy road intersection and cluster of buildings. Cross the road so that you are on the curving street ahead of you. 

Follow this street as it curves to your left. Keep going and when you come to "Kingsway" - a busy multi-landed street, turn right into it, but do not cross the road. A long narrow "Peacock Theatre" sign is ahead of you attached to the side of a building. This marks Portugal Street. Turn into it and the theatre is on the left, near the end of the street.


1, 68, 91, 168, 171, 188, 501, 505, 521, X68 all stop on Kingsway. Walk up Portugal Street to the theatre.


A rank for Black taxis is at Charing Cross Station - a long distance from the theatre. Best chance of hailing one in the street is to walk down Portugal Street to Kingsway.


Car Park:
Parker Street, under the New London Theatre. Exit the Car Park and stand with your back to the main foyer of the theatre.

Turn to your left, and walk straight on crossing Parker Mews and Newton Street. At the end of Parker Street is a busy multi lane road, Kingsway. Cross it and turn right. Walk straight on, passing mostly office blocks and give what you can to the homeless who inhabit the doorways. Cross Twyford Place, Remnant Street and Sardinia Street. If you come to Holborn Station, wrong way.

Turn left into the next road you come to, Portugal Street. The Peacock Theatre is ahead on your left.

If you come to the Aldwych Theatre, too far!


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here













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