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About the Show and Theatre / Ticket Buying Options Seating Plan Showing Price Information Opinions about Seats in this Theatre

Box Office telephone 0844 871 7628


Paying FULL PRICE for tickets? Site writers and contributing guests have created this colour-coded plan, considering factors like views, comfort and value-for-money compared with other same-priced seats available.

Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

Seats in GREEN many feel may offer either noticeable value, or something to compensate for a problem; for example, being a well-priced restricted view ticket. Any seats coloured LIGHT GREEN are sold at "premium" prices because the show producer thinks they are the best. The monkey says "you are only getting what you pay for" but uses this colour to highlight the ones it feels best at the price, and help everybody else find equally good seats nearby at lower prices. To find out why they have this colour click here.

Seats in WHITE, many feel, provided about what they pay for. Generally unremarkable, to find out why they have this colour, click here.

Seats in RED are coloured to draw attention. Not necessarily to be avoided - maybe nothing specific is wrong with them, other than opinions that there are better seats at the same price. Other times there may be something to consider before buying perhaps overpricing, obstructed views, less comfort etc. To find out why they have this colour, click here.

This theatre uses "Dynamic Pricing" meaning that some seat prices may increase depending on demand for a particular performance.

This plan is for "normal" productions.
For the revival of "A Christmas Carol" in December 2018, click here.


Preview performances:
During previews, half the theatre will be sold at 10, at noon, 5 weeks before the date of performances beginning to those registered on the mailing list. Seat locations will be allocated all over the auditorium, with remaining seats at normal prices.
To register, see
Obviously, the monkey rates any seat at that price "green" for value!

For the revival of "A Christmas Carol" in December 2018, the theatre gets a seasonal makeover:

orth knowing, based on the 2017 productions is that:

The stalls are in similar layout to the "in the round" seasons, with seating on four sides of a stage that cuts through the middle of the usual auditorium. Two main blocks - one facing the usual stage, one on the usual stage, with seating down both sides of the theatre as well.

Action seems mostly to take place at the end nearest the original stage.

To take the blocks one at at time.

Block facing the usual stage (seats K to U 6 to 31, approximately): These seats are simply in the usual place, the only difference being a stage running through the centre of the block. There is NO aisle beside seats next to this stage. This stage is above head height for those shorter than around 5ft 7, and the slope on all rows is very gentle - not really enough to aid viewing, feels the monkey. Seats curve towards the main stage, with rows K to M having to look sideways to much of the action. Staging also puts a lot of action at the other end of the theatre to the main block - row U may feel quite far from it at times. Legroom is unchanged from usual, except for row K, plus the outermost two seats in rows K and M, with nothing in front.

Blocks at the sides of the stage: Two sections. One below the stage, one on it.
Section below the stage (H to P 20 to 35 / 80 to 87 approximately): The place to sit, for those who can't afford premium seats, feels the monkey. It was in H80 and was close to the action, perfect view. Basically, rows H to L are in a trench. No aisle at one end, just stage (head height to 5ft 7). Row H has legroom comfortable to 5ft 11 or so EXCEPT in seats H 25 to 27 and 83 to 85 - 27 and 85 in particular, which have less as the stage angles outwards (27 and 85 not suitable for those over 5ft 5 or so) - oddly 28 and 86 have almost unlimited space up to 6ft or so; rows behind to 5ft 9. Nothing in front of aisle end seats on rows J, M and N. The stage is high enough to allow decent views from J to L without a rake (still, avoid if shorter). Rows M to P are on steps, which helps. The restricted views are mostly loss of back corner action, and rails in sightlines. Well-priced for that, the monkey feels. Be aware that this area is a "splatter zone" - expect snow of all descriptions...

On stage section: J and H 36 to 40 and 72 to 76 are directly on stage level. Premium seats with an outstanding view. H has unlimited legroom, J is fine to 5ft 10 or so - but at the price, H is far preferable, feels the monkey. In the usual "box" spaces, L and M 44, 45, 74 and 75 are also premium. Avoid row M, as despite being raised, legroom is tight for those over 5ft 3 or so. Beside them are two more seats either side. M 40 and 78 appear to be on sale - unlimited legroom; the seat beside them, not sold. All these seats are set back behind H and J, further from the action, but involved. The monkey would take seats on the stage first.

Block on the stage, facing the auditorium (J to S 46 to 71 approximately): Far closer to the action than the main stalls, and all seats are tiered, except J on stage level. Row K isn't raised sufficiently behind it, to justify premium seating, but further back it is pretty acceptable, the monkey feels. Legroom is unlimited in J, fine to 5ft 9 in K to R, but very tight for those over 5ft 6 in S. Outermost two seats in K, and singles in L and M have nothing in front. Running through the centre of the block is an entrance doorway. The rails provide some decent second price restricted view seats in rows N to S. Otherwise, the monkey would go around 2 seats off the centre - and probably not the most expensive premium seats. It also wasn't keen on the viewing angle from the outermost pairs in rows N to R either - they just felt a bit "behind the proscenium arch" as the walls either side of the usual stage opening seemed to close the angle down a trifle to the monkey mind.

Dress Circle:
Central row A is "premium." Good seats nearby, but may suit the wealthy in pocket and shorter in leg. If wealthy and tall, take stalls, though - just not the ones in front of the monkey, please...

Seats at the ends of rows B and C very fairly priced, it feels. A front dress circle view for the same price as an upper circle seat can't be bad.

Much of row E is at top price and only the centre is really felt fair value.

At the sides, row X and part of Y are top price. Avoid X if taller - you will pay a lot for little legroom. The ends of Y at third price offer a way to be close to the action for less cash.  

Benthall Box is used for the orchestra. Atkins box is laid out as for "in the round" season. Close to the action, but seats 1 to 5 may be very cramped for those over 5ft 6. 7 to 12 are a raised bench, so those willing to dangle or almost stand will be happy here. Skip row S unless short - the view is fine if you are, excruciating if not. 7 to 12 look down at a sharp angle on the stage. Not a bad bet if you have to see the show and there's nothing else left, though.

Upper Circle
The whole of row A is third price due to the rail. Centre is fair for the short-legged. The side slip seats will get a pretty decent view of the action, though be aware that the stage lighting may feel a little "in the way" at the height.

The Upper Circle is called the "LILIAN BAYLIS CIRCLE" in this theatre.

This theatre sometimes adds extra "premium" seats in the stalls at short notice.

Some details may change, the monkey will update as available.

Please note: The seating plans are not accurate representations of the auditorium. While we try to ensure they are as close to the actual theatre plan as possible we cannot guarantee they are a true representation. Customers with specific requirements are advised to discuss these with the theatre prior to booking to avoid any confusion.

(FREE call if using Calling Plan at your chosen times)






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