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Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here


This theatre hosts a mixed programme of productions. is their website, with the latest details.

Events include:

Wednesday 8th until Saturday 11th September 2014
Press Night: 9th October 2014

BE FESTIVAL presents:

Best of BE FESTIVAL 2014

European theatre meets UK and Spanish audiences as three highlights of this year’s BE FESTIVAL tour the UK and Madrid Radioballet (Hungary) | Julia Schwarzbach (Austria) | Mokhallad Rasem (Belgium).

For the fourth year, the highlights of Birmingham’s European festival will be touring the UK and Madrid, introducing three of Europe’s most exciting emerging theatre companies to UK and Spanish audiences. The festival places a strong emphasis on collaboration, participation and exchange, and each of the pieces presented has been selected for their capacity to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. In this vein, all performances throughout the tour will conclude with post-show discussions, and an extended dinner interval with the performers will be provided at the Barbican, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, HOME in Manchester and the Traverse in Edinburgh.

From Hungary, Radioballet’s From the Waltz to the Mambo won the award for Best Individual Performer (Milán Újvári) at BE FESTIVAL, a 1960’s Hungarian ballroom dance manual becomes a tool to explore dogmas surrounding beauty and education. From Austria, Julia Schwarzbach’s Loops and Breaks puts the audience in the spotlight as she instructs them with phrases and language specific to each venue, inspired by overheard conversations in each area. Finally, winner of the ACT Arriaga International Touring Prize Waiting by Mokhallad Rasem from Belgium/Iraq is a meditation through film, movement, art and sound on the human experience of waiting.

BE FESTIVAL Co-Director Miguel Oyarzun said: “These three shows were all huge hits with this year’s BE FESTIVAL crowd in Birmingham, and were recognized by the jury. We are delighted that once again the Barbican will launch our tour, and that audiences across the UK and in Spain will have the chance to sample some of the best new theatre being made on the continent. The tour offers a chance to experience the unique flavour of BE in an entertaining evening which showcases daring and unforgettable international theatre in a passionate atmosphere of debate and exchange. We are especially pleased to have four new partners as part of this year’s tour: Circomedia in Bristol, HOME in Manchester, the Atkinson in Southport and the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh.”

At a time when conflict and discrimination in Europe is so often in the news, BE FESTIVAL aims to build meaningful connections between artists and audiences from a diverse range of backgrounds, bringing people together in unique and imaginative ways. Acknowledging racial and cultural tensions, the festival hopes to recognize the shared values and experiences that unite people from across Europe, while providing space to debate the existing problems and the potential future of the continent. / @befestival / #BEfest14


Suitable for ages 14+.





Performance Times:
Wednesday to Saturday at 7.45pm

Running Time: 2hours 30 minutes (incl. extended dinner interval).



Ticket Prices:
Tickets are £23 (including dinner - vegetarian option is available) or £16 (show only).



Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Performance Schedule:
The monkey advises checking performance times on your tickets and that performances are happening as scheduled, before travelling.

Varies by event, see for details.

Ticket Prices:  

Varies by event, see for details.

Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Buying Tickets Online:

Other Box Office Information

Tickets offered differ between outlets. Outlets also may offer different seats via their phone and online systems. Offers may be available click here., run by the venue itself, provide the service for this theatre.
A brilliant box office system lets you select the actual seat you require from those available. Colour-coded by price, some day all booking systems will be this way, the monkey hopes.

A reader notes, though, that you can't buy concessionary priced tickets online - you need to telephone for those.

Booking fees per ticket for online bookings:
Online is cheaper than booking by phone. A mere £3 per transaction, not per ticket, fee applies.

Other Online Choices (with S.T.A.R. genuine ticket agencies):

Independent S.T.A.R. ticket agencies may also offer an alternative choice of seats.


Box Office Information:
Tickets offered differ between outlets. Outlets also may offer different seats via their phone and online systems. Offers may be available click here.
Theatre Box Office:
Telephone: 0845 120 7500.
(020 7638 8891  if you cannot use the 0845 number)
Operated by the venue's own phoneroom.

A reader notes that you can't buy concessionary priced tickets online - you need to telephone for those.

Booking fees per ticket for telephone bookings:
Online is cheaper than booking by phone. By telephone, a £4 administration fee is added to the total TRANSACTION cost for telephone bookings.

For personal callers or by post: Box Office, Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London. EC2Y 8DS
No booking fee for personal callers. Postal applicants pay a per transaction for use of a Barbican envelope, or can include their own, with stamp and pay nothing.

Special Access Needs Customers:
Wheelchair users and other registered disabled theatregoers can book their seats on 020 7638 8891 and enquire about concessionary prices that may be available to them. The wheelchair users line connects directly to the venue box office in London. Wheelchair hire bookings on 020 7382 7021. See Notes. is the official venue website.



Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Theatre Seat Opinions:
Please remember that cheaper seats often do not offer the same view / location quality as top price ones, and that ticket prices are designed to reflect this difference.

Seating Plan Diagram


Seating is usually a simple grandstand facing an open stage. This is split into a central and two side blocks by aisles. Row J is elevated above row H at the rear corner of the seating block.

Occasionally the plan is altered to allow for the style of production - cabaret may have chairs and tables added, for example. Alternative seating plans are shown on the seating plan pages when available.

Seats on stage level (the front row) have most, as do those at the top of staircases, with nothing in front of them.

Otherwise, it can be tight.

Choosing Seats in General:
Centre block row A is prime, as it is on stage level with good legroom. Of the rest, the central block rows B to F are the next choice. 

Often H 1, 2, 18 and 19 have an aisle in front of them, offering a little more legroom, when the theatre is in the normal arrangement.

In the usual plan, in side blocks, the closer to the centre is better, and remember that the seats farthest out from the centre will mean looking sideways at the stage. Usual Theatremonkey rules apply - go for the centre as you will be paying exactly the same money for an inferior view. Oh, yes, Row J seats 1 to 12 are last choice, having least view of the stage and being furthest from it. 

Wheelchairs can be relegated to the front of a side block from the previous prime seats in the centre. The view is not bad, but not central.

General Hazard Notes:
None, when the normal layout is used.

Reader Comments:



Total 175 seats maximum (plus 4 for latecomers!)


Infrared headsets for Hire. Guide dog sitter available. Some audio described and signed performances. Wheelchair access is good down a slope and over a small ridge. Adapted toilets available. Wheelchair users get free parking in the centre car parks. has comprehensive details, call 020 7388 2227, A "venue access guide" from the team who created book "Theatremonkey: A Guide to London's West End," is available to download in PDF format by clicking here.

Three bars shared with the rest of the theatre complex in the common foyers.

A range of cafes and restaurants in other parts of the centre. Ice cream and confectionery in the auditorium.

Toilets on all levels of the common foyer outside the auditorium.


Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here

Getting to this Theatre
Find this theatre on a Street Map
Nearest Underground Station Buses Car Park
Nearest Underground Station:
Two choices; Barbican - Circle Line (yellow), Hammersmith and City (light purple), Metropolitan (dark purple). Theatremonkey prefers Moorgate - Circle Line (yellow), Hammersmith and City (light purple), Metropolitan (dark purple) and Northern (black).


From Barbican, follow the yellow line to the centre along walkways. 

From Moorgate the walk is shorter, at street level, for the adventurous. This monkey's route is to exit the station on Moorfields. It prefers the "West Side" exit. If you can use this one too (take the left hand exit), you will emerge facing a road, with a building opposite to the right. This building is called "Tranter House". Turn to your right and cross the road to it....pause a moment.

If you came out of the "East Side" exit of Moorgate Underground Station, you too will have a road in front of you, with a "Clinton Cards" on the far side of the road. Ignore it and look to your left. A "Dixons" shop is here. Turn to your left and walk in front of it, and keep going until you come to "Tranter House". Meet your friends here, and continue together to the Barbican Centre by...

Continuing along past "Moorfields House" until you come to the end of the street. There are no signs telling you, but you have come to "Ropemaker Street". Turn left into it, and walk along. You pass a pedestrian area on the left containing strange metal pyramids. Wonder at them as you pass. Keep going until you see ahead of you on a wall (across a roadway) a "Corporation Of London" Crest and signage. To the right of that is a tiny "Moor Lane" sign. Good news, you are in the right area!

Cross the road to this set of signs. Turn to your left and walk on passing a loading bay area. Just past this, is the turning into Silk Street. This is on your right. Take it and cross to the other side of the road.

Continue down it, passing blank walls with car park vents in them, to the Barbican Centre main entrance at the end of the road where it curves round. The centre is on the right, under the canopy with the statues on it. Careful the adjacent stage door and car park access ramps!

Ignore the curved entrance. Instead turn down the slope to the left immediately in front of it. Keep going, and the entrance to the centre is through the set of doors on the left at the bottom of the slope.


8, 11, 22B, 25, 26, 56, 133, 141, 214, to Barbican / Moorgate. Follow yellow lines from Barbican, or directions above from Moorgate. Be aware that no buses stop outside the centre or close to it.


Book in advance, chances are low of hailing one on Moorgate.


Car Park:
Within the centre. Make careful note of the car park number and bay numbers before leaving or you will probably still be searching for your car until next year. Also note the public foot exits from the car park to the centre are hard to find and narrow. This feature amuses theatremonkey as it seems the builders were embarrassed about having a car park linked to their nice arts centre. Strange.
Top Performance Times Ticket Prices Where to Buy Tickets  Seating Plan Seat Opinions Getting Here






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